Best Food Disney Paris (Highlights)

The best food Disneyland Paris features are Salted Mickey Waffles at Victoria’s Restaurant, Toasted Salami and Cheese Rolls near Ratatouille Ride, Giant Mickey Cookies with Nutella at Boardwalk Candy Palace, and Cinnamon Churros at Fuente Del Oro. Notable restaurants include Captain Jack’s and Bistrot Chez Remy.

Restaurants like Captain Jack’s and Bistrot Chez Remy provide unique dining experiences.

(The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Paris)

Best Food Disney Paris: SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS!!!

We love a good carb load, so you will find plenty of those on our list of Best Food Disney Paris snack list.

First up, if a combo of savory and sweet are your choice of flavor, the Salted Mickey Waffles from Victoria’s Homestyle Restaurant (currently closed) on Main Street USA. Smoked salmon atop a sweet waffle. Perfection.

The vendor carts near the Ratatouille Ride in Disney Studio Park have a couple of the Best Food Disney Paris snacks.

Try the potatoes gratin for a smooth, creamy potato dish full of flavor.

You’ll also find a Toasted Roll with Salami and Cheese, melted gooey cheese with salami on a delish French roll, there isn’t a much better combination out there.

This one might surprise you, but another one of our Best Food Disney Paris snacks is French Fries, we know, a little cliché, but man are they perfection for a salty treat.

Garlic Bread with melted butter. Need we say more? This is found at Belle Note Pizzeria or Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost (currently closed).

Our final Best Food Disney Paris snack is our absolutely favorite. Mickey Pretzels from First Cabin in Disney Village.

You can choose regular or cheesy.

Rest assured, these are pull apart soft and the cheese is an extra added kick of yumminess, though the Nerd prefers his with just salt.

Also worth noting is Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Nautical Delight!

Best Food Disney Paris: SWEET TREATS!!

Sweets are high on our list of must haves at any Disney park.

Enjoy these mouthwatering sugar confections as we walk through our Best Food Disney Paris sweet treats.

Giant Mickey Shaped Cookie, we are talking giant with the mickey ears dipped in chocolate and a delectable Nutella center.

You can find this delightful treat at Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA.

Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA is hitting out of the park…next up try the Mickey Shaped Meringue.

It is perfect for photos in front of the castle and perfectly French.

Breton Pancakes are larger and thinner than American pancakes.

You can choose between sugar or chocolate.

Find them at Café Fantasia Disneyland Hotel, March Hare Refreshments Fantasyland, NY Style Sandwiches Disney Village.

Did someone say Tiny Cinnamon Churros?

They are tiny but they are oh so scrumptious.

You can find these cinnamon covered, fried to perfection, treats at Fuente Del Oro Restaurante in Frontierland.

Who can resist the classic, literally melts in your mouth, mile high, full of sugar to make the kids go crazy, Cotton Candy!!

Our Nerdlings could not get enough of the huge stack of pink goodness.

You can find this throughout the parks.

As far as main cuisine is concerned you can find out of this world fare at a few restaurants within the parks.

Best Food Disney Paris: RESTAURANTS!!

Captain Jack’s Restaurant des Pirates has plenty of seafood and creole cuisine.

It is the only restaurant that is inside of an attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sit by the water’s edge and people watch as the travelers ride through.

NERD ALERT!! Menu highlight: The Oven Baked Mahi Mahi with coconut sauce and bell peppers.

At Bistrot Chez Remy you will feel transported into the movie Ratatouille and a feast of French cuisine awaits you.

NERD ALERT!! Menu highlight: The Grilled Steak, medium, with a side of ratatouille and French fries.

Our final choice for Best Food Disney Paris restaurants is Walt’s (currently closed). Famous for being inspired by Walt Disney himself, this beautiful restaurant has wonderful choices of American cuisine.

NERD ALERT!! Menu highlight: Free-range “Label Rouge” chicken breast with Thanksgiving stuffing, sweet potato mash and giblet gravy.

No matter where you are throughout Disney Paris, you will find delicious food.

Be sure to take it all in, try new dishes, experience flavors of other countries and NERD OUT on the Best Food Disney Paris.