Shanghai Disney Premiere Access Cost and Tips (Guide)

Shanghai Disneyland offers Disney Premier Access, a paid Fastpass option.

Shanghai Disneyland’s Disney Premier Access is a paid fastpass system introduced to counter scalpers selling fastpasses. It ensures fastpasses aren’t transferred or sold illicitly. The cost for Disney Premier Access is $18.99 USD for a single fastpass and $104.77 USD for a set.

Prices vary, with previous rates being lower and peak day rates being slightly higher.

TIP: Each fastpass is specific to a ride and guest.

Unfortunately, scalpers began selling Fastpasses to guests for a small fee, which led Disney to set up this system.

What is the Shanghai Disney Premiere Access Cost?

The Shanghai Disney Premiere Access cost is the most important factor to thing about.

These paid fastpasses can be used on both regular and peak days. There is also the option to purchase 8 fastpasses or a single fastpass for a single attraction.

Fastpasses are specific to each ride and guest, so you cannot use them all on the same ride.

The cost of Disney Premier Access is:

  • $18.99 US for a single fastpass
  • $104.77 USD for a fastpass set

The Shanghai Disney Premiere Access cost used to be different

Disney Premier Access used to cost:

  • $18.99 USD for a single fastpass
  • $75.98 USD for a fastpass set

On peak days, Disney Premier Access was priced at:

  • $23.74 USD for a single fastpass
  • $94.97 for a fastpass set

Attractions and rides with FastPass

There are eight fastpass attractions at Shanghai Disneyland, and you can use Disney Premier Access for all of them.

In the Shanghai Disney Premiere Access cost, the following attractions are available:

  1. Soaring over the Horizon
  2. Roaring Rapids
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure
  4. TRON Lightcycle Power Run
  5. Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue
  6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  7. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  8. Peter Pan’s Flight – Fantasyland

Shanghai Disney Premiere Access cost: How to Get It

Disney Premier Access can be purchased in two ways.

  1. At the park
  2. Through the app

Access to Disney Premier through the Disney app

Through the official Shanghai Disneyland app, you can now purchase Disney Premier Access. To buy Disney Premier Access, go to Make Plans in the app and select Buy Disney Premier Access. One attraction can be purchased separately or a complete set of attractions can be purchased together.

An entrance ticket will need to be linked to the app before you can complete your purchase. This is to ensure you will actually be in the park.

The app allows you to create a party, with which you can invite your entire family or group.

In the park, Disney Premier Access is available for purchase.

Here’s how:

  1. Buy them as soon as you enter the park.
  2. You can see Mickey Avenue, the Gardens of Imagination, and the castle as soon as you walk under the arch.
  3. Then you’ll see Scrooge’s Money Bin and City Hall to the left before you explore the park.
  4. You can get to Avenue M Arcade from the small corridor between these two buildings.
  5. Disney Premier Access can be bought in this building.

DISNEY NERD TIP: All the people you’re purchasing paid fastpasses for need to be with you.

You will receive a yellow form from a Cast Member as you line up between Scrooge’s Money Bin and City Hall. You can find the current wait time for the attraction as well as the minimum height required for riders on the form.

You select the number of Premier Access sets at the bottom of the form. If you want only one attraction, it will be listed next to it.

After you buy fastpasses, someone will take your picture. Furthermore, this is also the reason why all party members are required to be present at the time of purchase of fast passes.

There is also a Cast Member holding an iPad with some words and/or numbers, alongside a merchandise item. Members of the party will hold their fastpasses.

During the entire day, you must keep the camera or phone with you. You may want to make sure that the device where you have the picture has enough battery, or store the picture on another device you carry, just so that you have a backup.

The photo is used to prevent Fastpasses from being sold, transferred, or used by anyone else.

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Fastpasses (Disney Premiere Access): How to Use Them

Following the purchase of fastpasses, you can select the ride you want to begin on. Fastpasses bought in this way can be used whenever the ride is operating, as long as it is open. The fastpass set allows you to ride each ride only a single time.

You can use paper tickets

Through the fastpass entrance, you can access the attraction of your choice.

Make sure that the whole group for which the fastpass set was purchased has arrived and present your fastpass to a Cast Member. Make sure you have the photo ready. During the queue, they will ask to see your photo multiple times.

You should make sure everyone is present when you show the photo. Splitting up and riding attractions separately won’t work. In that case, purchase Premier Access sets as separate groups. That way, you’ll have a photo with the right people in it.

How to use the app

Through the fastpass entrance, you can access the attraction of your choice. Make sure the entire party for which the fastpass set was purchased is present. The Cast Member will need to see your app at the entrance before you can enter.

Tips and other information you might find useful

  • Ensure you have a backup of the photo with the Cast Member. Shanghai Disneyland has sporadic wifi. Remember that Google services and apps are restricted in Shanghai.
  • The day you purchase a fastpass is the only day you can use it. If you are visiting multiple days, decide which days you want to buy and use them.
  • There is a limited number of fastpasses sold every day, so buy them in the morning first thing.
  • Fastpass is available for eight attractions. Combine that with parades, fireworks, and shows and you’ve got a hectic day. Make plans in advance.
  • The process of entering the park can take some time. This should be taken into consideration when you buy Disney Premier Access.
  • Map out your route to the fastpass rides using a park map. It will save you time. The park is large.
  • When entering the ride, the entire group that appears on the photo you took when purchasing
  • Disney Premier Access needs to be present.
  • A different Disney Guest cannot use your fastpass. Fastpasses are only available to guests who have bought them and are on the photo.
  • If you have an entrance ticket, you’ll be able to get standard fastpasses. You’ll have to follow the normal rules. When the standard fastpass has been used or when the listed time has elapsed, you’ll need a new one.
  • In order to ensure that you can continue to use your device when you use the app, be sure to keep your battery charged.
  • The Shanghai Disney Premiere Access cost is worth it. As Shanghai Disneyland is enormous.