Disney VIP Tour (4 Parks, 10 Hours, 20 Attractions)

The Disney VIP Tour provides guests with a personalized experience at Disney parks. It includes benefits like a private tour guide, priority access to attractions, reserved seating for shows, and special transportation options. This premium service offers a tailored and hassle-free Disney experience for those seeking an exclusive adventure.

In this article we’ll be reviewing our Disney VIP Tour experience just for you!

(The Ultimate Guide to Disney World Tickets)

The Start of Our Disney VIP Tour

Finally, the middle of the Nerd bucket list finds another checkmark…and boy is it a doozy.

Bucket List Item #6: Club 33 Membership (Read our guide to on what is Club 33 at Disneyland?)

Bucket List Item #7: Disney VIP Tour – CHECK!

Bucket List Item #8: Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney – CHECK 2019!

Who needs Tahiti?

Certainly not the Nerds.

In fact, when the changes in international travel interrupted the Nerds’ plans, heading off to Walt Disney World and the beaches of Florida seemed a solid second choice.

Plus, it’s the only game in town right now!

Fresh off a giant refund from the Tahitian hotels, the Nerds decided to cobble together a family trip and surprise the Nerdlings and Grammy Nerd with a vacation-kick-off Disney VIP Tour.

Even though the parks are not especially crowded, the thought of being chauffeured around the parks, seeing “back stage” areas and having the ultimate Fastpass+ experience was too irresistible.

Plus, the Nerds has wanted to do this for YEARS and it finally looked as if he might get his way (plus, he didn’t tell anyone and the Disney VIP Tour was paid for by the time they found out about it).

disney vip tour
Remember the polar vortex in 2019 in the northeast? Well…Punxsutawny was hit, too and 0 degrees at 230am is a really cold way to start the day. Yes, we really went. No, we are not kidding. Yes, it was great. No, we wouldn’t do it again.

What is a Disney VIP Tour?

Disney World generally offers a variety of tours, but this private custom experience stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

These tours do not come cheap and range between $425 and $750 per hour, with a seven hour minimum.

You can add hours “on the fly” the day of the tour, but this is the pre-charged starting point.

During the less crowded times, this means your tour will cost at least $2,975 and during peak times, the minimum charge is $5,250 – plus optional gratuities.

During our late January / early February visit, Thursday, Sunday and Monday were $425/hr and Friday and Saturday were $550/hr.

Our visit encompassed a Thursday – Monday park touring schedule and we were bummed to find that Sunday was not available.

Though to be fair, we were making reservations less than 2 weeks in advance and reservations are available up to 60 days ahead of time.

The helpful Cast Members quickly offered to “wait list” our party for Sunday and we proceeded to book on Thursday.

Our initial thought was to book on Saturday – expected to be the busiest day of our trip.

But the combination of not wanting the tour in the middle of our trip and the extra $875 convinced the Nerd that Thursday was perfect.

The Disney VIP Tours are good for up to 10 people (all ages, including infants, count in the total).

The Cast Members who answer calls to discuss reservations are delightful, friendly and eager to help.

The kindly answered all of our questions, provided advice and were quick to suggest (or discourage) certain ideas.

And the Nerd had a lot!

After discussing various options and scenarios, a day was selected.

We picked the time and place to be picked up and provided a credit card (we were assured it would not be charged until the day before our tour).

We were reminded of a few Disney VIP Tour basics:

  • The tour could be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance to avoid a 2-hour charge
  • The specifics (time, location, etc) could be changed up to 3pm the day before the tour
  • The hours are consecutive and you cannot take an “unbilled” break; so if you want to enjoy a sit-down meal, it will likely be the most expensive meal you’ve ever had!

When to Book a Disney VIP Tour

Boy oh boy was this a debate (in the Nerd’s head). Talk about overthinking yourself into a corner.

We would arrive at Disney World on Wednesday evening and grab dinner at T-REX Cafe in Orlando.

A favorite starting point for the Nerdlings.

Before checking into Disney’s Pop Century.

