The Best Games of Pixar Pier (Explained)

The games of Pixar Pier at Disneyland’s California Adventure include La Luna Star Catcher, WALL-E Space Race, Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss, and Bullseye Stallion Stampede. These carnival-style games are themed after various Pixar movies and shorts, offering visitors a fun and interactive experience.

(Magic Key Terrace at Disneyland)

Games of Pixar Pier: La Luna Star Catcher 

Shoot for the stars in this fun game based on the Pixar short, La Luna!

La Luna Star Catcher is a magnetic fishing game where everyone’s a winner! Players dip their magnetic fishing rod in the river and pick up a star with a colored dot in it.

The dot corresponds to a certain sized prize.

No matter what, everybody gets a prize, making this well worth the five dollars it costs to play.

This is a great ride for anyone looking for a little low-risk, high fun game. 

The game is based off of the Pixar short, La Luna, which tells the story of a child and his father and grandfather, who work hard to sweep the moon depending on the phases.

This short encapsulates the idea that you should be your own person and find your own way, different to those around you.

The game is very simple: players hover a magnetic fishing over a constant stream of stars.

They pick one up with their rod and flip it over to see what color it is.

Then, they are rewarded a prize, depending on the color of the dot.

You are guaranteed a prize, making this a great value for the money. 

Games of Pixar Pier: WALL-E Space Race 

In WALL-E Space Race, you shoot a stream of water into a small hole to make your rocket ship fly faster than your opponents.

If you win, a small light lights up above your station, signifying that you won, and you are rewarded with a small prize.

This is a small, competitive game that is fun to play with your friends, family, kids, significant other, or even just strangers.

This game, like the others, is very simple and easy to understand, making it fun for everyone. 

A futuristic air surrounds this game, and its decorations do well to create that atmosphere.

With familiar characters from WALL-E and a space-ship theme, this game is very clear in its theme.

This game is easy to play and isn’t too difficult to win, making it a good value for its money. 

Games of Pixar Pier: Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss 

In this game, you attempt to throw foam candy corns into Heimlich’s mouth.

A classic carnival game, this is a very fun attraction to test your skill as throwing things.

This ride is A Bug’s Life themed, with the game based on the charismatic and energetic Heimlich the caterpillar. 

The Nerd found the decorations for this ride very entertaining.

The table has giant buttons on it to make you feel tiny like a bug, and the walls are covered with other bugs cheering you on.

It created an exciting and lively environment, perfect for carnival games. 

Surprisingly, this game is more difficult than you might expect.

With only a handful of candy corns and a tiny hole to throw it in, this game is the most challenging out of the four, in The Nerd’s opinion.

However, despite its difficulty, this game provided a lot of fun, and is very much achievable with lots of skill and a little bit of luck. 

Games of Pixar Pier: Bullseye Stallion Stampede 

Bullseye Stallion Stampede is a Skee-Ball game in which you try to score as many points as you can to make your stallion faster than your opponents and beat them to the finish line, with the winner getting a prize.

Skee-Ball is a timeless carnival game and guaranteed fun for anyone.  

The game has a very western feel to it, with warm tones and walls depicting the wild west, all surrounding the game itself.

The walls are covered with possible prizes: stuffed animals of all sizes, all based on various characters in the Toy Story franchise.

The Skee-Ball game itself is pretty traditional, with various holes to roll your ball in, the highest labelled “run,” the middle labelled “trot,” and the lowest labelled “walk.”

Bullseye Stallion Stampede offers a competitive, fun-filled game for only $5, and is one of The Nerd’s favorites. 

Games of Pixar Pier bullseye

Games of Pixar Pier is a great opportunity for a carnival-like experience to complete your visit to California Adventure.

With a variety of games from a range of franchises, this area is guaranteed to add some excitement to your day.

These games are a great break from all the rollercoasters, and are a wonderful place to visit on your next California Adventure trip!