FastPass for Disneyland Paris (Explained)

FastPass for Disneyland Paris allows guests to reserve access to select attractions, reducing wait times. It’s included with park admission, but availability is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

(The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris)

Introduction to the FastPass for Disneyland Paris

Free is in the eye of the beholder.

Disneyland Paris has flirted with a paid version of FastPass (aka Platinum FastPass and Ultimate FastPass) for quite some time.

Previously, Guests of the Disneyland Paris resort had the opportunity to purchase a group of FastPass tickets for their visit.

Over the years, groupings of the FastPass for Disneyland Paris were adjusted along with the prices.

The paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris’ final iteration offered one of two pre-selected 3-packs of Super FastPasses ranging from €30-€45 per person depending on the time of year.

After working this complicated calculation with our abacus, the Nerd found this breaks down to €10-€15 per person per attraction.

Original FastPass logo. Courtesy of Disney

On the “baller” end of the spectrum was the FastPass for Disneyland Paris known as the Ultimate FastPass (good for all FastPass attractions) in two tiers:

  • Single Use (visit each FastPass attraction once) from 60€-90€ per person
  • Unlimited Use (visit each FastPass attraction multiple times) from 120€-150€ per person

All versions of the FastPass for Disneyland Paris were, to the Nerd’s way of thinking, expensive.

A ticket to Disneyland Park of Walt Disney Studios Park might be had for as little as 55€-60€+; a relative bargain when compared to the American parks.

This means the paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris would increase your per person daily ticket cost between 50% and 300%.

Plus, the free FastPass system at both parks was alive and well.

On previous visits to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, the Nerd hemmed and hawed about whether to purchase the paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris options.

In the end, he never did; this is partially owed to a fanatical commitment to visiting the parks in the off-season.

Plus, the Single and Unlimited prices seemed outrageous considering the free FastPass option and the pre-grouped three-packs never seemed to be the right three attractions for the price.

But my my how the turn tables.

Courtesy of Disneyland Paris

Goodbye Free and Hello 5€-16€+ a la carte

Disney is excellent at many (many!) things and wringing money from its Guests sits atop this list because Guests, and Nerds, are all too happy to fork over the cash.

In July 2021, the end of both the free and paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris was announced and, with it, the introduction to Disney Premier Access.

The genius of this new Disney Premier Access system is that it features dynamic real-time pricing depending on demand and crowd levels (think Uber/Lyft surge pricing).

We’ve all been there – wishing we could pay to bypass the one long line that we keep avoiding.

On an otherwise enjoyable day, perhaps you’ve put off The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror because the line is too long.

The day is slipping away and you’re just not sure if you can fit it all in.

BOOM! You spend 16€ per person, enjoy the ride and park hop to Disneyland to finish up the day.

The good news?

Your credit card bill isn’t due for 45 days and a few meals of ramen might help offset this splurge.

Interestingly, Disneyland Paris (read our tips for planning a vacation here) has already reduced the pricing of the program demonstrating dynamic pricing is in effect.

The program launched in the Summer 2021 ranging from 8€-15€ and the price in the Fall 2021 has consistently been 5-12€ weekdays and 7€-14€ weekends.

On the eve of the 30th Anniversary launch, prices for the most popular attractions are as high as 16€.

So, for 12€ per person per ride, you can speed your way to the front of the line and squeeze in every attraction in one day.

fastpass for disneyland paris
Disney’s Premier Access QR Code – just scan and get to the front! Even better because Crush’s Coaster never offered a FastPass for Disneyland Paris.

Cost savings?


Go home feeling like you had a better day experiencing all you wanted to experience?


Spend more money?


How many times has the Nerd (and you) fantasized about squeezing in just one more attraction, but the line is sooooooo long?

Now you can.

But how hard will it be to push the button in the app?

The answer is: easier than you think.

And once you’ve tried it (and rationalized it), the flood gates open and you are likely to keep pushing the button.

Again…Disney genius.

Disney Premier Access Overview

Currently, there are nine attractions that make up Disneyland Paris’ Disney Premier Access offerings between the two parks.

Disneyland Park

  • Autopia
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Phantom Manor
  • Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain
fastpass for disneyland paris
Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Walt Disney Studios Park

fastpass for disneyland paris
Tower of Terror looming large at Walt Disney Studios.

From early observations, Disney Premier Access generally breaks down into two pricing tiers:

+/- 5€ Weekdays / 7€-11€ Weekends

  • Autopia
  • Phantom Manor
  • Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

+/- 12€ Weekdays / 14€-16€ Weekends

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain
  • Ratatouille: The Adventure
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Although Disney has the ability for fully dynamic pricing, they don’t seem to be using it often.

When the program first launched in Summer 2021, attractions were priced at numerous intervals like 8€, 9€, 12€ or 15€.

In Fall 2021, the Nerd has observed 20 or 30-minute waits and the 5€ price tag remains while 5-minute waits can still cost 12€.

And as the resort’s 30th Anniversary celebration kicks off, 7€-16€ seems to be the going range.

Running the numbers through our Nerdy magic tabulation machine, this would mean that experiencing every Disney Premier Access (we still prefer FastPass for Disneyland Paris) on a weekday in Fall 2021 would set you back about 87€.

Miraculously, this number is right in line with the 60€-90€ cost of the single use Ultimate FastPass for Disneyland Paris that just ended (every Disneyland ride on a weekend in March at the launch of the 30th Anniversary celebration would costs 95€).