We had Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to tour all day and Monday until 3pm, when we would need to depart for the airport.

Thought #1

Book the Disney VIP Tour on Saturday because this will be the most crowded day.

In fact, the tour was initially booked for Saturday for this very reason.

Buuuuuttttt, Saturday (and Friday) were $875+ more than the other days and it seemed to break up the vacation in a funky way.

In thinking through the logistics of a Disney World vacation, doing the tour in the middle prior to experiencing all of the parks felt sort of anti-climactic.

Or maybe it was the $875 additional cost.

At any rate, this date was changed.

Thought #2

Book the tour on Monday as a way to efficiently revisit all of our favorites after an amazing vacation.

In this way, we wouldn’t be worried about being distracted by souvenirs, shops, dining and could focus on attractions and really get our money’s worth.

Buuuuuttttt, we would only have 7 hours between the earliest park opening (Animal Kingdom) and leaving for the airport.

We had read (and the Cast Members at Disney VIP Tour reservations had shared) that it is really common for people to tack on time.

So, now, Monday felt rushed.

And nobody wants to be “rushed” when they’ve thrown down $3k for a day.

If Monday were a “full day”, the Nerd thinks he may have chosen this date AND it was recommended by the Cast Member.

Who worried that experiencing the tour too early in the vacation might “spoil” the rest of it when we had to wait in line.

Thought #3

Book the tour on Sunday – our last full day.

In this way, we would have already visited all four parks, ridden our favorites and still had time to really enjoy the full day.

This all made sense as the Nerd thought about it and mulled it over with the delightful reservations team.

Buuuuuttttt, when the Nerd called the next morning, there was no more availability (Nerd Hint: Book early, it’s free to cancel).


The reservations team put our group on the wait list and we moved on.

Thought #4

Book the tour on Thursday, our first day at Disney World.

This could be a great way to dive into the vacation, ride all of our favorites to our hearts’ content and really get lost in the Disney magic.

Plus, the Nerd REALLY wanted to tell everyone about the Disney VIP Tour!

This had the additional benefit of possibly making the remainder of the trip more “chill” than normal.

Sure, the Nerd family would be at a park each day when it opened.

But there would be less stress (okay, okay “stress”) about getting on all the headliner attractions since we would have already ridden them multiple times.

Instead, perhaps we would take the time to smell the roses, browse the shops, hop on the Disney

Skyliner and head back to the hotel for nap and pool breaks.

Perhaps we might linger over our meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In (a Nerd staple) a bit longer or not be so antsy at dad when he stops every 90 minutes for a Mickey Pretzel and a Coke!?!?!?

Seriously, the whole “no eating in line” rule makes it tough for the Nerd.

Ultimately, the Disney VIP Tour would be booked for Thursday.

More to come on how it all worked out.

What Happens After You Book Your Disney VIP Tour?

Shortly after making the reservation, we received an email recapping everything that was discussed and reviewing all of the rules (like photo ID’s being required for all adults on the tour).

We were encouraged to call or email with questions or suggestions for our trip.

We were also reminded that we need to make a park reservation for the first park we wanted to visit that day.

Guests on a Disney VIP Tour could Park Hop any time (no waiting until 1pm or 2pm for “park hoppers” to be admitted), provided

The Nerd knows the Nerdlings and knew that attractions would be the star of our first Disney VIP Tour.

We emailed them a list of all we wanted to achieve in our 7+ hours on tour…and it was ambitious:


We asked to be picked up at 9am and dropped off/left at Epcot at the conclusion of our Disney VIP Tour in order to make our 6pm San Angel Inn reservation and the team was happy to oblige.

The Disney VIP Tour Details – It’s Go Time!!

At 8:43am – 17 minutes before we were “on the clock”, we received a text from our guide that he had arrived in front of our hotel (Disney’s Pop Century).

Telling us precisely where he would meet us.

As we approached the vehicle, Roy bounded out of the car, made introductions and we were on our way.

