Discover Our Favorite Disney Approved Strollers

You’re probably wondering, “Do I really need a stroller for Disney?”

The answer is a resounding yes!

However, it can’t be just ANY stroller, it has to be a Disney Approved Stroller.

Disney approved strollers must adhere to specific size regulations set by Disney parks. As of recent guidelines, strollers should not exceed 31″ (79cm) in width and 52″ (132cm) in length. Wagons and stroller-wagons are prohibited. It’s essential to check the latest guidelines before visiting.

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Introduction to Disney Approved Strollers

Disney is a magical realm where not only kids but even adults can relive their childhood.

But, let’s face it, a day at Disney can be quite tiring.

With the amount of walking involved, even the most energetic adult can feel drained.

Now, imagine your little ones walking an average of 7-10 miles during a Disney vacation.

It’s no surprise that many families recommend having a stroller, even for children as old as 7 years.

So, when you’re planning your Disney adventure, remember to consider Disney approved strollers that will make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your kids.

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Disney Approved Stroller Guidelines

The New Stroller Policy at Disney

If you’re planning a trip to Disney in 2023, it’s essential to be aware of the Disney stroller guidelines.

The stroller you use daily might not align with Disney’s new stroller policy.

Disney has specific regulations regarding the size and type of strollers allowed in the parks.

The permitted stroller dimensions are no larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Most strollers fit within these dimensions, but it’s always a good idea to check yours before heading to the park.

You wouldn’t want to waste precious park time returning a non-compliant stroller to your car.

Another crucial point to note is that wagons and stroller wagons, regardless of their size, are not allowed at Disney Parks.

This change is part of the Disney stroller regulations introduced in 2019.

If you own a stroller wagon, you might be disappointed, but it’s essential to be aware of this rule to avoid any inconvenience during your visit.

Recommendations for Disney Approved Strollers for Disney

When it comes to choosing Disney approved strollers, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

Every family has unique needs, and the best stroller for one family might not be the best for another.

Here are some recommendations to help you find the perfect stroller for your Disney adventure:

  1. Budget-Friendly Option: The Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is an excellent choice for those on a budget. Priced below $100, it offers a 4-position reclining seat and a large storage basket, making it a solid stroller at an affordable price.
  2. Our Favorite Single Stroller: If you’re looking for a single stroller, the favorite pick offers a quick fold mechanism, making it perfect for hopping on and off Disney buses or trams.
  3. Our Favorite Double Stroller: For families with more than one child, the Baby Jogger is a top recommendation. It’s lightweight compared to other double strollers, and each child has their space, allowing one to nap without disturbing the other.

The key is to find a stroller that fits your family’s needs and also adheres to Disney’s stroller guidelines.

With the right Disney approved stroller, your trip will be more comfortable, ensuring a magical experience for the whole family.

Our Favorite Single Disney Approved Strollers

When planning a trip to Disney, ensuring you have the right stroller can make all the difference.

With so many options available, it’s essential to find a Disney approved stroller that meets the park’s regulations and suits your family’s needs.

Here are some top recommendations for single, Disney approved strollers that are perfect for your Disney adventure:

1. Joolz Aer: Top Travel Stroller for Disney Travel

The Joolz Aer is a fantastic choice for families on the move.

It’s not just suitable for Disney but for all your travel needs.

What makes it stand out?

  • Quick and Easy Handling: With its super-fast, one-handed fold and unfolding mechanism, you’ll find it a breeze to hop on and off Disney buses or trams.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Despite being a compact stroller, it offers an ergonomic reclining seat, ensuring your child’s comfort during those much-needed nap times at Disney.
  • Versatility: If you have more than one child, you can attach a ride-along footboard, ensuring everyone gets a break while strolling through the park.

2. BabyZen YOYO 2: Compact and Convenient

The BabyZen YOYO2 is another excellent compact travel stroller.

Its features include:

  • Ease of Travel: Its compact fold and lightweight design make it a breeze to navigate through the Disney parks.
  • Adaptability: If you’re traveling with a baby, there’s a Babyzen Yoyo newborn pack available, transforming the Yoyo into a suitable stroller for children under 12 months.

3. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller: Budget-Friendly Choice

If you’re looking for value for money, the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is hard to beat.

  • Comfort: A 4-position reclining seat ensures your child’s comfort.
  • Practicality: Despite its low price point, it comes with perks like a large canopy for those sunny Disney days.

