Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (Worth it!)

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offers a luxurious experience with its Victorian theme and intricate details. Guests are welcomed by a grand lobby, 6-story chandeliers, and Disney-themed elements. The hotel features unique rooms like the Tinker Bell and Alice in Wonderland suites.

Located near the park, it provides early entry and is worth the splurge for a magical stay.

(The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disneyland)

Introduction to the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

From the moment the car brings you to the front of the hotel, you know you are about to experience something special.

The fountain, the driveway, the immaculately manicured grounds ands the staff who jump to your side, eager to assist, sets the tone for the entire stay.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

And that feeling is only enhanced when you walk in the doors to a stunning lobby with 6-story chandeliers, stained glass porticos, an intricately designed elevator and detail after detail after detail.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Once you’ve caught your breath and stopped straining your neck to take in all that is above you, your eyes naturally fall to the floor where you find the design not only continues, but intensifies.

Rug at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Woven into the large, sweeping rugs are Mickey faces working to tie in the Victorian themed palette.

Next is a marble floor, ear-marked (see what we did there) with hidden Mickeys as the world-famous mouse makes his presence known.

Marble floor at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The lobby, the store, the check-in counter…all of it!…combines for a luxurious feel.

Add in the 5-star service, and you’ll never want to leave.

WOW! The Rooms!

The detail of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel does not stop here.

While their regularly decorated rooms continue the elegant Victorian theme, their magical Disney themed rooms are one of a kind.

Tinker Bell Room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Tinker Bell Room at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Upon entering the Tinker Bell room, you are quickly lost in Pixie Hollow.

You’ve just shrunk down to fairy-size and you find that they room is decorated from flowers, trees, and leaves from around the forest.

bathroom door tokyo disneyland hotel

The bathroom vanity has an etched-glass door on either side – one to the shower and one to the commode.

tinker bell beds

Continuing in the room, the décor keeps the magic alive with two double beds, a table and chairs, and…

alcove bed tinker bell tokyo disneyland hotel

an alcove fit for a Nerdling (who clearly got to this bed faster than I could take a picture). These enhanced rooms are nothing short of magical as we move…

On to the Queen of Hearts!

The Alice in Wonderland room is, in the Disney Park Nerds’ opinion, even more fun! The room is set up the same.

It is, still, a pretty traditional hotel room layout with a hallway leading past the bathroom to the beds.

alice in wonderland room tokyo disneyland hotel

Once again, there is a vanity with two privacy doors – one on either side.

The etched glass is a great touch and the added privacy makes getting ready (or winding down) even easier.

As with the other room, there are two double beds, a table and chairs and…

queen of hearts bed at tokyo disneyland hotel

this time, the Nerdling beat us fair and square, but not her stuff!

alcove bed tokyo disneyland hotel alice in wonderland

Magical Stay

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is expensive, especially when compared to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, and a treat.

But the stay comes highly recommended.

Without a doubt, these themed rooms are the best in the Disney arsenal (excluding, of course, staying in the $10,000 per night Royal Suite) at bringing the magic home with you every night.

As expected, the location is phenomenal with just a short walk to Tokyo Disneyland – and 15-minute early entry (it may not sound like a lot, but any head start in Tokyo is crucial to a good day of touring) – and the Monorail to Tokyo DisneySea.

After Tokyo Disneyland refurbishments, the experience is always being enhanced.

If you can afford it, do it!

It’s worth the splurge in stark contrast to our opinion and recommendation about staying at Walt Disney World and recommending Disney’s Pop Century resort.

The Disney Park Nerds believe in spending money that enhances the magical feel of a Tokyo Disney vacation whenever possible.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are special in their own right, but combined with the commitment to service by their Cast Members and the beauty of Japan and her people, this is a trip that is a must!