Be Our Guest Restaurant: Review of the Delicious $62 Lunch

You can Be Our Guest, but it’ll cost…$62 to be exact.

But you know what?

The “Be Our Guest Restaurant” at Disney World offers a unique dining experience with a cost of $62 for lunch. It boasts great ambiance, excellent service, and delicious food, set within the themed environment of Beast’s Castle. The restaurant provides a prix fixe menu, making it a sought-after dining spot.

Keep reading so you don’t make the same mistake we made.

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Our Review of the Be Our Guest Restaurant

As many Disney World travelers know, securing an advanced dining reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant can often be a challenge.

Lunch has often been our “go to” meal at the Be Our Guest restaurant because you get to experience Magic Kingdom’s best restaurant at a reduced price.

Plus, if you were on the Disney Dining Plans, lunch counted as a quick service dining credit; a Win-Win.

But, lunch was $62 and there the Disney Dining Plan is unavailable – how is this a reduced price?

More on that in a minute.

be our guest
The Castle Gallery. One of three Be Our Guest dining rooms in Beast’s Castle.

The Nerds are fans of using a service like to help secure reservations.

They alert you in real time as reservations are available for the date and time you are targeting.

This recent trip was no different, we followed our own Disney World restaurant strategy to secure our lunch reservation.

Like many of our favorite things at Disney World, the Nerds fell into a habit and booked lunch without looking, reading, reviewing or otherwise glancing at the details.

And this was our $62 faux pax. It wasn’t until we sat down and were told our meal was prix fixe that we even noticed the pricing.

Full disclaimer – it was there all along.

It was clear.

It was obvious.

It was missed by us.

Checking In to the Be Our Guest Restaurant

A few minutes before our reservation, we navigated the limited Magic Kingdom crowds and made our way to the check-in area.

be our guest restaurant

The line was short, our reservation quickly verified and we were sent down over the drawbridge to the castle entrance.

be our guest restaurant

Along the way, we passed gargoyles and statues.

be our guest restaurant

Until we made our way to the beasts guarding the entrance to Be Our Guest.

be our guest restaurant

We stepped inside and were immediately transported into the grandeur of a Disney castle.

be our guest restaurant

Here, we were greeted by a Cast Member and invited to look around for a few minutes while our table was prepared.

be our guest restaurant

We looked at the stained glass windows and explored the armory.

be our guest restaurant

As we entered the Grand Ballroom, where we were to sup, loud trumpets blared announcing the arrival of the Beast who made the rounds and allowed some photos to be taken.

be our guest restaurant
Be Our Guest’s Grand Ballroom.

The Meal at the Be Our Guest restaurant

The service was spectacular throughout our meal (at $62 per person it should be!).

It was at this moment, just after being seated, that I opened the app the take a look at the menu and learn what lunch was about the cost.

be our guest

After choking on some water and swallowing my pride for not being aware of this, I dug into the menu and prayed that the meal would be a good one.

be our guest
You can’t go wrong with Mickey shaped butter.
be our guest

After selecting our appetizers – one French Onion Soup and one Assorted Meats and Cheeses, we ordered our entree.

be our guest

The Nerds ordered the center-cut filet mignon and pan-seared sea scallops. Both were excellent! But finally, it was time for dessert.

be our guest
The dessert trio was great. And that talking candlestick was right- try the gray stuff, it’s delicious (and served in an edible white chocolate “Chip”).

As we moved leisurely through our meal, we took the opportunity to explore the other rooms awaiting us at Be Our Guest.

be our guest restaurant
The West Wing is the spookiest and darkest room in Beast’s Castle and also one of the most fun!

After the initial sticker-shock (and the reminder that things at Disney World are ever-evolving), we had a great time at the Be Our Guest restaurant.

It was a wonderful meal, but one $62 lunch is sufficient.

We’ll be waiting for the French Dip to make it’s return when we can use a Quick Service Dining Credit to visit again.