4. UPPAbaby G-Lite: Premium Umbrella Stroller

UPPAbaby is renowned for its quality, and the G Lite umbrella stroller is no exception. It offers:

  • Infant Support: Unique to the G Link, it’s suitable for babies as young as three months old.
  • Compact Design: As a lightweight umbrella stroller, it’s easy to navigate through the busy Disney parks.

5. GB Pockit Air: Ultimate Compactness

If space is a concern, the GB Pockit is the answer.

Known as the most compact stroller on the market, it’s perfect for those looking to save space without compromising on quality.

Remember, when choosing the best stroller for Disney World and other theme parks, consider factors like the age of your child, the stroller’s weight and foldability, and, of course, ensure it aligns with Disney’s stroller guidelines.

With the right Disney approved stroller, your trip will be all the more magical!

Our Favorite Double Strollers for Disney Travel

When you’re planning a trip to Disney with more than one kiddo, you’ll want to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

One way to make your journey smoother is by choosing the right double stroller.

Here’s a guide to help you select the best Disney approved strollers that are double, ensuring your little ones can rest their feet while you navigate the magical world of Disney.

1. Baby Jogger – A Top Choice for Disney Travel

The Baby Jogger stands out as a favorite among many parents.

It’s not just a double stroller; it’s a lightweight option that makes maneuvering through the parks a breeze.

Your kids will appreciate sitting side by side, each with their own space.

The Baby Jogger offers a near-flat recline, which is perfect for those mid-day naps, and a massive canopy to shield them from the sun.

Dimensions: 37″ W X 26″ L X 40.3″ H
Weight: 23.2 lbs
Weight Capacity: 33 lbs per seat

2. Summer Infant 3Dlite Double Convenience – Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re looking for a double stroller that won’t break the bank but still offers great features, the Summer Infant 3Dlite Double Convenience might be the one for you.

It’s an umbrella stroller designed for two, and it comes with adjustable leg rests and a one-handed adjustable seat recline.

Dimensions: 30″ W X 33.75″L X 42.5″H
Weight: 21.4 lbs
Weight Capacity: 50 lbs per seat

3. Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand On Tandem

The Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand On Tandem is all about flexibility.

It’s perfect for families with kids of varying ages.

Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or an older child, this stroller has got you covered with its multiple seating options.

Dimensions: 38″L X 21.25″ W X 42″H
Weight: 27.5 lbs
Weight Capacity: 45 lbs per seat

4. UPPAbaby G-Link 2

The UPPAbaby G-Link 2 is a double umbrella stroller that’s perfect for Disney adventures.

Its compact design ensures easy navigation, and the built-in Infant Support System makes it suitable for babies as young as three months.

Dimensions: 47.5″L X 28.5″W X 42″H
Weight: 22.3 lbs
Weight Capacity: 55 lbs per seat

5. Bugaboo Donkey Duo – Luxurious Comfort

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury on your Disney trip, the Bugaboo Donkey Duo might be the stroller for you.

It’s a high-end stroller that promises quality and comfort.

While it’s perfect for daily trips, it’s also great for Disney, ensuring your kids are comfortable throughout the day.

Dimensions: 32.2″L X 29.1″W X 33.4″H
Weight: Between 30-34 lbs, depending on seat configurations
Weight Capacity: 48.5 lbs per seat

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Stroller for Disney

When you’re on the hunt for the best Disney approved strollers, it’s essential to consider several factors.

Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all stroller for Disney.

Every family has unique needs, and what might be the best stroller for one might not be for another.

  1. Age of Your Child: Are you heading to Disney with a toddler or an older child? This will influence the type of stroller you’ll need. For instance, a lightweight baby stroller might be ideal for younger kids, while a stroller with a ride-along board could be perfect if you have two children of different ages.
  2. Disney’s Stroller Guidelines: Before you pack your bags for Disneyland or Disney World, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Disney’s stroller policies. Not all strollers are allowed, so ensure that your everyday stroller complies with their new rules.
  3. Type of Stroller: From single strollers to double strollers, there are various options available. Depending on your family’s needs, you might want to consider lightweight stroller options, double strollers, or even stroller rentals.
  4. Convenience and Comfort: Disney is all about fun, but it’s also about comfort. Ensure that the stroller you choose is easy to maneuver, has a good storage capacity, and, most importantly, is comfortable for your child. After all, you wouldn’t want your child to be cranky during the trip because of an uncomfortable stroller.
  5. Budget: Disney trips can be expensive, and adding a stroller to the mix might stretch your budget. However, there are various Disney approved strollers available at different price points. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxury stroller, there’s something for everyone.

