How to Get to Downtown Disney: Your Ultimate Guide

To embark on your adventure to the vibrant Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, first learn how to get to Downtown Disney from major freeways like I-5 or CA-57, ensuring you exit and follow signs directly to Downtown Disney for parking and drop-off.

Key points

  • Utilize exits off major freeways such as I-5 and CA-57, following clear signage to efficiently navigate your way to Downtown Disney.
  • Check Downtown Disney’s latest operating hours before your visit to maximize your time and ensure a fulfilling experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with parking options, especially the Simba Parking Lot, to ensure a hassle-free arrival and departure from Downtown Disney.

How to Get to Downtown Disney from I-5 South

Traveling south on the I-5 (Santa Ana Freeway) offers a straightforward route to Downtown Disney. Here’s how to navigate your way:

  • Exit at Disneyland Drive: As you approach Anaheim, look for the Disneyland Drive exit and proceed north.
  • Follow the Signs: Directional signs will guide you towards Downtown Disney, leading you to parking areas and drop-off points.

Arriving at Downtown Disney from I-5 North

For those coming from the north via the I-5, getting to Downtown Disney requires similar steps:

  • Northbound Exit: Take the exit for Disneyland Drive and continue north.
  • Signage: Pay attention to the signs pointing you in the direction of Downtown Disney for the appropriate parking and drop-off locations.

How to Reach Downtown Disney via CA-57

Whether you’re driving north or south on CA-57 (Orange Freeway), getting to Downtown Disney is easy:

  • Ball Road Exit: From CA-57, exit on Ball Road and head west towards Disneyland Resort.
  • Downtown Disney Signs: Follow the clear signage directing you to Downtown Disney, ensuring you find the right spot to park or get dropped off.

Directions to Downtown Disney from CA-91

The CA-91 (Riverside Freeway) also provides access to Downtown Disney, depending on your direction of travel:

  • Westbound on CA-91: Transition to I-5 South and exit at Disneyland Drive to head north.
  • Eastbound on CA-91: Switch to CA-57 South, then follow the directions from CA-57 to find your way to Downtown Disney.

Parking and Final Tips on How to Get to Downtown Disney

Once you’re near the resort, the next step in how to get to Downtown Disney involves parking. Look out for the Downtown Disney parking areas, where fees may apply but can often be validated with purchases. Additionally, it’s important to know the designated drop-off and pick-up zones, especially if using a ride-share service.

Understanding how to get to Downtown Disney also involves familiarizing yourself with parking options. The Simba Parking Lot is a popular choice for many visitors. Conveniently located, it offers easy access to Downtown Disney, making your arrival and departure as smooth as possible.