4 Tips for Shopping in Disneyland Paris

Shopping in Disneyland Paris can be quite a treat!

Whether it’s food, clothing, or art, there are so many unique items you can bring home to remember your trip.

Shopping in Disneyland Paris offers a unique experience with 63 stores across the Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village, and Disney Hotels. Visitors can find a range of items, from food and clothing to art, making it a perfect spot to collect memorable souvenirs from your trip.

(The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris)

Introduction to Shopping in Disneyland Paris 

Taking a stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, shopping under the glass dome of ​​the Galeries Lafayette, or taking a  trip to the legendary Le Bon Marché are all great ways to fill your shopping bags.

There are 63 shops located around the Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Village and Disney Hotels.

There’s a little something for everyone when you go shopping in Disneyland Paris. 

There are four “World of Disney” stores worldwide: one at Disneyland Resorts in Anaheim, one in Walt Disney World, one at Shanghai Disney Resort, and one in Disneyland Paris.

The World of Disney has one of the largest selections of all the stores in the theme parks.

It has everything and anything for every Disney fan!  

For a cute Disney ‘fit, you can come to The World of Disney and find a wide range of apparel and accessories.

For the collectors, there are pins, figurines, toys, and plushes.

If you’re looking for something to make your home feel even more magical, you can find souvenir art, collectables, gifts, and housewares, some only available at this park.

A popular item?

Disney Paris wine and champagne glasses!

Speaking of dishes, if you get hungry on your shopping spree, you can get some Disney-themed snack food and drinks there, too! “World of Disney” is a popular spot, so plan to spend some time in line. 

Shopping in Disneyland Paris

Shopping in Disneyland Paris: “One-of-a-Kind Art at the Disney Gallery 

The Disney Gallery offers every Disney art Nerd the chance to get their own original piece of Disney art!

At the Disney Gallery, you can use one of the Disney Art on Demand kiosks to customize your own piece of the magic.

You have the option to change the language, so you can get your Parisian art just right.

You can select from hundreds of prints and choose the layout and size.

You then between paper and canvas and have the option of frames to choose from, too.

The artwork will be shipped to your home in a very sturdy packaging.

If you don’t want a custom piece, this shop is also filled with other collectibles such as art prints, snow globes, ornaments, and more.

This is a great place to shop for that unique gift or souvenir for any art lover! 

Disney Fashion: Your Stop for Custom and Vintage Clothes 

Shopping for some stylish Disney Paris clothes?

You’ve got to stop by Disney Fashion located in Disney Village.

This is a spot for some Disney fashion.

You can also find some great collaborations with other designers as well as a Pandora jewelry shop inside.

For a more unique experience, you can check out the ‘Atelier de Personnalisation’ to design your own custom shirts, jackets, bags,  or other items.

If you want an extra-unique experience, check out the Culture Vintage corner of the store.

You can find vintage Disney outfits from all around the world in this little section of the store that is a Disneyland Paris exclusive service! 

What fun it is, shopping in Disneyland Paris!

For the younger fashionistas, there’s Disney Fashion Junior!

You can find children’s sizes of popular apparel items, kids’-sized ears, and even fun accessories like backpacks.

This is also a great stop if you are looking to get something extra magical for your favorite little princess – they have princess dresses, shoes, and accessories galore! 

Parisian Specialties: Exclusive Ears Throughout Disneyland Paris 

There are some specialty items you can find at Disneyland Paris that you can’t find anywhere else.

For example, Chip and Dale merchandise is particularly popular at this park.

You can even find specialty Chip and Dale ears featuring the two loveable chipmunks wearing berets!

Another set of Disneyland Paris exclusive ears feature gold sequin ears and a black satin bow with gold star embellishment.

You can find similar ears at other parks, but none with the perfect saying printed on the band: “Disneyland Paris is Magical!”

As 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland Paris, there are other exclusive ears – as well as clothing, pins, and merchandise – to mark the special occasion.  

Shop like a Jedi at the Star Trader 

In Discoveryland, you can hop on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue or take a quick trip on Hyperspace Mountain.

Then, check out the Star Trader for all your Jedi gear.

At this little shop, you will find galactic plushies and toys, special pins, and other Star Wars souvenirs.

You can even customize your own lightsaber here or build your own miniature R2D2 droid with your choice of hat, body, and accessories.

This is a great shopping stop for any fan to get their hands on some bounty! 

Pins and More at the Pueblo Trading Post 

In Frontierland, you’ll find a small adobe building that houses the Pueblo Trading Post.

It doesn’t look like much and is easy to miss, but this is the place for trading pins.

The hours can be a bit tricky, but if you get there during trading hours, you’re bound to find some special pins to trade or buy.

If there’s a cast member ready to trade, you can exchange up to two pins per day with them.

Some of the most exclusive pins are found here. 

Disney Paris puts out a pdf featuring each month’s pins posted here so you can check them out before you go!

There’s a collection of Vinlymations there, too, so if you’re a collector, make sure to give this shop a look! 

There are so many other great shops to visit at Disneyland Paris that we couldn’t possibly list them all.

But we hope we’ve given you enough stops to fill your shopping bags with magical mémentos à la parisienne! 

If the shopping in Disneyland Paris excites you, just wait until you experience the park!

Here are a few items the Nerd loved on the last trip to Disneyland Paris.