In the end, the best stroller for Disney is one that fits your family’s needs, ensures your child’s comfort, and adheres to Disney’s guidelines.

So, take your time, do your research, and choose a stroller that will make your Disney trip a memorable one!

Stroller Accessories for Your Disney Adventure

Our Favorite Stroller Hooks

When you’re navigating the magical world of Disney, having the right accessories can make all the difference.

One of the most useful tools you can have on hand is a set of sturdy stroller hooks.

These little lifesavers allow you to hang bags, purses, and even souvenirs, freeing up your hands and making your Disney experience smoother.

The best stroller hooks are designed to carry many loose items, ensuring that you have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Renting a Stroller at Disney

If you’re not keen on bringing your own stroller or purchasing one for the trip, Disney offers you the convenience of renting one directly at the park.

You can choose between single and double stroller rentals, depending on your needs.

However, it’s essential to note that while the rental strollers at Disney are functional, they might not be the most comfortable option, especially for younger children.

They’re made of hard, stiff plastic, which can get quite hot under the sun.

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, third-party vendors like Traveling Baby specialize in renting Disney approved strollers.

These companies often provide a broader range of options and will even deliver the stroller to your hotel or resort, adding an extra layer of convenience to your trip.

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Understanding Disney’s Stroller Policy

Before you set foot in the park, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Disney’s stroller policy rules and regulations.

Disney is indeed stroller-friendly, but they have specific guidelines to ensure the safety and convenience of all guests.

For instance, your stroller must not be wider than 31 inches or longer than 52 inches. Wagons and stroller wagons, regardless of their size, are not permitted within the park.

By understanding and adhering to these rules, you can ensure a hassle-free experience and focus on creating magical memories with your loved ones.

The key is to choose Disney approved strollers that align with the park’s guidelines while also catering to your family’s specific needs.

Stroller Safety and Tracking at Disney

Navigating the magical world of Disney can be a dream come true, but ensuring the safety of your stroller is crucial.

Here’s how you can ensure your stroller remains safe and easily trackable during your Disney adventure.

Tips to Ensure Your Stroller Doesn’t Get Lost or Stolen

  1. Distinctive Markings: Personalize your stroller with unique markings or colorful ribbons. This not only makes it easily identifiable but also deters potential thieves.
  2. Secure Locations: Always park your stroller in designated stroller parking areas. Avoid leaving it in isolated or less-traveled areas.
  3. Valuables: Never leave valuables in your stroller. Even if you’re just stepping away for a moment, take your belongings with you.
  4. Lock It Up: While Disney doesn’t allow strollers to be chained to fixed objects, you can use a stroller lock to lock the wheels, making it harder for someone to quickly wheel it away.

Using AirTags for Tracking Disney Approved Strollers

The fear of losing your stroller amidst the Disney excitement is real.

But thanks to technology, tracking your stroller has never been easier.

AirTags: These are small, coin-shaped devices developed by Apple. They can be discreetly attached to your stroller, allowing you to track its location using the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone.

Placement: Attach the AirTag in a hidden spot on your stroller, like inside the stroller organizer zipper or within the fabric. There are also AirTag holders available that can be easily attached to the stroller straps.

Benefits of Using AirTags

  • Directional Guidance: If you forget where you parked your stroller, the AirTag can guide you right to it.
  • Sound Alerts: If you’re close but can’t spot your stroller, you can play a sound from the AirTag to help locate it.
  • Lost Mode: If your stroller gets lost or someone accidentally takes it, you can put the AirTag in ‘Lost Mode’. This will notify you when it’s found, and you can even leave a message for anyone who finds it.

While Disney approved strollers make your journey comfortable, ensuring their safety and being able to track them provides peace of mind.

So, enjoy the magic of Disney without any worries!

Renting Disney Approved Strollers

Disney is truly a magical place, but to ensure that your little ones have a comfortable experience, considering a stroller is essential.

Let’s dive into the options and costs associated with renting Disney approved strollers directly from the park and how they compare in terms of comfort and convenience.

Renting Directly from Disney

Yes, you can rent a stroller directly from Disney.

They offer both single and double stroller rentals.

The stroller rental at Disney World and Disneyland is conveniently located near the entrance of each park.

Just show your prepaid receipt, and you’ll be strolling in no time.

The strollers at Disney Parks underwent a change in 2022.