However, Disney Premier Access has the added benefit of being a la carte and allowing Guests more control over how and when to utilize it.

Perhaps Buzz Lightyear is a near walk-on in the morning and only 15 minutes in the afternoon whereas Big Thunder Mountain is holding tight to its 30 to 45-minute wait.

Instead of being forced to use the paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris on both attractions, Disney Premier Access would allow two visits on Big Thunder for the same price.

If the options are the previous Ultimate FastPass for Disneyland Paris or the new Disney Premier Access, Disney Premier Access wins hands-down.

But the elimination of the free FastPass for Disneyland Paris makes it a bit tougher to compare.

This is where the drive for value plays a large part in the Nerd’s decision making and strategy.


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The Nerd’s Disney Premier Access Strategy

If the Nerd isn’t careful, he can spend too much energy and focus on “should I pay?” “is it worth it” instead of just enjoying his day at Disneyland Paris.

This was the issue the Nerd faced under the old paid FastPass for Disneyland Paris – why purchase a three-pack if one of the rides will only be a 10 or 15-minute wait?

Or, what if I pay 60€ for the single use Ultimate FastPass and find the park just isn’t that crowded?

It was a constant battle of value and “is this worth it”.

Now, Disney has brought this value battle into the palm of your hands via the Disneyland Paris app.

Is this a good thing?

Well, it doesn’t really matter if the Nerd thinks it is good or bad…because it’s here either way.

Would we pay 14€ to bypass a 15-minute wait? Nope, definitely not.

Especially when posted wait times are sometimes exaggerated.

5€ to skip ahead of a 25-minute wait?

We are very interested.

16€ to bypass a 30-minute wait?

This value proposition could potentially wreak havoc on any Nerd’s day.

Paying 12€ and seeing that the ride was almost a walk-on would be deflating while paying 5€ and eliminating a 30-minute wait would be elating!

But who needs this kind of emotional roller coaster during a day at Disneyland Paris?

This brings us to the Nerd’s Strategy Options:

  • Option A: Don’t do it. Develop an attraction order strategy (or not), queue up as usual and enjoy the day doing your best to ignore people entering the dedicated Premier Access line.
  • Option B: Set a financial budget. Decide how much you are willing to allocate to Premier Access and plan your day accordingly – using Premier Access to bypass longer lines to get the best overall value from your day.
  • Option C: Set a time budget with a maximum wait time for attractions with Premier Access. Focus the earlier part of your day on favorites or attractions without Premier Access and if an attraction exceeds your maximum wait time, pull the trigger and skip the line.
  • Option D (Nerd’s Choice): A blend of option B and C and spend up to X€ so long as the wait time is a minimum of Y. The Nerd feels this is the best way to maximize value AND to limit overthinking and the inevitable internal dialogue “should I? gee I don’t know. What if….”

The Nerd’s strong recommendation is that you have a plan. Remember, this is Disneyland Paris!

Your primary goal should be enjoying yourself and if Disney Premier Access detracts from that, then ignore it and just have a great day experiencing world class attractions.

If Disney Premier Access enhances your experience, then “lean in” and don’t fight it….go with the flow and enjoy skipping the line from time to time. Just have fun.

Disney Premier Access Tips and Insights

Overall, Disneyland Paris’ Premier Access is straight-forward and easy to use.

Disney did put some restrictions on Premier Access, though considering the goal is increased spend per Guest per day….the Nerd doesn’t think these will crimp your style.

Here are some of the most relevant:

  • Premier Access is purchased through the Disneyland Paris app (I mean….you can purchase it in person at City Hall or Studio Services but the time it would take to purchase one attraction at time likely negates any benefit)
  • Your ticket must be linked to the app
  • You must have scanned into the park to purchase Premier Access
  • You can purchase Premier Access tickets for up to a group of 12 (12 x 14€ = 168€ for one ride!!!!!)
  • You can purchase Premier Access for the same attraction up to three times per day
  • You can hold multiple Premier Access tickets at one time
  • Look for the dedicated Premier Access line and scan your QR Code….then walk to the front!

Courtesy of Disneyland Paris

Don’t forget the Singles!

There are a few attractions that allow single riders.

And this may be just the “ticket” (errrr….FastPass for Disneyland Paris?) to break the tie on the value battle raging in your head.

The following attractions offer a Single Rider option:

  • Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (also offers Premiere Access)
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (also offers Premiere Access)
  • Crush’s Coaster
  • Ratatouille: the Adventure (also offers Premiere Access)
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop (this one is just an odd addition to the Single Rider options)

The ability to ride Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain (up to 16€), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (7€) and Ratatouille: the Adventure (14€) could save your party up to 37€ per person while still moving through the line at a faster clip.

Nerdy Final Thoughts

The debate on whether Disneyland Paris’ new paid FastPass system Disney Premier Access is a good thing or a bad thing is a moot point.

It is here to stay, at least for a while, and the notion of paid FastPasses will be making their way to all Disney parks globally in 2021.

The real question is whether you ignore the new program (much as the Nerd did under the previous paid FastPass programs at Disneyland Paris) or will you use Disney Premier Access to enhance your visit?

In the end, the Nerd believes the absence of FastPass for Disneyland Paris is a huge impact on your Disneyland Paris trip and requires a paradigm shift. Keep an open mind.

If used properly and within your budget, the new Disney Premier Access may just give your trip the injection it needs to experience more attractions in a shorter period of time (potentially saving you time and money). But hey! There is always the 400€+ VIP Tour, right?