Lumière’s Kitchen (Delicious and Fun for $75)

Lumière’s Kitchen at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel offers a fusion of Chinese fare and Disney magic. Inspired by “Beauty and the Beast,” guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, including noodles, buns, and dumplings. The highlight is the themed desserts, showcasing artistry and flavors that captivate diners.

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Introduction to Lumière’s Kitchen

We’ve always enjoyed our culinary experiences in Asia and Lumière’s Kitchen at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel fuses Chinese fare and Disney magic to near perfection!

You cannot step into Lumière’s Kitchen without singing songs from Beauty and the Beast – whether in your head or out loud (for the Nerds…it’s always out loud).

Although reservations are available, we’ve not found it strictly necessary to have them.

To be fair, we have also avoided visiting Shanghai Disneyland during crowded times, so we’d offer this unsolicited advice: if the park and hotel are likely crowded, make a reservation and if not, feel free to walk in or snag a same day reservation.

The Nerdling and I found ourselves looking for food and thought we’d splurge (and at +/- $75 per person for dinner, it is a splurge!) and treat ourselves to Lumière’s Kitchen.

And we are glad we did!

It was a culinary highlight of our trip and a bit of a surreal experience.

I mentioned our adversity to crowds and we were among fewer than 15 guests during our hour-long dining extravaganza.

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Lumière’s Kitchen
Characters stop by for photo ops for guests of Lumière’s Kitchen. We met the world famous Mickey Mouse!
lumiere's kitchen
And Pluto!!

The food was good and we ate, and ate, and ate a variety of noodles, buns, dumplings, made-to-order fare and we may have tried some Mickey chicken nuggets and fries (it was all a feeding frenzy blur).

But the real stars of the show were the desserts and they were INCREDIBLE!

The sheer magnitude of options was only outshined by the artistry with which each was constructed.

The staff were wonderful – helpful, encouraging and clearly proud of what was on offer.

Lumière’s Kitchen
The desserts at Lumière’s Kitchen was theme to Beauty and The Beast and was so beautiful, we hardly wanted to eat it (but we did – you’re welcome).

Try the gray stuff?


It was delicious.

So we tried it again, just to be sure.

But seriously, check out these desserts!!

Lumière’s Kitchen
These Lumière ice cream sandwich looking things were incredible.
Soft gingerbread over sweet cream topped with a white chocolate Lumière. Everything on the plate was a “do -over”.

The Lumière’s Kitchen desserts looked like a movie set, complete with dancing food.

Have you already planned your trip to Shanghai?

If not, keep reading because this may help you make the decision.

Lumière’s Kitchen
Can’t you picture this scene in the movie?
Lumière’s Kitchen

Sadly, all good things come to an end and eventually, we could not eat another bite.

But we had planned properly for our Lumière’s Kitchen excursion…we had not eaten for about 7 hours prior to our visit.

In the end, our Nerdy strategy worked because it was well worth the wait!

Lumière’s Kitchen
Things can spiral out of control (get it??) quickly at Lumière’s Kitchen’s dessert tables.

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