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Discover How Landry’s Select Club Can Slice Your Wait to 10 Minutes at Disney Parks

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Although we resisted it for years, turns out the Landry’s Select Club is an easy “yes” for Disney Park Nerds.

This may come as a bit of a shock, but there are many popular table service restaurants at Walt Disney World (we know! calm down and stay focused).

Most offer advanced dining reservations and some limited “stand-by” seating when the restaurant and park are operating normally.

Landry’s has roughly 15 restaurants in the greater Orlando area and in many other tourist destinations with additional brands like Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, Claim Jumper, Joe’s Crab Shack and Morton’s The Steakhouse.

That’s not even the half of it.

Landry’s has more than 60 brands and 600 locations, so the odds are good you have a Landry’s owned restaurant closer to home.

The best Landry’s Select Club restaurants in the Disney Parks

To the unaware, Landry’s owns an enormous number of restaurants. The list may be found on the Landry’s Select Card website. It turns out that some of Disney World’s restaurants are not owned by Disney. Landry’s is a sizable Disney partner, and their “on-property” eateries include:

1. Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs

Just keep an eye out for the enormous volcano in Disney Springs to locate this Rainforest Cafe.

And yes, its inside the volcano.

You’ll be going on an adventure just to get to the restaurant.

Trekking through the rainforest where you’ll see the animal residents.

Careful, because there is a storm every 15-20 minutes.

While the storm is happening, the animals come to life along with the roar of the thunder.

Once inside the restaurant, you’ll be able to enjoy different cuisines.

2. Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This Rainforest Cafe offers essentially the same experience as the Disney Springs location.

The only difference is that it offers breakfast!

You can find this Rainforest Cafe by the entrance to the park.

The restaurant has its own park entrance since you don’t actually have to enter from inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

3. T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs

Locate this restaurant next to the Lego store inside Disney Springs.

You’ll be welcomed by an enormous T-Rex the moment you enter the restaurant.

The T-Rex is not the only dinosaur you’ll discover as there are others waiting.

If ancient reptiles are not your thing, you can experience the ice room where you’ll find mammoths, too.

Also, keep you heads up for the meteor shower that happens every 15-20 minutes.

Just like the storms in the Rainforest Cafe, this the creatures will go crazy. 

4. Yak & Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Yak and Yeti is inside a unique building which looks like a mansion.

Located n the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The location offers a variety of Pan-Asian food options.

You can start with an appetizer of Potstickers and then move on to the Sushi Sampler.

For your entree, you might want to try the Honey Chicken or one of the many other options.

Frequently asked questions about Landry’s Select Club

What is the Landry’s Select Club?

The Landry’s Select Club is a loyalty program for guests of Landry’s restaurants.

How do I join the Landry’s Select Club?

You can sign up for the club online or in-person at any participating Landry’s restaurant. Landry’s Select Club costs $25 to join and patrons receive a $25 credit toward a future meal.

It takes +/- 24 hours for the credit to appear, so for the best value it’s best to sign up at least a day or two before you plan to dine.

The $25 one-time charge and $25 initial credit essentially makes this initial transaction a break-even.

But the Nerds love a deal!

You also get a $25 award annually for your birthday and earn points towards additional rewards.

So, financially, it’s a pretty easy decision.

What are the benefits of Landry’s Select Club?

We went over a lot of Landry Select Club perks in this post. Let’s go through them again so you can decide whether or not the Landry Select Card’s benefits are worth it for you:

  1. Signing up for this offer gets you a $25 voucher to spend on food and drink at Rainforest Cafe (Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs), T-Rex Cafe (Disney Springs), or Yak & Yeti in the Animal Kingdom.
  2. You get a $25 birthday reward which you can use at the same time as your $25 Welcome Bonus.
  3. Earn one point for every dollar spent. Get $25 when you have 250 points.
  4. There are over 600 restaurants part of Landry’s Select club.
  5. Get seated in 10-minutes without reservations.
  6. You don’t need to carry the card. Simply give the restaurant host or hostess the phone number you signed up with.
  7. The initial $25 sign-up fee is one-time. You’ll only be charge $25 when you signup for the card initially.

Plus, there are always an ever-changing array of exclusive offers that add the Landry’s Select Club benefits.

You’ll have to go to their site to see the Landry’s Select Club benefits and exclusive offers.

