Epcot Packing List: 17 Essential Items

We’ve got you covered with our Epcot Packing List. 

Let us help you make sure you’re ready to go to the wonderous Epcot

Guests planning trips to the Disney Parks ask this question the most, so we wanted to give you an easy to follow list of essentials.

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Here are our musts for our Epcot packing list.

1. Water Bottle

First on our Epcot packing list is a refillable bottle for water.

It’s easy to get dehydrated walking in the heat, so stay hydrated.

2. Battery Pack

Your trip will require a lot of phone or camera battery usage, having one on hand will be a lifesaver. 

Disney’s app will be useful along with taking pictures, so bringing one of these is a must.

The Nerd recently ordered an Anker PowerCore battery pack and I love it.

It’s light, inexpensive, and holds a charge well. 

Having too many items that are heavy can be exhausting as the day wears on, so find one that is light and easy to pack away.

3. Hand Sanitizer

If you prefer to use your own, add it to your packing list. Disney will have plenty of hand sanitizer stations throughout the park, but sometimes it’s nice to have it on hand.

4. Umbrellas

You can use umbrellas not only for protecting yourself from the heavy rains that can come and go on your Epcot vacation, but also from the scorching sun. 

5. Ziploc Bags or Reusable (Sustainable) Ziploc bags

Our packing list always has Ziploc bags because they’re so useful for leftover food, keeping your essentials dry on water rides, and separating things in your backpack. 

It’s great to have these in your bag.

6. Travel Size Shampoo + Body Wash

In some hotels, you might not want to use the free shampoo/conditioner. 

It’s always my own shampoo for me since I’m picky about what I use. 

The Dollar Store also has plastic shampoo bottles you can fill with your choice of shampoo and conditioner.

7. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must inside the park at all times, even in the winter months. Often times sun can creep up on you and you don’t realize how much you are absorbing.

Suncsreen is an essential item to pack if you are traveling with children.

Because you move around all day and sweat, I like the sport sunscreen from Neutrogena. The Nerd also loves Sun Bum, they make a great sunscreen facial moisturizer.

8. Day Bag

If you plan on wearing the backpack or purse for hours at a time, make sure it is comfortable for you. 

You want to make sure that you aren’t carrying a huge bag around with you when you visit Disney parks, so I suggest not packing too much into a backpack. 

I like to pack a purse that can be used both as a crossbody and a handbag, so my back gets a break while walking around Disney. A fanny pack is also a great choice, it’s handsfree and light and compact.

You should consider your families needs, or your own if going alone, when selecting a day bag.

9. Aloe Vera

If you get sunburned, this will soothe any discomfort. Hopefully you won’t get one, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have this.

Aloe Vera Gel from Sun Bum is awesome. 

Perfect for surfing and theme parks.

10. Aquaphor Ointment

This small item can help keep your hands from drying out after using so much sanitizer or washing your hands repeatedly. This item is compact and easy to carry.

11. Packages of Kleenex/Wet Wipes

Bring some travel-sized Kleenex if you want to avoid taking home scratchy toilet paper from the park bathrooms. 

Before we eat, I wipe down sticky kids’ hands and tables with Wet Wipes.

12. First Aid Kit

Bring your First Aid kit along so you have bandaids on hand in case you develop blisters while walking through the parks.

13. Pain Reliever

If you get a headache or other aches while at the Disney parks, bring the pain reliever of your choice.

14. Power Strip with USB capability

Think about packing a power strip for Epcot so everyone can charge their devices. 

This power strip is great for charging your iPhones and other Apple devices thanks to the built in USB plugs.

15. Autograph Book and Sharpie

In the parks, you can also purchase an autograph book for a reasonable price, but any small notebook will serve as a great place to get character autographs. 

For characters to sign easier, I bring a Sharpie with a clickable tip.

16. Travel Documents + Cash + Credit Cards

Pack any necessary documents you will need and don’t forget to bring some cash. 

At Epcot, ATMs will be available, but the fees will be higher than what it would cost to run to the bank before the trip.

Checkout our favorite Best Travel Credit Cards for Disney Nerds.

17. Disney Pins for Pin Trading

You can buy larger quantities of pins online before your trip for less.

Pin trading is a lot of fun and can help memories carry on for generations.

What else would you add to your Epcot Packing List? We know everyone has different essentials for their day in Disney, let us know yours!

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