Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel: My Honest Review

Choosing the right hotel is crucial for any trip and choosing the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is crucial for your Hong Kong trip!

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a luxury resort located near Hong Kong Disneyland. It offers Victorian-themed accommodations, fine dining, and various amenities. Guests can enjoy character dining experiences, a swimming pool, and easy access to the park.

The hotel provides a magical setting, ensuring a memorable stay for those visiting the Disneyland theme park.

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle (Explained)

Introduction to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, its three hotels, Disneyland Park and Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre is a beautiful and intimate tropical resort.

The greenery, the hills, the weather and the ocean bay views all combine for an incredible trip.

Although Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, built in 2005 and Disney’s Explorer’s Lodge, built in 2017, are wonderful in their own right, there is only one Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (also opened in 2005 along with the park)

The hotel has a Victorian theme, large windows, stunning chandeliers and intricate designs.

It is very similar, though smaller, to the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Disneyland Paris Hotel – all of which borrow some design and theming elements from the Hotel Del Coronado (aka Hotel Del) on Coronado Island near San Diego.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The intricately designed and detailed Disneyland Hong Kong hotel features exquisite decorations and unbelievable views.

The rugs, the flowers, the seasonal decorations, the enormous crystal chandeliers and porticos combine for a luxury experience (though at the right times of the year, the prices are quite affordable).

The rooms are tastefully decorated and although one could complain about the lack of English-language television content, the Disney Park Nerds actually enjoy watching Disney channel with (or without) the Nerdlings and seeing Have a Laugh Vol. 2 play over and over and over and over and over and over…


This last homage will only make sense if you’ve enjoyed Have a Laugh.

hong kong disneyland hotel chandelier

Without is stunning.

Although we are Nerds, we didn’t do a very good job studying up on Hong Kong for our first trip and were surprised to find the weather so tropical.

This did make for incredible landscaping and views with such close proximity to the water (all three hotels back up to the bay).

The maze in the back of the property is a fun way to get lost for a few minutes.

Bay view from hong kong disneyland hotel

And the views from many of the rooms are gorgeous. After all, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is on an island.

view from hong kong disneyland hotel

The two pools – one indoor and one outdoor – provide great respites from the exciting (and tiring) days touring the park.

pool at hong kong disneyland hotel

Not to mention, they are often empty in the middle of the day in the off-season with more lifeguards on duty than guests using the facilities.

Guests of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel looking for a little more rest and relaxation can find it at Inspiration Lake.

inspiration lake

Here, guests can enjoy walks, kite-flying, paddle-boating, picnicking and more.

inspiration lake

It can and does get crowded on the weekends as many of the people enjoying Inspiration Lake are not necessarily guests of one of the hotels, but rather local day-trippers looking for a fun outing.

And some good eats!

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is home to four restaurants – well, three really good restaurants and a pool bar.

Crystal Lotus is upscale Dim Sum…and it’s delicious.

Enchanted Garden Restaurant is Disney character dining with excellent food.

Walt’s Cafe has some American cuisine and the ambience is great.

You cannot go wrong with any of the eateries!

But what about the rooms?

Great question! The rooms are at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel nice, there are reasonably well appointed and there are slippers waiting for you upon check-in. The rooms, very similar to the Disneyland Paris hotel, contain the expected Disney characters showing up here and there. They were clean and well-cared for, but not particularly special with their pastel pink and peach décor.

The views? Again…stunning!

But there are three more things The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has going for it other than the rooms, dining, landscaping and design…

Location! Location! Location!

If only we could remember what it was. I kid, I kid! The location is fantastic.

While it does not quite have the proximity to the park of its Tokyo and Paris counterpart, the walk to the park is second to none in all of Disney’s resorts.

Guests have the option, of course, to take the Disney bus to Disneyland Park, but where is the fun in that?

The short 7-10 minute stroll between the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the Disneyland turnstiles is peaceful, beautiful and serene (remember when I said it is unlike any other?).

Path to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
Empty pathway to Hong Kong Disneyland

In the off-season, especially with the ever-present threat of rain, we often had the entire walkway to ourselves.

When we would arrive 15 minutes before park opening (at a super late for a Disney park 10:30am), we often did not pass by or see a single person.

When we would take our midday break, it would be unusual to see more than five or seven people along our route from the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to the park.

And this fed in perfectly to the off-season intimacy of Hong Kong Disneyland with the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel doing exactly what it should…enhancing every moment of our Nerdy Disney vacation.