See all of Landry’s Exclusive Offers

Is there a fee to join the Landry’s Select Club?

No, membership is free.

How do I earn points?

You can earn one point for every dollar you spend at participating Landry’s restaurants. You can also earn points by completing certain activities, such as taking surveys or ordering online.

What are the tiers of membership?

There are three tiers of membership: Select, Elite, and Premier. The higher your tier, the more benefits you’ll receive. To reach the Elite and Premier tiers, you must earn a certain number of points within a calendar year.

I’m having trouble logging in to my account. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble logging in to your account, you can contact customer service for help.

How many points do I need to get a $25 reward?

You need 2,500 points to get a $25 reward.

When do my points expire?

Your points will expire after 12 months of inactive account.

How can I redeem my Landry’s Select Club rewards?

You can redeem your rewards online or in-person at any participating Landry’s restaurant. You can redeem your points for rewards, such as free appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You can also use your points to get discounts on future purchases.

Is there a Landry’s Select Club app?

Yes, there is a Landry’s Select Club app that you can use to manage your account, view your points balance, and redeem rewards. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the Landry’s Select Club app:

  • iOS:
  • Android:

How do I contact Landry’s Select Club service?

If you need to contact Landry’s Select Club customer service, you can call 1-888-999-6779 or email You can also find a customer service form on the website.

Landry’s Select Club membership isn’t perfect though: Our story

But that’s not even what we are writing about because it’s not even the best part.

As you know, Nerds do not like to wait in line and THIS is where the Landry’s Select Club is a little bit of magic.

Essentially, these restaurants will move their Landry’s Select Club members to the front of the line.

NOTE: Full disclosure, we’ve had some hits and misses with this.

Getting a table without a reservation using your membership typically depends on how busy the restaurant is.

The more busy, the less likely you’ll get ahead and seated without a reservation.

The less busy, it’s most likely a shoe in you’ll get seated within 10-minutes without a reservation.

Unfortunately, our first miss was at T-REX at Disney Springs in the summer.

We were told they were too crowded and that negated the Landry’s Select Club benefit that would shorten the wait (we still were able to use $50 in rewards and had a great meal).

landry's select clubT-REX is one of Landry’s Disney Springs locations.

The win?

Well that came on a recent visit to Disney World.

Despite following our own advise on how to secure advanced dining reservations (you can read about it here), we could not get a Yak & Yeti reservation at a time that worked for us.

Knowing that capacity at the parks was low due to COVID, we decided to walk in and see if we could grab a table.

We were socially distanced (naturally) so it was a little hard to hear the hostess as she spoke to the couple of groups in line in front of us.

It turns out people were told they would be accommodated, but it would be at closer to 45 minutes.

If you’re aware of the Nerd’s love affair with the Mickey pretzel, then you know when the Nerd is hungry, it’s time to eat!

We were a little concerned though.

So I was a little worried about the wait and anxious to use my – ahem – exclusive membership in Landry’s Select Club benefits (especially after our T-REX “miss” earlier in the year.

landry's select clubLandry’s counts Animal Kingdom’s Yak & Yeti as one of its own.

Use your Landry’s Select Club benefits at Disney World to get priority seating

As we approached the check-in stand, I was told the same wait as the group in front of me.

And then, in a mob-boss scene from the movies, I leaned in (okay, I leaned in because everyone was wearing a mask and it was REALLY hard to hear myself in a crowded lobby and separated by plexiglass with muffled mask voices) and asked, “Is it possible to get seated sooner if I am a Landry’s Select Club member?”.

Without missing a beat, the hostess said “of course” and asked to see my card.

I quickly explained I didn’t have it and she said that was not an issue, I just needed to log into my account to show that I was a member.

Fortunately, the Nerd uses 1Password (a super easy to ease password management system) and was able to log in quickly.

Final thoughts on Landry’s Select Club

Acknowledged and feeling pretty good about ourselves ($25, it turns out, CAN buy confidence and a Landry’s Select Club membership).

Just paying $25 is an amazing deal to feel like a VIP in any of the 600 Landry Club Restaurants.

We stepped back in the lobby to wait and about 3 minutes later, someone yelled (muffled) “Nerds, party of two?” and we were quickly ushered to our seat to enjoy a delicious Yak & Yeti meal.