Disney World COVID-19 Clamp Down: No Eating or Drinking in Line


Disney World posted new signs as they focus make an even greater effort to clamp down on rogue guests with a clear message: no eating or drinking in line.

The rules for Florida theme parks have evolved since they began reopening in June. The first parks to reopen were SeaWorld parks, including Busch Gardens, and the Universal Orlando parks. At the time, masks were required at all times except water rides and while eating or drinking.

Masks required without food or drink.
no eating or drinking
The evolution of theme park mask policies.

Guests, including Nerds and Nerdlings, looked for every possible respite and break from the hot and muggy mask. This meant finding water rides and constantly having a drink or snack on hand.

Water parks, like Discovery Cove, offered mask-free enjoyment of water attractions (and a break from the Orlando summer weather).

The result of this is that guests often strolled through theme parks while nursing a drink or snack in an effort (sometimes legit and sometimes a stretch) to avoid wearing a mask. When Disney World reopened in July, it did not take long for them to spot the flaw in the system and mandated no eating or drinking while walking mask-less with food and drink.

Popcorn is a popular snack while in line…with the added benefit that it takes a while to eat and provides a break from the mugginess of a mask on a hot day.

Now, Disney has said no eating or drinking while in line. We’re not sure just how strict they will be when it comes to re-sealable water and soda, especially on warmer days. However, we don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are updating this policy now that the weather has cooled a bit. Could you imagine drinking a water in line while direct sun in 90 degree weather beats down on you, only to have a Cast Member “remind you” to put away your drink? Needless to say, it probably wouldn’t go well.

At any rate, we march on despite the no eating or drinking rule changes. We can no longer enjoy our favorite snack while in line….but we can still enjoy our favorite snack!




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