Our ride was a silver Chevy Suburban and we hit the road!

chevy suburban for Disney VIP tour
Our transportation for the day would be a Chevy Suburban and we couldn’t wait to jump in and get started on our Disney VIP Tour.

First things first. Roy confirmed there were no delayed openings for the morning and suggested we head for Magic Kingdom to kick off our day.

Our entire crew readily agreed.

Even on a Disney VIP Tour, Magic Kingdom is quite a hike from just about anywhere on Disney World property.

It took us more than 15 minutes to get to the hotel – no traffic, very few stops or slow downs…it was a straight shot.

This gave the Nerd time to pepper Roy with countless questions, talk Disney trivia and strategy, ask about unruly guests and work through the plan for our busy day.

The first stop was the Contemporary Resort for temperature screening and was just a short stop.

Before we knew it the Nerd clan was back in car and on the way to our first stop – Magic Kingdom.

Stop #1: Magic Kingdom Park

Parking for Disney VIP Tours at Magic Kingdom is nothing short of amazing.

In fact, the moment Roy parked the car, we all knew it was going to be an amazing day.

We parked literal steps from Tomorrowland, left anything in the car we didn’t want to take with us and stepped into the Magic Kingdom.

Roy knew we had quite a “to do” list for the day and asked about our walking speed and desired pace.

After the Nerd assured him our goal was to pack in as much as possible for the day, he lead the way at a brisk pace.

disney vip tour
Our Disney VIP Tour Guide parked on the side of Tomorrow – just between the exit of Buzz Lightyear and the entrance to Carousel of Progress.

The Disney VIP Tour Guides are terrific.

They will take the reins and lead the way.

If you want to chat with them (we did), they are happy to answer all of your questions.

If you want to let them lead while you hang back with your group, they are fine with that.

They truly go out of their way to help you accomplish your goals for the day.

Potty stop?

No problem.


Just say the word.

Our first attraction was Space Mountain where we used the FastPass+ queue to access the attraction. Roy escorted us all the way to the ride and had a great time!

We scanned our MagicBand to secure our attraction photo via Memory Maker, browsed the gift shop for a bit and found Roy just outside waiting for us.

Next, we were off to Fantasyland and Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.

The socially distanced line was already more than halfway around the mountain, but Roy walked us to the attraction’s entrance where we were scanned into the FastPass+ line for a 5 minute wait.

We made the short walk to Peter Pan’s Flight where FastPass+ was once again our mode of entry.

Having defeated Captain Hook and returned safely from Neverland, we took a brief restroom stop.

The Nerd was still getting used to this entire concept and debating between yelling at the group “this is costing a fortune, there are no bathroom breaks!” and walking slower to smell the roses knowing we had all the time in the world.

This Disney VIP Tour battle – the angel and the devil on his shoulder – was fought in his head periodically throughout the day.

Our group rounded the corner to Haunted Mansion where Roy walked us into the attraction through the exit, around a corner and straight to the front of the line.

disney vip tour
There was definitely time to stop for a family photo on our Disney VIP Tour.

Despite the attraction”s warning of there being “room for one more”, our entire group put off the ever after for the moment and found Roy outside the mansion’s front gates.

We walked across the park to Splash Mountain where Roy scanned us into the FastPass+ queue and sent us on our way.

Only four of the six Nerds rode this for fear of being wet and cold despite our Disney VIP Tour Guide’s insistence that we need not worry.

Exactly as Roy predicted, we met up with our group bone dry!

We shuffled a few steps and found ourselves again being scanned into a FastPass+ queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (if this schedule seems crazy, it’s because it was).

We walked right onto our train and climbed, dropped, twisted and screamed our way through the mine.

The group found Roy who immediately began to lead us back to Tomorrowland.

Buzz Lightyear Galactic Hero sticker from the Disney VIP Tour
The Nerdlings may have won during our Disney VIP Tour, but the Nerd would have the last laugh by maxing out Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin with 999,999 points.

Not so fast!

We all know how the Nerd feels about Mickey Pretzels…and it was time for a snack.

