Disney World Attendance by Day (Explained)

It’s important to consider that Disney World attendance by day varies significantly throughout the year.

What is the Disney World attendance by day? – The average daily attendance at Disney World is around 160,000 people visiting each day.

  • Magic Kingdom: 57,000 daily guests
  • Animal Kingdom: 38,000 daily guests
  • EPCOT: 34,000 daily guests
  • Hollywood Studios: 31,000 daily guests

You’ll find the busiest times at Disney World during holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and spring break, which might mean longer wait times.

Understanding the ebb and flow of Disney World attendance by day is crucial for planning the ultimate Disney vacation.

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Disney World Attendance by Day for Each Park

Walt Disney World attendance is better understood by looking at each park that makes up Disney World.

1. Magic Kingdom

The max capacity for Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is thought to be around 90,000 people. In 2022, attendance has averaged at 57,000 visitors per day.


The max capacity for EPCOT is thought to be around 110,000 people. Epcot has roughly, on average, 34,000 visitors per day in 2022.

3. Hollywood Studios

The max capacity for Disney’s Hollywood Studios is unknown, but it is thought that the park could hold up to 60,000 people. The 2022 daily average amount of visitors was, on average, 31,000 people.

4. Animal Kingdom

The max capacity for Disney’s Animal Kingdom is also unknown, but it is thought that the park could hold up to 60,000 people as well. In 2022 attendance has been on average, 38,000 people per day.

This is according to the latest data from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and AECOM.

A dramatic increase in Disney World attendance by day.

Although the Coronavirus era radically reduced the number of visitors to all of Disney World’s parks, Disney World attendance is going up, back to the normal numbers we were all used to before the pandemic.

No matter what the numbers end up being, it is clear that Disney World attendance by day is going back to normal.

This is great news for both Disney and its Guests!

Current Attendance Trends

Moving into the present year of 2023, Disney World continues to captivate visitors from around the globe.

Disney World attendance by day has been showing an upward trend, attracting large numbers of guests eager to immerse themselves in the magic of its theme parks.

This surge demonstrates the enduring allure of Disney World, remaining a top choice for family vacations, adventure seekers, and Disney aficionados alike.

Seasonal changes, major holidays, and special events all play a significant role.

For instance, summer months and holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year typically see higher attendance due to school vacations.

On the other hand, special events like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, EPCOT’s International Food & Wine Festival, or the unveiling of a new attraction can also lead to a spike in attendance.

Visitors are often eager to partake in these unique experiences, making these periods a bustling time at the parks.

Therefore, when planning a trip to Disney World, considering these factors can be instrumental in avoiding long queues and maximizing the enjoyment of your visit.

Historical Attendance Statistics

Overview of Daily Attendance in 2019

The four major theme parks, together, saw an average of approximately 160,000 guests per day.

On average, the Magic Kingdom alone attracted about 57,000 guests per day in 2022, exemplifying its role as a central draw in the overall Disney World attendance by day.

Maximizing the Disney World Experience: Crowd Calendars and More

A crucial tool for prospective Disney World visitors is the crowd calendar.

These calendars provide estimates of Disney World attendance by day, helping visitors anticipate the potential crowd levels during their planned visit.

By analyzing past trends and considering factors such as holidays, school vacations, and special events, these calendars offer a predictive glimpse into the likely crowd sizes at the parks.

Utilizing a crowd calendar can significantly improve your trip planning, aiding in selecting the best days to visit, and helping to minimize waiting times for attractions.

Are Disney World crowd calendars reliable?

Additional Tips for Navigating Disney World Based on Daily Attendance Trends

To further maximize your Disney World experience, there are additional strategies you can employ.

These often depend on the specific attendance trends for each day of your visit.

First, arrive early. The parks are generally less crowded in the morning right after opening, providing a great opportunity to enjoy popular rides with shorter wait times.

Second, make use of the FastPass+ system. This allows you to reserve access to select shows and attractions in advance, bypassing the regular lines.

Finally, be flexible. If you notice that one park is particularly crowded, consider switching your plans and visiting another park instead. Remember, understanding Disney World attendance by day is a tool to enhance your trip, not a strict itinerary to adhere to.

With these tips and the use of crowd calendars, you can truly optimize your Disney World visit, ensuring a magical and memorable experience.

What are the busy times of year for Disney World?

The busy times of year for Disney World are as follows: Easter Week, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving week, December 18-31. These are all subject to change depending on the Coronavirus situation.

How many people visit Disney World each day?

The number of people who visit Disney World each day varies. However, since the reopening of Walt Disney World, the average number of people who visit per day is around 160,000 and going up.

What is the Average Attendance at Disney World by Day?

Based on historical data from 2019, the average daily attendance at Disney World’s four major theme parks combined was approximately 160,000 visitors. Please note that this figure can vary depending on the time of year, special events, and other factors.

What Day has the Lowest Attendance at Disney World?

While specific daily attendance figures can fluctuate from year to year, traditionally, mid-week days, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tend to have lower attendance levels. However, this varies by season and is subject to change based on holidays, special events, and other factors. Therefore, it is recommended to check a reliable Disney World crowd calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

What is the Busiest Day in Disney World?

The busiest days at Disney World typically coincide with major holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, and the Fourth of July. Additionally, high crowd levels are usually observed during school break periods, such as Spring Break and the summer vacation months. It’s worth noting that ‘busy’ can be relative, and a busy day in the off-peak season may be less crowded than a quiet day during peak season.

Which Disney Crowd Calendar is Most Accurate?

Many different websites and services offer Disney World crowd calendars, and their accuracy can vary. Some popular options include Magic Guides and Disney Tourist Blog, both of which are cited here. It’s recommended to cross-reference a few different crowd calendars and use them as a guide rather than an absolute prediction.

What is the Highest Disney Attendance?

The highest attendance at Disney World often occurs during major holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. Exact figures can vary from year to year, but these are typically the times when the parks reach their maximum capacity. In terms of the average attendance for a specific park, Magic Kingdom often sees the highest numbers, with around 57,000 visitors per day in 2019.