momentous nighttime spectacular

Momentous Nighttime Spectacular at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

It’s a “Momentous” occasion at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as they premiered the most magical show on Earth. Through music and multi-sensory elements “Momentous” lights up the sky and the Castle of Magical Dreams as guests travel through an experience of beloved Disney and Pixar characters. With certain optical elements being used for the first … Read more

hong kong disneyland vacation

7 Easy Steps to Plan a Hong Kong Disneyland Vacation

Planning a Hong Kong Disneyland vacation is easier than you think – just follow these steps! NOTE: These steps work in any order. If Step 3 is the most important for you, then move Step 4 to the top. If Step 3 is more important than Step 2, swap them. This is a plug and play step-by-step … Read more

hong kong disneyland vacation

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel: My Honest Review

Choosing the right hotel is crucial for any trip and choosing the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is crucial for your Hong Kong trip! The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, its three hotels, Disneyland Park and Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre is a beautiful and intimate tropical resort. The greenery, the hills, the weather and the ocean bay … Read more

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

Looks like it’s out with the old and in with the new! The NEW GLAMOROUS AND LARGE Hong Kong Disneyland castle, dubbed the Castle of Magical Dreams is set for a November 21 launch. As we discuss in our review of the new centerpiece, the enlarged fortress is a celebration of 13 princesses. Hong Kong … Read more

Hong Kong Disneyland Attractions

8 Stunning Hong Kong Disneyland Attractions You Have to Experience

All the Hong Kong Disneyland attractions were officially built in 2005 and was derided as the smallest of the Disney “castle” parks. The critics may have been right, but with the recently announced $1B+ expansion combined with existing one-of-a-kind world class attractions, this little park is BIG on fun! Add to this a low-crowd (nearly … Read more

hong kong disneyland vacation

The Ultimate Hong Kong Disneyland Guide

Welcome to our ultimate guide to Hong Kong Disneyland. The hard part is over. You decided to venture halfway around the world and visit Disney’s first Chinese theme park; its fifth “castle” park in the world. And now some nerves settle in. You begin to wonder what it will be like to arrive in China. … Read more