And the best part?

Roy knew exactly which kiosk would be selling the warm salted pieces of heaven coveted by Nerds around the globe (and Churros for those who cannot recognize perfection in a Mickey head).

After a snack break, Roy found a great spot for a family photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle and then it was off to Tomorrowland.

Our last stop at Magic Kingdom was to be Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Instead of the FastPass+ queue, we were escorted through Buzz’s Star Command (the ride’s gift shop), through a door, around a corner and right onto the ride.

It would be later that the Nerd would have chance to go back and secure his 999,999 points, Galactic Hero sticker and the respect of his Nerdlings.

disney vip tour
A Nerdling enjoying the Disney VIP Tour premier access as we leave Buzz Lightyear.

Before we knew it, Roy walked us through a side door (we never knew it was there!!) and out of our secret entrance (I guess we should call it a secret exit?) and back to our waiting vehicle.

We got situated, loaded the Nerdlings into the far back, buckled up, noted – amazingly – it had been about 90 minutes since this party began and headed off to our next stop.

So far, so good.

We were getting a lot done on our once-in-a-lifetime Disney VIP Tour and it seemed like the day had really just started.

Certainly, we were going to accomplish more than we ever had (by a very very long shot) in a day.

And this wasn’t even one of those get to Animal Kingdom at 7a and leave Epcot at 11p kind of days!

Stop #2: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We could hear the ROAR of the engine – okay, a bit dramatic – we actually cruised to Animal Kingdom in comfort.

Now, we were expecting a Disney VIP Tour entrance to the park in an area we had never seen, leading to an area of the park we never would have imagined was so directly accessible.

And you know what?

We got exactly what was expected!

disney vip tour
We parked in a wide open area on the back edge of Animal Kingdom. We were enjoying this!
disney vip tour
Our Disney VIP Tour took us through some Cast Member areas as we entered Animal Kingdom. None of us had a good concept of where we were entering the park.

We were definitely disoriented with regards to the park’s entrance and not quite sure where we were.

We could have asked – and Roy would have gladly told us – but where is the fun in that.

This time we entered an area that did not take us directly into the park, as we had with Magic Kingdom, instead we walked through a Cast Member area with folks heading to and from their jobs. Cool!

As we rounded the corner, we found ourselves in the middle of Pandora and a few steps away from our first stop, Na’vi River Journey.

Roy used his magic cellphone app and escorted us to the front of the attraction via the FastPass+ queue.

As we had seen several times before – from the parking lot guards, to Cast Member after Cast Member – they

roller coaster at expedition everest while on disney vip tour
Expedition Everest – with a Yeti so nice, you have to ride it twice!

greeted Roy with a smile (some knew his name before he was close enough for them to read his name tag) and asked him how many guests were on his Disney VIP Tour and waved us through.

After the calm river ride, it was time for the banshee craziness of Avatar Flight of Passage.

Once again, FastPass+ was our queue and we quickly navigated our way to the front of the line and into the pre-show.

Once we de-bansheed and arrived back in Pandora, the craziness of walking straight onto attraction after attraction set in.

But no time to waste – we had more mountains to conquer!

SIDE NOTE: Roy tried to make his case that the Colossal Pretzel with beer cheese at Pongu Pongu was a strong rival for the Nerd favorite Mickey Pretzel (news flash – it’s not) as we made our way toward Asia.

The Nerd concludes Disney VIP Tour Guides may not know everything.

Expedition Everest is a Nerd and Nerdling favorite!

Our Disney VIP Tour Guide took us to the side entrance for the attraction where we were immediately let through and escorted to the front of the queue.

We were told due to COVID that they were not taking line requests, but the Cast Members kindly accommodated and we scored excellent seats for our Yeti encounter.

After exiting the ride, we found Roy and he took the four people who wanted to ride again right back to the front of the line.

They returned, exhilarated and a bit dizzy, and we made our way to the front of the park.

While we took a quick “comfort break”, Roy took our MagicBands and scanned us in for the day so that our tickets were verified and a day was used.