If you’ve rented a stroller from Disney in previous years, they’re not the same now.

The current rental strollers at Disney are adorned with images of Mickey and Minnie on the canopy, adding a touch of cuteness to your experience.

If you’re planning to spend more than one day at Disney, consider a multi-day rental. This option reduces the rental fee slightly, which can be a bonus.

However, while the Disney rental strollers are functional, they might not be the most comfortable option for your child.

These Disney approved strollers are made of hard, stiff plastic, which is durable and easy to clean.

But this means they don’t recline, making naps for your little one a challenge.

Moreover, the plastic can become quite hot under the summer sun.

It might be a good idea to bring a towel or cushion for your child to sit on.

Another thing to note is that Disney rents strollers at the main theme parks and at Disney Springs, but they are for use only within the park.

If you’re planning to visit more than one theme park in a day, you’ll need to return the stroller before leaving one park and rent a new one at the next park.

While the Disney rental strollers are undoubtedly convenient, especially if you’re not keen on bringing your own, they might not be the most comfortable option.

Even some of the more affordable Disney approved strollers available in the market might offer more comfort than the hard plastic Disney rental strollers.

Third-Party, Disney Approved Strollers (Rentals)

If you’re looking for more comfort or different options, consider renting a stroller from a third-party vendor.

Companies like Traveling Baby specialize in renting strollers for families visiting Disney.

These companies ensure that the strollers they offer comply with Disney’s size regulations.

An added advantage is that most of these companies will deliver the stroller directly to your hotel or resort, adding an extra layer of convenience to your trip.

While renting directly from Disney is a straightforward option, it might be worth exploring third-party vendors or even purchasing a budget-friendly Disney approved stroller for a more comfortable experience for your little ones.

Remember, a comfortable child is likely to be a happy child, making your Disney adventure all the more magical!

Stroller Size Regulations at Disney

When planning your magical trip to Disney, it’s essential to be aware of the stroller size regulations.

Disney ensures that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience, and part of that involves setting guidelines for the size of strollers allowed in the parks.

Disney’s Stroller Size Guidelines

Disney permits strollers that are no larger than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. It’s crucial to measure your stroller before heading to the park.

While most strollers on the market today fit within these dimensions, there are some larger models that might not be allowed.

Why Adhere to Stroller Size Regulations?

Adhering to Disney’s stroller size regulations is not just about following the rules; it’s about ensuring safety and convenience for everyone.

The parks can get crowded, especially during peak seasons, and having strollers that fit the guidelines ensures smooth traffic flow and reduces the chances of accidents or obstructions.

Checking Your Stroller Size

Before your Disney trip, take a moment to measure your stroller’s width and length.

If you find that your stroller exceeds the allowed dimensions, consider renting a Disney approved stroller or purchasing a new one that fits the guidelines.

Remember, it’s always better to be prepared than to face disappointment at the park entrance.

No Wagons Allowed

It’s worth noting that wagons and stroller wagons, regardless of their size, are not permitted at Disney Parks.

This regulation was introduced in 2019, so if you were planning to bring a stroller wagon, you’d need to reconsider.

Wagons at Disney

Disney’s Stance on Wagons and Stroller Wagons

Planning to bring a wagon or stroller wagon for your Disney adventure?

It’s essential to be aware of Disney’s policies regarding these.

Disney Parks have a clear stance on wagons and stroller wagons: they are not permitted, regardless of their size.

This policy was implemented as part of the new Disney stroller regulations introduced in 2019.

You might be thinking, “But my stroller wagon is so convenient!”

And while stroller wagons are indeed fantastic for many outings, they’re not on the list of Disney approved strollers.

For instance, the popular Veer Cruiser wagon, though excellent for other occasions, is not allowed inside Disney Parks.

Alternatives to Wagons at Disney

If you’re heading to some of the best beaches near Disney World, you might consider renting a stroller wagon from services like Traveling Baby.

Stroller wagons are perfect for beach trips as they can carry a lot of items and navigate sand better than regular strollers.

However, when it comes to Disney, it’s best to leave the wagon at home or in your car.

For those who are keen on using a stroller wagon, always check the specific regulations of the place you’re visiting.

For instance, while wagons are not allowed at Disney, they are permitted at Universal Orlando.

While wagons and stroller wagons offer convenience and are great for many outings, they’re not part of the Disney approved strollers. It’s always best to check Disney’s latest regulations and guidelines before your visit to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.