Disney Layoffs (28,000 Cast Members)

Disney layoffs April 2020 announced.

Include 28,000 people from its US theme park operations.

Disney Park Nerds are sad today as Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando announced total Disney layoffs April 2020 of more than 28,000 cast members. Disney World reopened in July and although crowds have been increasing in recent weeks and Florida announced theme parks and restaurants may now operate at full capacity, the resort has not been able to fully recover.

The combination of people worried about traveling during the pandemic, reduced domestic flight availability and extremely limited international travel into and out of Orland International Airport (MCO) and the United States as a whole has hurt Disney World tremendously.

disney layoffs
People are unsure when, where and how to travel.

On the west coast, Disneyland Resort in California is faring even worse. After planning to reopen July 17, Disneyland has yet to reopen more than six months after it temporarily closed.

Disney layoffs April 2020 in this park are likely to hurt the local economy and the state continues to insist that there will be theme park guidelines released “very soon”, though no details have emerged after several weeks.

Meanwhile, Orange County in Southern California continues to control COVID cases and progress toward a larger overall reopening.

In fact, the Orange County register reported today that the state’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Mark Ghaly, said in a news conference regarding the release of theme park guidelines that, “We’re getting very close”.

The Governor of California made similar comments in early September.

disney layoffs april 2020

Disney layoffs are likely take longer to recover in California assuming Disneyland
Resort follows the same pattern as Disney World.

However, as Americans become more determined to travel and COVID cases decline and the ever-popular Halloween and Christmas seasons fast approaching, perhaps Disneyland will recover on a quicker trajectory.

Our hearts go out to those Cast Members who have been impacted. Here’s to a quicker-than-expected return!