Before we knew it, he was back and escorting us to a different

Cast Member area and back out to the parking lot to our vehicle.

As we got settled, he asked us about lunch and, after hearing us all talk about how much we were starving (forget the fact that we had eaten before he picked us up and already eaten a small fortune worth of Disney World snacks.

He recommended we place a mobile order so that it would be ready about the time we arrived at our next destination!

Stop #3: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Roy suggested ABC Commissary for lunch and we passed around a phone for mobile ordering (and geez, Grammy Nerd was slow and the Nerdlings even slower – choose something to eat already!).

And placed our order before we arrived and parked at a side entrance to Hollywood Studios.

We left our sweatshirts in the car as the day was heating up and “magically” appeared by Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy as we moved swiftly (lest the Nerdlings get hungrier) toward lunch.

We were notified via the My Disney Experience app that our food was ready just as we arrived and we were ushered into the dining area, picked up our food and found a table – the timing (Roy’s timing) was perfect!

It was almost as if he had lead a Disney VIP Tour before.

After lunch, we were excited to experience Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway and were brought in through a side door and quickly made our way to the front of the queue (seriously, I will never be able to stand in line the same way again!).

We slid into our seats, whirled and twirled our way through the zany and exceptional attraction and, as was becoming habit, found Roy waiting for us as we exited.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios had felt like a half-day park for years.

There were two headliner attractions – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith.

That made touring pretty easy.

Sprint for one of the two attractions first thing in the morning, ride the other immediately after (or at the end of the day), experience your favorite shows, have lunch and bounce.

disney vip tour
Here is the Cast Member entrance we took to enter Hollywood Studios.

Today, just two years later and after 5+ years of being an after thought, Hollywood Studios arguably has the most headliner attractions.

And certainly the longest average wait time for a headliner if you think Magic Kingdom has more.

This makes touring the park much more difficult because you are bound to find yourself waiting in several 60+ minute lines, regardless of the order.

And the park just keeps filling up throughout the day.

disney vip tour

So while Magic Kingdom is larger with more ground to cover, Hollywood Studios made an incredible impression on us Nerds during the Disney VIP Tour.

It set the stage to allow us, when touring on our own without a guide, to pick and choose the attractions we wished to experience a second time instead of being forced to choose between long lines for rides we had yet to enjoy!

And so we did!

Our next stop was Slinky Dog Dash where we were scanned through the FastPass+ entrance and after a 5-minute wait, we were on the roller coaster flying past Woody, Jessie and all of our Toy Story favorites.

We walked a few steps and Roy escorted us through the FastPass+ entrance of Alien Swirling Saucers where we smiled and laughed our way around the famed claw!

This attraction along with Disneyland’s Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is highly underrated as a family ride, though the proximity and bright colors at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land keep the line long and the crowds coming back.

Dizzy from the ride, the Nerd talked to Roy and decided to call an audible to our Disney VIP Tour plan.

We were knocking things off the list right and left and we had decision to make.

Earlier in the day, our group secured a spot in the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance virtual queue.

The good folks at the Disney VIP Tour planning department had recommended against experiencing this attraction during the tour.

Their reasoning was sound: the guides would have no way to expedite our experience and we would, therefore, be waiting in the same line whether we experienced the ride with Roy or alone.

To the Nerds way of thinking, this was excellent advice.

However, there were two nagging thoughts.

First, we had trouble securing Rise of the Resistance passes on our last trip and we were unsure if it was the change to 7am distributions, lighter crowds or blind luck that we had secured them today.

Second, given the attractions that had been experienced thus far, the remaining days of our trip would be ours to control if we experienced this attraction today.

Since Rise poses unique challenges with park reservations and switching parks at the last minute.

All doable but this would take the stress off.

disney vip tour
We were whisked through yet another Cast Member area en route to Tower of Terror.

Our boarding group had been called hours ago and our Disney VIP Tour Guide explained that Cast Members at Rise of the Resistance were generally pretty good at accommodating people who were late (never for those who are early).

