Shanghai Disneyland Hotel: Unique and Magical

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is renowned for its unique design, distinguishing itself from other Disney properties with its upscale Pixie Hollow-inspired architecture. Offering luxurious amenities, the hotel provides exceptional service, including Club Level rooms with exclusive benefits. Room rates start around $450, with prices varying based on amenities and views.

Disney is known for its fantastical properties and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel certainly delivers.

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Our Experience at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

There is a Victorian flare to many Disney properties including these four properties:

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is a distinct departure from these theming and was one of many ways it distinguishes itself from other properties in Asia.

The architecture is, itself, unique and owes much of its style to an upscale Pixie Hollow.

The oversized jewel-topped towers, the iron work and the signs/lamps that all give off an image of leaves/trees/roots with their smooth designs.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
The back of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel lights up the night sky!

Cast Members stand at the ready to help guests upon arrival with luggage and by directing them to check-in at the Front Desk or, for Club-level guests, the Magic Kingdom Club.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
Sculpture work defines the whimsical, classical and upscale feel of the hotel’s lobby.

Just beyond the lobby is a small Disney gift shop, Bacchus Lounge for a drink and the Ballet Cafe where guests can grab a quick snack (sweet or savory).

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
Ballet Cafe offers a variety fo quick service snacks including hot food, pastries, drinks and packaged snacks.

Downstairs is the delectable Lumiére’s Kitchen (Club Level guests can get 20% off the steep $75 per person buffet)…and its worth every cent.

shanghai disneyland hotel

On the top floor is the sleek, modern and pricey Aurora, a fine dining option with beautiful views of the Shanghai Disney Resort.

As guests move throughout the hotel, the interior of the hotel evokes the Pixie Hollow theme.

We couldn’t wait to swipe our key…

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

And see what our room had in store.

The rooms continued the Fairie theme, was well-appointed and cozy.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
This bed folds out from under the TV…
Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
and the Nerdlings love it!

The back of the property faces Wishing Star Park, Disneytown and Shanghai Disneyland with its massive , the towering hills of Camp Discovery at Adventure Isle and the sleek canopy of TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Tomrorowland.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
The sprawling grounds of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel with the park as a back-drop.
Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

Guests have the option of taking a water taxi, grabbing a bus (which we did in the rain) or walking either way around Wishing Star Park…the Nerd’s transportation method of choice.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel
A Nerd relaxes on giant lounge chairs in Wishing Star Park. Definitely leave time for fun pics and exploring around Wishing Star Park.

Wishing Star Park, during the quieter times of the year, is deserted.

I mean…cannot find another human being level of deserted (except for the person manning the convenience store).

It’s a beautiful park and a great way to head toward the restaurants of Disneytown or the attractions of Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Pricing

Upscale has its price and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is pricey – especially by Mainland China standards.

Standard room rates, exclusive of the 15% service charge, start in the $450 range and can easily top $650 or $700 for a Frozen Magic-themed Room and over $1,300 for the Fantasia Suite.

Screenshot of rates at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

The Nerds do not often spend more money for views, but we make an exception at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

The $50 per night is not cheap, but the view is spectacular – and never more so than at night!

Additionally, we cannot think of a time in our lives when we have opted for a Club Level room.

It just so happened that on our first trip to Shanghai Disneyland in 2016, the “upgrade” to the Club Level room was nominal – less than +/- $50.

These rooms are located on the two top floors of the hotel.

The included breakfast at Magic Kingdom Club – with its hot dumplings, fresh noodles, amazing pastries and wonderful service was a treat and one that had us repeat our Club Level upgrade on subsequent visits.

Additional benefits include cocktail service and snacks, Disney Character Greetings, Bedtime stories for the Nerdlings, as well as a dedicated Concierge located in Magic Kingdom Club.

As we mentioned earlier, the Club Level rooms have express check-in located in the lounge and the Cast Members there are amazing!

On one visit, they actually informed the Nerd and Nerdling that we had been selected as their “very special guest”.

Although communication was a bit of a challenge, we ended receiving the VIP treatment including car service to and from the park at the times of our choosing and front row tickets to the evening fireworks show.

Did Somebody Say Early Entry?

Guests of the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel have the opportunity enter the park up to an hour before the scheduled opening – up from 30 minutes! – as well as “reserve attraction access” for one attraction (essentially a specifically scheduled Fastpass).

If you know us Nerds, you know we hate crowds and at a park that can be as crowded as Shanghai Disneyland, being at the back of the park when the gates open, Fastpass in hand and having already experienced headliners like TRON Lightcycle Power Run and Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for Sunken Treasure is a huge coup!

There is Service and then there is Shanghai Disneyland Hotel SERVICE

In our experience, everyone at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel goes out of their way to make your visit special.

Waiters and waitresses stand at the ready to pounce and clear dirty dishes.

Every time we entered or walked through the hotel, we were greeted with smiles. It is a pleasure to be there.

But here is where the hotel Cast Members went above and beyond! We had arranged car service to the airport (something we highly recommend) and arrived early for our flight home.

Upon clearing security and settling down in a chair to kill time ahead of our flight, I realized I had left my iPad in the hotel room.

I called the hotel and they quickly located it but told me that due to China’s regulations, they were unable to ship anything with an embedded battery.

The offered to pick me up, but by the time we realized our mistake it would have been too late to exit security and we would risk missing our flight.

So you know what this amazing crew did?

They got on the phone with an airline representative who could bypass security and sent one of their employees in a cab (30 minutes each way) where they dropped off the iPad where it was subsequently whisked through security and brought to me.

Never have I ever experienced service like this – we were blown away.

Needless to say, we will be back and staying at a Club Level room on our next visit to the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.