MouseWatcher Review: Experience Disneyland Like a Pro

Planning a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World might be difficult and unpleasant at times.

However, after reading our MouseWatcher review you may be surprised at how easy it is to access hard to get reservations. Yes, we’re talking about any the Disney restaurants.

MouseWatcher notifies you when we find dining availability for your specified restaurant, date, meal, and time so that you may avoid the hassle of making reservations.

It’s a program that allows you to search for dining availability at Disney World and Disneyland restaurants.

It’s a great tool for those who are looking to visit either of the parks without having to worry about making dining reservations.

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Our MouseWatcher review: Does it actually work?

MouseWatcher is a great tool for finding restaurants that have open reservations.

You can use it to find last-minute reservations or to plan for a special occasion.

Here’s how it works:

1. Creating a MouseWatcher Account

The first step is to create an account on the MouseWatcher website.

This is a quick and easy process—you’ll just need to provide your name, email address, and phone number.

Once you have an account, you can begin searching for restaurant reservations.

2. Specifying your search criteria

When you log in to your MouseWatcher account, you’ll see a search form where you can specify the restaurant, date, meal, and time you’re looking for.

You can also specify how many people are at your party and whether or not you’re willing to be seated at a communal table.

Once you’ve entered all of your search criteria, click “Search.” 

MouseWatcher will then search for availability and notify you by SMS text or email when it finds something.

If you’re not picky about which restaurant you go to, you can also opt to receive notifications about all available restaurants in your specified price range. 

3. Making a reservation

Once you’ve found a restaurant with an available reservation, MouseWatcher will provide you with a link to the restaurant’s website or a link through the Disney Dining app so that you can make the reservation directly with them.

That’s all there is to it! 

What are the benefits of using MouseWatcher?

MouseWatcher takes the hassle out of making dining reservations at Disney World and Disneyland.

You no longer have to constantly check for availability.

Is there anything I should be aware of before using MouseWatcher?

There are a few things to keep in mind before using MouseWatcher.

First, you will need to have an active phone number or email address associated with your account.

Second, MouseWatcher can only search for availability at restaurants that participate in the Disney Dining Plan.

Overall, MouseWatcher is a great tool for anyone planning a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

It’s easy to use and takes the hassle out of making dining reservations.

How much is MouseWatcher?

Mouse Watcher is a subscription-based service that costs $5 for an individual alert or $12/month for multiple alerts.

You can cancel at any time, and there are no contracts or obligations.

3 Alternatives to MouseWatcher

Mouse Watcher isn’t the only service out there that can track reservations in Disney parks.

The first alternative we’ll be looking at is One of the benefits of DisneyDining is that they offer a free plan.

Where you can receive 6 alerts via email only. 

However, if you want alerts via text you’ll have to pay for a plan. The cost of Disney Dining is 9 per month for 50 alerts.

There is also an annual plan that is available for $90 that will include up to 100 alerts.

This plan is ideal for travel agents and annual pass holders.

WDW Dining Finder

Another alternative to Mouse Watcher is WDW Dining Finder. WDW Dining Finder allows you to track the availability of dining reservations at Walt Disney World in real time.

They also offer a free trial so that you can try it before you buy. The cost of WDW Dining Tracker is $4.99 per alert. Reservation Finder

If you want to eat at a popular restaurant at Walt Disney World only, you can use’s Reservation Finder to find out if a reservation is available.

If it is, the Reservation Finder will tell you.

They won’t make the reservation for you, but they will help you find it if it’s available.

Bottom line: You have to be fast with all of these dining trackers

The main complaint with all of these trackers is that the reservations are typically gone within 5-10 minutes of receiving an alert.

So, you have to be fast!

5 Tips for snagging a dining reservation at Disneyland and Disney World

So you’re finally going to Disney World!

Congrats! You’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

But before you can enjoy all of the fun and magic, you need to take care of a few logistics – like securing dining reservations.

If you’re not familiar with the Disney dining reservation system, it can be a bit daunting.

Luckily, we Nerds are here to help.

1. Know when to book

If you want to maximize your chances of getting the dining reservation you want, you need to know when to book.

Reservations open up 180 days in advance for most restaurants, but some of the most popular spots (like Cinderella’s Royal Table) open up 360 days in advance.

So mark your calendar and set a reminder so you don’t forget! 

2. Have a back-up plan (Or Two)

Even if you book as soon as reservations open up, there’s always a chance that you won’t get the reservation you want.

That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan (or two).

Have a list of alternative restaurants that you’re willing to dine at so that if your first choice doesn’t work out, you’re not scrambling to find something else at the last minute.  

3. Use a dining tracker 

There are lots of great dining trackers out there that will notify you as soon as a reservation becomes available.

This can be a huge help if you’re having trouble securing a reservation on your own. We recommend using a tracker like Mouse Watcher. 

4. Consider an alternate dining time 

If there’s a restaurant you want to eat at but can’t get a reservation for your preferred time, consider an alternate time.

Many people are reluctant to do this because they think it will throw off their whole day, but that doesn’t have to be the case!

With a little bit of planning, you can easily incorporate an alternate dining time into your day without any hassle.  

5. Be flexible with your restaurant choice 

And finally, be flexible with your restaurant choice!

Just because you didn’t get a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table doesn’t mean you can’t have a great meal at Walt Disney World.

There are tons of fantastic restaurants to choose from, so keep an open mind and we’re sure you’ll find something that everyone in your party will love. 

Final thoughts on our MouseWatcher review

Dining reservations at Disney World can be tough to come by, but with a little bit of planning and effort, it is possible to snag the spot you want.

Just remember to book early, have a backup plan (or two), consider an alternate dining time, use a tracker, and be flexible with your restaurant choice!

MouseWatcher is a great tracker for finding restaurants that have open reservations.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute reservation or trying to plan for a special occasion, MouseWatcher makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The biggest downside to MouseWatcher and all of these trackers is that you have to be quick.

Reservations fill up fast, and you only have a few minutes to make a reservation once you receive an alert.

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, we recommend giving MouseWatcher a try.

So why not give it a try the next time you’re looking for a restaurant?