So, new plans made and a meeting place selected, Roy once again collected our MagicBands to go make sure we would be able to experience Rise of the Resistance and scanned us into the FastPass+ queue for Toy Story Mania.

Fresh off our Toy Story competition, it was time to save the Galaxy and we made our way to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

disney vip tour

We found Roy and he set us in motion to experience Rise of the Resistance.

While waiting in line, we continued to strategize a bit and decided we would end our tour in Hollywood Studios instead of Epcot.


Because the Skyliner to Epcot was scheduled to be down the rest of the day and we preferred to have our car vs taking a Disney bus at the end of the night.

Our Disney VIP Tour Guide offered to go a bit into “his time” to get us to Epcot and get settled.

We also had the option of extending the tour.

We considered both and were grateful for Roy’s offer.

The devil and the angel appeared back on the Nerd’s shoulders to have the. “Is it worth $500 to have someone drive you to Epcot to get on Frozen and Test Track?”.

Ultimately, it was the travel logistics at the end of our night, long after we would have split off from Roy that determined our course.

disney vip tour
Our Disney VIP Tour had us enter the back fo the Hollywood Tower Hotel, through the Cast Member areas, around the store and up to the FastPass+ queue.

We made our way to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and two in our party were feeling the effects of our wild day.

They opted to just “chill” while four of us sped our way to LA for an Aerosmith concert.

Given our change in plans, we had to make a quick trip to the car to get our sweatshirts and other items we had left in the car.

We were rewarded with yet another entrance into the park – those Disney VIP Tour Guides sure know how to make something seemingly basic into something wonderful!

Roy guided those of us Nerds left standing to the FastPass+ queue of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Where we said our goodbyes, tipped our Disney VIP Tour guide and made our way to the hotel lobby to experience one of Disney World’s best attractions.

Exhausted – not from walking, but from attraction overload, we checked out a few stores (the Nerd may or may not have grabbed another pretzel) and made our way to the Skyliner.

The plan was to head back to the hotel for a little bit of a break before our 6pm dinner reservation in Epcot.

As we disembarked the Skyliner at the Caribbean Beach Resort to transfer to the Pop Century line, we noticed the Skyliner to Epcot had reopened!

So we hopped on and started our Epcot adventure a little early.

We would eventually experience Gran Fiesta Starring the Three Caballeros prior to dinner and experience a 20-25 minute wait (which felt like a lot after our Disney VIP Tour escorts and 0-minute waits!) for Frozen Ever After prior to heading back to the hotel for the night.

Disney VIP Tour Recap

The day was a spectacular one and as we munched on chips and salsa, sipped margaritas and Diet Coke and reflected on our day.

We were amazed at all we had accomplished, experienced and seen.

We joked about the secret entrances, our Disney VIP Tour Guide’s knowledge and what it might be like to be a Club 33 Member.

We talked about how crazy the day was and how just 9 hours earlier, we had started at Magic Kingdom.

We were also excited about our trip – after all, this was just Day 1.

And the Disney VIP Tour had set us up to enjoy our remaining four days in a completely different way.

We no longer needed to “stress” about seeing all the headliners.

We already experienced them!

In fact, the next four days would be a trip at a slower pace than any Disney World vacation in recent memory.

We would dawdle more, snack more, spend more time in shops, take nap breaks and still get a chance to experience our favorites again with minimal waits.

We spent a lot of time talking about if we would do a Disney VIP Tour again or, if so, how it would be different. It was a mixed bag with no clear answers. In fact, The Nerds own analysis is like a stream of consciousness that makes no sense.

If money were no object, it would be nice to do this for two days.

One day solely at Magic Kingdom due to the sheer volume of attractions.

This would allow plenty of time to “smell the roses” and not feel rushed. The other day could be a headliner tour at the other parks.

BUT, this would bring into play the issues we experienced of too many rides too close together and a scrambled brain.

Could you get a Disney VIP Tour Guide for three days?

