Our Honest Oga’s Cantina Review

The Oga’s Cantina review by Disney Park Nerds highlights a vibrant atmosphere fully immersed in the Star Wars world. Reservations are recommended, and guests experience shared spaces with a 45-minute stay limit. Drinks, notably strong, range from the refreshing Yub Nub to the less favored Blue Bantha.

The experience is recommended for those seeking fun and potent beverages.

We recently visited Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and thought a mid-day trip to Oga’s Cantina would hit the spot and give a rest to a very busy Disney day.

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Introduction to our Oga’s Cantina Review (Vibe Check)

Making a reservation is highly recommended for Oga’s Cantina.

The Nerd and company got one at 11:30am and the place was hopping.

When we got to our table after waiting outside for several minutes, we discovered that it was all shared spaces.

The Nerd likes to make friends, so this was just fine.

There were tall standing tables and standing room at the bar itself, but also large booths that could accommodate multiple parties.

You feel fully submersed in the Star Wars world with so much to look at and take in inside of Oga’s Cantina.

DJ R3X is playing the jams and making the jokes throughout the experience.

At one point, he seemed to shut down and all of the cast members yelled out “We’re Closed”, but luckily R3X quickly woke back up and the party resumed.

Guests are limited to 45 minute stays inside the Cantina. Which was more than enough time for The Nerd and company to taste a few drinks and check out the scenery.

Oga’s Cantina: The Drinks

Having only eaten a Mickey Pretzel so far that day, The Nerd decided to go light on the tasting.

However, the bartender did not go light on the pouring.

As our new friends had warned us, the drinks were strong.

We ordered four beverages.

Three alcoholic and one not.

First up was the Blue Bantha, the non-alcoholic drink.

This glass was filled with a, you guessed it, blue milk with a dessert resting on the top. If we are being honest, it tasted like a mix of warm milk and slime.

The cookie item on top was not much better.

This drink and dessert combo did not get finished. Cost of Blue Bantha at Oga’s Cantina: $13

Blue Bantha at Oga's Cantina

Next we tried the Tarkenian Night Flower. This is a gin based drink that had hints of elderflower and ginger.

The Nerd was actually quite surprised at the spiciness of the drink.

It was also very potent, but enjoyable. Cost of Tarkenian Night Flower at Oga’s Cantina: $18

Our third choice was the Coruscant Cooler.

It is bourbon with maraschino liqueur accompanied by vermouth, cranberry and lime juice. It was extremely tart and once again, extremely strong.

The Nerd was beginning to wonder whether just one Mickey Pretzel was a good choice instead of opting for two before this tasting. Drinking at Oga’s Cantina is not for the faint of heart. Cost of the Coruscant Cooler at Oga’s Cantina: $17

The final choice and best decision of the Oga’s Cantina visit was the Yub Nub.

A mix of rum, citrus juices and passion fruit was quite delicious and refreshing. It still packed a punch, but was sweet going down.

The favorite of the four. Cost of the Yub Nub at Oga’s Cantina: $17

The Nerd and company would definitely recommend the Oga’s Cantina experience, especially for those who want to drink the day away.

Overall we had a great time meeting other Disney fans, drinking some fruity drinks and checking out the music DJ R3X was playing.