Shanghai Disney Premiere Access Cost

Shanghai Disney Premiere Access Cost and Tips

Shanghai Disneyland offers Disney Premier Access, a paid fastpass option. Unfortunately, scalpers began selling fastpasses to guests for a small fee, which led Disney to set up this system. As Disney guests know, fastpasses can’t be transferred or sold. In 2017, Paid Fastpasses were released to offset this. DISNEY NERD TIP: Essentially, Shanghai Disneyland uses … Read more

shanghai disneyland review

Shanghai Disneyland Review: Big (2-3X), Beautiful and…Big!

Welcome to our Shanghai Disneyland review. Shanghai Disneyland is a fantastical park with unique attractions, great food and excellent service. Shanghai Disneyland is enormous. Seriously. It is gigantic and it never seems to end. Despite the towering Enchanted Storybook Castle’s ability to touch the clouds at 197′ tall, there are places in the park where … Read more

shanghai disney resort

Shanghai Disney Resort – 963 Glorious Acres

The Shanghai Disney Resort is a vast interrelated complex that provides an amazing backdrop for a vacations. The Shanghai Disney Resort is made up of two hotels (Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel), Disneytown – the shopping and eating district, Wishing Star Park and, of course, Shanghai Disneyland. The entire resort spans nearly 1,000 … Read more

shanghai disneyland

TRON Lightcycle Power Run (60MPH of Futuristic Fun)

The construction of Shanghai Disneyland generated a lot of speculation about the Tomorrowland area – and rightfully so. The TRON Lightcycle Power Run ride is one of the most popular attractions in the park. It made its debut on June 16, 2016 as part of Shanghai Disneyland’s grand opening. We were understandably curious about what … Read more

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel: Unique and Magical

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is the most unique hotel among the “main” hotels across Disney’s properties. Disney is known for its fantastical properties and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel certainly delivers. There is a Victorian flare to many Disney properties including these four properties: Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Tokyo Disney Hotel … Read more

Lumiere's Kitchen

Lumière’s Kitchen (Delicious and Fun for $75)

 We’ve always enjoyed our culinary experiences in Asia and Lumière’s Kitchen  at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel fuses Chinese fare and Disney magic to near perfection! You cannot step into Lumière’s Kitchen without singing songs from Beauty and the Beast – whether in your head or out loud (for the Nerds…it’s always out loud). Although reservations … Read more

shanghai disneyland vacation

7 Easy Steps to Plan a Shanghai Disneyland Vacation

Planning a Shanghai Disneyland vacation is easier than you think – just follow these steps! NOTE: These steps work in any order. If Step 3 is the most important for you, then move Step 4 to the top. If Step 3 is more important than Step 2, swap them. This is a plug and play step-by-step guide. … Read more

shanghai disneyland vacation

The Fun Evolution of the Shanghai Disneyland Maps

2016 saw the first Shanghai Disneyland map when the park debuted; the maps have evolved each year to reflect changes in the resort and at Disneyland. It’s fair to say that Shanghai Disneyland was the most complete resort Disney opened; the company having learned its lesson from the misfire of Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong … Read more