Best Airport for Tokyo Disneyland: Haneda or Narita?

Haneda Airport is the closest and most convenient airport for Tokyo Disneyland. Both Haneda and Narita offer direct bus services to the resort, but Haneda’s proximity makes it a popular choice for travelers heading to Tokyo Disneyland.

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Choosing the Right Airport for Tokyo Disneyland

When planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, one of the first questions that comes to mind is which airport to fly into.

With multiple options available, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

Here’s a helpful guide based on personal experiences to help you choose the best airport for Tokyo Disneyland.

Narita Airport

Narita is one of the primary international airports serving Tokyo.

While I’ve only flown in and out of Narita, it’s worth noting that it’s approximately an hour from Narita to Tokyo Station by train.

From Tokyo Station, it’s a short 10-minute walk followed by a 20-minute train ride to get to Disneyland.

So, if you’re considering Narita as your airport for Tokyo Disneyland, be prepared for a bit of a journey, but it’s quite straightforward.

Haneda Airport

Haneda is another major airport in Tokyo and is closer to Tokyo Disneyland than Narita.

However, when choosing Haneda, it’s essential to check the transportation availability, especially if you’re planning to take the airport bus called Airport Limousine.

While Haneda is closer, there are specific timings for the bus service, and it’s crucial to ensure that these align with your flight times.

For instance, from Tokyo Disneyland Resort (TDR) to Haneda, there’s a bus that goes to the international terminal, and it departs around 5:30 pm, reaching the airport between 6:30 pm to 7 pm.

Transportation Tips

Regardless of which airport you choose, if you’re staying near Tokyo Disneyland Resort (TDR), I highly recommend taking the direct bus from the airport for Tokyo Disneyland.

These buses are roomy, quick, and super convenient, especially when compared to switching trains with luggage.

Both Narita and Haneda offer these bus services.

Once you’re at one of the resorts, it’s super easy to get to one of the hotels.

For instance, after taking the bus from Haneda to Tokyo Disneyland, you can hop onto the monorail to reach your hotel.

Another helpful resource that I came across is the Tokyo Disneyland Resort’s official access page.

It provides detailed information on how to get to the resort from both airports. While Haneda is closer distance-wise, you’ll have to travel through the city.

On the other hand, Narita International is slightly further, but the route doesn’t require traveling along the bay.

If you’re not keen on taking the train, the bus is a fantastic option.

But if you’re someone who enjoys train rides, then by all means, hop on!

What airport should I fly into for Tokyo Disneyland?

When planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, the two primary airports to consider are Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport. Both airports offer good connectivity to Tokyo Disneyland. However, your choice might depend on flight availability, airline preferences, and your final destination in Tokyo.

What is the closest airport to Japan Disney?

Haneda Airport is the closest airport for Tokyo Disneyland. It’s located within Tokyo itself and offers a shorter commute to the resort compared to Narita. Haneda’s proximity and convenient transportation options make it a popular choice for many travelers heading to Tokyo Disneyland.

Is Haneda or Narita nearer to Disneyland?

Haneda Airport is nearer to Tokyo Disneyland compared to Narita. While Narita is an international hub and serves many international flights, it’s located further out in the Chiba Prefecture. Haneda, on the other hand, is situated closer to central Tokyo, making the commute to Disneyland shorter and often more convenient.

How do you get to Disney from Haneda?

From Haneda Airport, there are several ways to reach Tokyo Disneyland:

  1. Direct Bus: There are direct buses from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. These are convenient, especially if you have luggage, as you won’t need to switch between different modes of transportation.
  2. Train: You can take the Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport to the Hamamatsucho Station. From there, switch to the JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line, which will take you directly to Maihama Station, the gateway to Tokyo Disneyland.
  3. Taxi: If you prefer a more direct route and don’t mind spending a bit more, taxis are available at the airport. The ride to Tokyo Disneyland from Haneda is relatively short, making it a viable option for those looking for convenience.

Remember to check the schedules and timings, especially for buses, to ensure a smooth journey to the happiest place in Tokyo!