How Fast Does Space Mountain Go? (Explained)

Welcome to our exploration of one of Disney’s most iconic roller coaster attractions: Space Mountain!

So, how fast does Space Mountain go?

Four Disney parks around the world have a version of Space Mountain, here’s how fast they go:

  • Space Mountain at Disney World: 28 miles per hour
  • Space Mountain at Disneyland: 35 miles per hour
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris: 44 miles per hour
  • Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain: 30 miles per hour

As a fan favorite, Space Mountain has been thrilling guests for decades with its unique indoor, dark-space environment, making riders feel like they are zipping through the cosmos.

There are several different versions of Space Mountain spread across various Disney theme parks around the world, each with its own unique features and, of course, varying speeds.

My main goal in this article is to dive into the details of these different Space Mountain rides, comparing their speeds and shedding light on the factors that contribute to the exhilarating experience they offer.

So, buckle up and get ready to blast off as we journey through the stars to discover just how fast Space Mountain goes at different Disney theme parks!

How fast is Space Mountain at Disney World

Speed: 28 miles per hour

Our first stop on this intergalactic journey brings us to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Here, we find the original Space Mountain, which has been captivating riders since its debut in 1975.

As we dive into the heart of this cosmic adventure, let’s explore how fast this particular Space Mountain goes.

Space Mountain at Disney World reaches a top speed of 28 miles per hour.

While this speed might not seem incredibly fast compared to some other roller coasters, the magic of Space Mountain lies in the factors that make it feel much faster than it actually is.

One of the key elements contributing to this sensation is the darkness that engulfs the ride.

As riders board their rocket-shaped vehicles and embark on this thrilling adventure, they are plunged into near-complete darkness.

This dark environment, combined with the twists, turns, and drops of the ride, leaves riders disoriented and heightens their senses, making the 28 miles per hour feel much faster than it really is.

Space Mountain at Disneyland

Speed: 35 miles per hour

Next up, we’re traveling to the West Coast to visit the Disneyland Park in California, where another version of the beloved Space Mountain attraction awaits.

Opened in 1977, just two years after its Disney World counterpart, this Space Mountain has its own unique features and characteristics.

But the question remains: how fast does Space Mountain go at Disneyland?

At Disneyland, Space Mountain reaches a slightly higher speed of 35 miles per hour.

Similar to the Walt Disney World version, the indoor, dark-space environment plays a significant role in amplifying the sensation of speed, making the ride feel faster and more thrilling than its top speed might suggest.

Riders are once again immersed in an interstellar adventure, surrounded by cosmic visuals and sounds that enhance the overall experience.

Although the top speed differs between the two attractions, the question “how fast does Space Mountain go?” reveals that both the Disney World and Disneyland versions rely on the same fundamental elements—darkness, disorientation, and immersive theming—to create a roller coaster experience that feels faster and more exhilarating than its actual speed would imply.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Park Paris

Speed: 44 miles per hour

Now, let’s blast off to Europe, where we’ll find a unique twist on the classic Space Mountain experience at Disneyland Park in Paris.

This version, known as Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, combines the thrills of the original attraction with the beloved universe of Star Wars.

As we set our sights on this intergalactic merger, we can’t help but wonder: how fast does Space Mountain go in its Star Wars-themed incarnation?

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Park Paris is the fastest of the bunch, reaching an impressive top speed of 44 miles per hour.

This exhilarating speed, combined with the attraction’s dark and disorienting environment, creates an unforgettable experience for Star Wars fans and roller coaster enthusiasts alike.

The incorporation of Star Wars elements into this version of Space Mountain sets it apart from the others.

As riders embark on their high-speed journey, they become part of a thrilling mission set in the Star Wars galaxy.

Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland

Speed: 30 miles per hour

Our final destination on this cosmic journey takes us to Tokyo Disneyland.

This theme park is home to yet another exciting version of Space Mountain, which has been thrilling guests since 1983.

As we explore this rendition of the beloved roller coaster, let’s dive into the details and ask once more: how fast does Space Mountain go at Tokyo Disneyland?

Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain reaches a top speed of 30 miles per hour, placing it between the Disney World and Disneyland versions in terms of speed.

As with its counterparts, the indoor, dark-space environment plays a crucial role in intensifying the sensation of speed and creating a thrilling experience for riders.

Unique features set Tokyo Disneyland’s Space Mountain apart from the others. One notable difference is the ride’s soundtrack, which is synchronized with the twists, turns, and drops of the roller coaster, enhancing the immersive and exciting nature of the attraction.

In addition, the queue area for Tokyo’s Space Mountain offers guests an interactive experience with various displays and exhibits that showcase the history of space exploration, adding another layer of depth to the overall attraction.

3 Factors that Affect the Perceived Speed of Space Mountain

Throughout our exploration of Space Mountain at different Disney theme parks, we’ve discovered that the actual speed of the attraction is only part of what makes it an exhilarating experience.

Several factors come into play to heighten the sensation of speed and create the illusion that riders are traveling faster than they really are.

Let’s examine these key factors that contribute to the thrilling nature of Space Mountain, regardless of the answer to “how fast does Space Mountain go?”

1. Darkness and Disorientation

One of the most significant factors that affect the perceived speed of Space Mountain is the darkness that envelops the ride.

This near-complete absence of light makes it difficult for riders to anticipate what’s coming next, leading to a heightened sense of disorientation and a more intense feeling of speed as they navigate the twists and turns of the roller coaster.

2. Unexpected Turns and Drops

Space Mountain is known for its sudden drops, sharp turns, and rapid changes in direction.

These unpredictable elements catch riders off guard, adding to the overall excitement and making the attraction feel faster than its actual top speed.

3. Audio and Visual Effects

The immersive audio and visual effects of Space Mountain play a crucial role in creating a convincing outer space environment.

From the synchronized soundtrack to the cosmic visuals and lighting effects, these elements work together to transport riders into the depths of space, further amplifying the sensation of speed and adventure.

The result is a multi-sensory experience that transcends the physical limitations of the roller coaster and leaves riders feeling like they’ve truly journeyed through the stars.

What makes Space Mountain seem so speedy?

Space Mountain feels faster than its actual speed due to a combination of factors, including darkness and disorientation, unexpected turns and drops, and immersive audio and visual effects.

Does Space Mountain have a higher top speed than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

No, Space Mountain does not have a higher top speed than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reaches a top speed of 35 miles per hour, while Space Mountain at Disney World reaches a top speed of 28 miles per hour.

What is the most popular ride at Disney parks?

Determining the most popular ride at Disney parks can be subjective, as popularity varies based on guests’ preferences and experiences. However, some consistently popular attractions include Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain.

Is Space Mountain more frightening than Expedition Everest?

The level of fright experienced on Space Mountain compared to Expedition Everest varies depending on personal preferences and tolerances for thrill rides. Space Mountain is an indoor, dark roller coaster with many twists and turns, while Expedition Everest is an outdoor coaster with a more significant drop and a section that goes backward. Some may find Space Mountain scarier due to its darkness and disorienting effects, while others may consider Expedition Everest more frightening due to its height and more intense elements.