Art of Animation Bus Schedule (Updated)

The Art of Animation bus schedule is arranged to start 45 minutes before park openings, operating every 20 minutes all day, until one hour after the park closes.

Key Points

  • Early Starts: Buses from Art of Animation to Disney parks start running 45 minutes before the parks open.
  • Late Returns: Service continues until 1 hour after park closing, ensuring you get back comfortably.
  • Regular Intervals: Expect a bus approximately every 20 minutes, simplifying your travel plans.

Overview of the Art of Animation Bus Schedule

Navigating Disney World from the Art of Animation Resort is a breeze with the comprehensive bus schedule designed to enhance your experience.

art of animation hall

From the moment you step outside the main building, Animation Hall, you’re greeted with well-organized bus stops located directly outside. These buses are your ticket to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs, ensuring you arrive at your destination with ease and convenience.

When the Disney Skyliner isn’t in operation, buses also transport guests to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, covering all your park visit needs.

The schedule is thoughtfully arranged to start 45 minutes before park openings, facilitating early risers aiming to catch that magical rope drop moment.

After a day filled with adventure, you won’t have to rush to the exit as buses run up until an hour after the parks close, giving you ample time to enjoy the nighttime spectaculars.

Specifics of the Art of Animation Bus Schedule

the front of art of animation

Use these insights to navigate the Disney World theme parks from Art of Animation with confidence, making your stay not just magical but also convenient and stress-free.

To make the most of the Art of Animation bus schedule, consider these specific tips:

  • Check the Display Screens: At the bus stop, digital screens provide real-time updates on the next bus’s arrival, helping you plan your departures and returns with precision.
  • Epcot and Hollywood Studios Access: Normally, the Disney Skyliner is your go-to for Epcot and Hollywood Studios. However, in instances when the Skyliner is down, buses ensure you’re not stranded, filling in the gap seamlessly.
  • Bus Stops Location: The bus stop at Art of Animation is impossible to miss, located right outside Animation Hall. Just take a right as you exit the main building, and you’re there.
  • Transfer for Water Parks: Direct buses to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon aren’t available. Instead, take a bus to Animal Kingdom or Disney Springs and transfer to a dedicated shuttle to reach the water parks.