best credit cards for married couples

Best Credit Cards for Married Couples who Travel


Discover how to use the best credit cards for married couples to double your rewards miles and points to travel more.

We discovered how to maximize our travel miles by utilizing some key strategies in order to visit Disney Parks around the world.

Maybe your goal is to visit every Disney Park around the world so you can try Tokyo Disney popcorn flavors or experience the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Maybe your goal is to fly to Walt Disney World resort 12 times a year with your family.

In any case, you’ll need to master the art of utilizing some of the best travel credit cards for married couples in this strategy for maximizing your travel miles.

Essentially, if you’re a married and would love to travel often (especially with kids in the picture), you’ll need to double the amount of credit card points and miles to maximize your travel experiences while lowering costs.

So how to you double your travel credit card rewards miles?

The first step is to familiarize yourself with what the best travel credit cards are. Which we have written about for you.

Read our guide on personal travel rewards credit cards: 10 Best Rewards Travel Credit Cards.

If you have a small business or side hustle read our guide: 10 Best Business Rewards Credit Cards.

Depending on your situation, we think these are the best credit cards for married couples.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these best travel credit cards, you’re ready to learn how to strategically use the best credit cards for married couples to double your travel rewards miles and points.

Luckily, all this is pretty simple. You won’t need some crazy banking experience to understand the inner working of travel credit cards. It’s all actually pretty straightforward.

While it may seem counterintuitive, married individuals are able and should apply for the same credit cards as their spouses. Essentially, banks could care a less if you’re married or not when looking over your credit card applications.

The only required criteria that banks look at for a credit card application are your personal credit history and income. If you’re non-working (a stay at home parent), as long as you’re 21 or older, banks permit you to include spousal income on your credit card application. All the bank cares about is if have reasonable access to the funds.

Let’s pretend your spouse makes an average of $58,000 each year. If you have access to the funds, you are entitled by law to report $58,000 in the “gross income” section of your credit card application.

By adding your spouse as an authorized user on your credit card, you could avoid paying costly annual fees; however, you’d forgo obtaining free miles and points.

DISNEY NERD TIP: New travel credit card welcome bonuses are given to individual with NO LIMIT on households. These welcome bonuses credit cards give out are where you’re going to get most of your free miles and points. We’re talking 50,000- 100,000 miles just for signing up for a new travel credit card and meeting certain spending limits within a certain amount of time.

This is why you’ll want to maximize your miles as much as you can.

How to use these best travel credit cards for married couples to double your points.

  1. Pick a card and have one person sign up — The minimum spend is the reason that only one person signs up at first. There is a minimal expenditure requirement in order to obtain a sign-up bonus. You’re giving yourself time to fulfill these criteria by signing up one at a time. For example, if you both join for a card and meet the $3,000 minimum expenditure in three months, you’ll have to do so in three months from now. and you want to make sure you’re reaching them.
  2. You must meet the required spend amount before your points will be added to your account.
  3. Combine your points. The only American airline that lets you pool your points with family members is JetBlue, but credit card companies are more flexible. Citi ThankYou Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest make it possible to transfer rewards to other people in your life.
  4. Once you’ve received the welcome bonus, it’s probably not worth it for both spouses to keep on paying an annual credit card fee. At this moment, it is a better idea to change the cards of one spouse to a different credit card offered by the same bank which doesn’t have an annual fee. Once you do this, you can also add your spouse as an authorized user. When you do this, you aren’t required to pay a credit card’s annual fee twice. Also, your spouse will be able to take advantage of all the benefits such as a membership for lounge access in certain airports depending on the card.

DISNEY NERD TIP: It’s best to avoid outright cancelling credit cards. This will most likely make your credit score take a dip.

Final thoughts on best credit cards for married couples

By following these steps using these best credit cards for married couples with your spouse, you’ll be able to earn double your rewards and access your Disney travel goals quicker.

Most importantly, only do this strategy if you’re able to pay off all these best travel credit cards for married couples on time every month.

We Nerds recommend keeping a Google spreadsheet with all of your credit cards and to set-up AutoPay’s in full for all your credit cards so you don’t accidently miss a credit card payment.

If you need help choosing a card for you and your spouse, read our recommendation for these best rewards travel credit cards.




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