But now, it’s $10k plus tickets for three days at Disney World and that seems exceptionally insane.

Perhaps the strategy would be different once FastPass+ is back up and running where you could combine a Disney VIP Tour with late evening FastPasses at a park.

At least you would have the headliners scheduled for minimal waits throughout the trip.

Would we do it again? Maybe.

It’s all so confusing! We walked away with incredible memories and the knowledge that what we really need are the Club 33 passes where we can experience whichever FastPasses we want all day long.

With no concern that we are paying someone to stand by while we take a 25 minute nap on Carousel of Progress.

Perhaps that would be the ultimate Disney experience?

The search continues…

Interesting Tidbits from the Disney VIP Tour

The Nerd asked and asked and asked questions during the Disney VIP Tour.

Here are a few of the interesting things we uncovered that were not a part of this post:

We observed many Fastpass+ queues in use even though the program is suspended.

Although we entered the FastPass+ queue for many attractions, Roy scanned us in – what we observed were guests without a guide using their own MagicBands.

It turns out these people were generally comprised of people with disability access cards and Club 33 (see bucket list item #6 at the top of the article) members/guests.

From the research we did, Club 33 members/guests using a pass can get use +/- 12 FastPass+ queues per day across all Disney World Parks.

Stay tuned in coming years for THAT review!

The Contemporary Resort’s Convention Center was the site of President Richard Nixon’s famous “I am not a crook” speech.

Prior to COVID, some days saw up to 180 Disney VIP Tours operating simultaneously.

Today, a busy day is closer to 32. The Nerd is expecting some pent up Disney Demand in the coming months.

Due to COVID, the Disney VIP Tour Guides are not permitted to ride or dine with guests; though this had been an option previously.

Yes, some people exclusively visit Disney World via Disney VIP Tours.

It could be as many as 3-5+ days in a row with the same guide.

Many request the same guide each visit – even if a couple of years apart.

Yes, sometimes people take these Disney VIP Tours alone.

The Nerd felt like he should have known about the Hidden Pascal’s (that cute little chameleon from Tangled) in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

There are 10 of these adorable critters blending in with their surroundings near the Rapunzel’s tower by the restrooms between it’s a small world and Haunted Mansion.

disney vip tour pin
Disney VIP Tour pins are handed out. Apparently, there are many of them and guests get a different pin each time they take a tour! Here is a picture of the Nerd’s first.

So….Was the Disney VIP Tour Worth It?

Yes and no.

And maybe.

Yes – absolutely!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was wonderful.

We experienced parts of the park and the luxury of bypassing crowds and bottlenecks.

It was unique, it was fun and we saw an incredible amount of Disney World.

If you were crunched for time or looking for a way to keep a group of 10 together (especially if you can split the cost), it’s terrific.

It is also too much of a good thing when experiencing the parks at the pace we set for ourselves.

The Nerd found himself looking at it as costing X dollars to experience a ride instead of stepping back and saying, “the day is paid for, let’s make sure we enjoy it.”

There was a nagging feeling of getting great value – and we did – instead of just enjoying the day.

To do it all over again, the Nerd would have to get his head on straight and focus on simply having a great day instead of experiencing everything possible.

It’s fun to skip the lines, but the best part is being with friends and family and enjoying the parks.

The next time, the Nerd would pick a park – probably Magic Kingdom – and start there and see where the day goes.

Perhaps we would experience fewer attractions and maybe it would be more.

But we would slow down and experience what was interesting with no regard for the length of the line, eat when we want to eat, shop when we want to shop.

If this includes just chilling before the next showing of the Country Bear Jamboree, so be it.

That’s the point, to do what you want, when you want and spend the day like a VIP.

It’s not a license to skip lines, it’s a promise that you will enjoy a day unlike any other.

If you can experience a Disney VIP Tour, you should.

Curious what the Disneyland private tour cost is? We have the answer PLUS tips!

It’s a great experience for everyone involved.

As they say, “practice makes perfect!”.

It seems we will be “practicing” this again!