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12 Cool Things to Do in Disney World


Disney World is full of activities to explore and experience.

In fact, inside the sprawling resort, there are plenty of activities to last a whole week.

At Walt Disney World Florida, you’ll find attractions like Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot, in addition to a couple of Disney-themed water parks where you can cool off during a hot Florida day.

Find our list of 12 cool things to do in Disney World

What are the 12 cool things to do in Disney World Florida?

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1. Disney Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom opened at Orlando’s Walt Disney World in 1971, making it the very first attraction there.

To this day, it is among the most popular attractions in the world.

Featuring 107 acres of land and the iconic Cinderella Castle as its centerpiece, the park offers a long list of Disney-inspired rides, roller coasters, and attractions.

Magic Kingdom is approximately 23 miles southwest of downtown Orlando.

Magic Kingdom


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2. Epcot

Unlike the other theme parks at Disney World, Epcot focuses more on fun and education than rollercoasters and recognizable characters.

Epcot actually has two areas: Future World, demonstrating human endeavor, and World Showcase, which is a giant exposition featuring 11 nations.

cool things to do in disney world

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3. Disney Hollywood Studios

Third on our list of cool things to do in Disney World is to visit Disney Hollywood studios.

Its range of rides, shows, and attractions draw millions of visitors every year to Walt Disney World in Orlando, which is home to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sculpted after Disney’s 1930s and 1940s films, this sprawling site covers 135 acres of southwest Orlando, a quarter of Walt Disney World.

Toy Story Land, Sunset Boulevard, and Echo Lake are among the best attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

cool things to do in disney world

cool things to do in disney world

4. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is one of two water parks at Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Typhoon Lagoon has a bit more variety in terms of things to do than Blizzard Beach, including plenty of chances to see sea life up close, as well as some traditional slides and flumes.

It has a good 10 or so waterslides, including the rollercoaster raft-like Crush ‘n’ Gusher for two people.

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5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Fifth on our list of cool things to do in Disney World is to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

There are plenty of thrilling rides and experiences along with exotic animals from around the world to enjoy in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

You get to see Disney’s animal characters come to life at this one of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort.

You’ll see elephants, gorillas, and lions.

Besides animal encounters, safaris, jungle treks, and exploration trails, there’s a lot of interactive stuff here.

cool things to do in disney world

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6. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Sixth on our list of cool things to do in Disney World is to visit Blizzard Beach Water Park.

Located just a few miles southwest of central Orlando, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is part of the sprawling Walt Disney World Resort.

It’s a pretty wacky concept, but it’s pretty cool.

Originally a ski resort, it ‘melted into a watery wonderland’.

Mountain Gushmore has one of the tallest and fastest waterslides in the world.

You’ll find plenty of other family-friendly attractions and slides.

cool things to do in disney world

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7. Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course

It’s surrounded by several sparkling lakes, pastel villas, and well-kept pine forests.

From amateurs to pros, this classic country club course has 18 holes of varying difficulty.

Golf carts are included in the green fees at Lake Buena Vista Golf Course.

You’d be better off hitting the driving range if you’ve never picked up a golf club before.

8. Finding Nemo the Musical

A live-action stage show staged at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Finding Nemo – The Musical features puppet versions of Disney Pixar’s best-loved characters.

It’s a great show for the whole family.

It’s both funny and heartwarming to see the musical version of Finding Nemo.

9. Explore Disney Springs

Since Downtown Disney closed ten years ago, Disney Springs has grown so much.

There’s no reason not to spend a day, or more, exploring Disney Springs.

In Disney Springs you can eat anything you want and shop, or window shop, all day long.

cool things to do in disney world

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10. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

In Hollywood Studios, you can experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge, one of Disney World’s coolest attractions.

At present, this attraction is only available in this location.

You go to another galaxy with Rise of the Resistance.

It’s more than a ride, it’s a show.

cool things to do in disney world

11. Trade Disney Pins

Pin trading is a lot of fun at Disney World.

Disney World pin trading is one of the best souvenirs you can find that won’t break your budget.

Every time you visit a Disney park, you can do pin trading.

The Disney pin trading community has grown into more than just a hobby.

12. Take a Disney VIP Tour

Last on our list of cool things to do in Disney World is to take a VIP tour.

Disney World’s Disney Tours are among the coolest things no one talks about enough.

Disney Tours are really cool, even if it’s not something you should do on your first trip.

You can book a Disney Tour in advance and they do require an additional ticket so be sure to plan this one ahead of time.

You should check out a few options before you decide.

Disney Tours vary in time, location, cost, and activities involved.

You can add an exciting and unique Disney experience to your itinerary by adding a Disney tour.

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