The Best Food Disney World Magic Kingdom Offers (20 Bites)

Are you searching for the best culinary experience that Disney World Magic Kingdom has to offer?

You’re in luck!

The best food Disney World Magic Kingdom offers includes the Croissant Donut, Wish Granted Donut, Schweitzer Slush, Layered Ratatouille, Bacon Macaroni Hot Dog, Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar, and the iconic Dole Whip Float. These treats range from sweet delights to savory meals, ensuring a magical culinary experience for visitors.

These businesses boast flavors that can only be found at Disney locations. Consequently, if you’re looking for an unforgettable flavor experience, look no further than these places we’ve listed below.

The prospect of eating something that looks, tastes, and smells like Cinderella Castle is enough to cause a food coma.

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All the Best food Disney World Magic Kingdom Offers

1. The Croissant Donut

The cronut spin-off at the Refreshment Port does not disappoint. Right before you enter Canada in World Showcase, you’ll find this sweet treat. It has an epic amount of cinnamon and sugar that will contrast the crispy exterior with a fluffy interior–baking at its best.

2. Wish Granted Donut

This one is hands-down the most magical and creative.

On a bed of stunning gold sprinkles rests a genie’s lamp. In the midst of granting your every wishes (flavored by blue cotton candy), this ornately decorated donut will make all of your stomach’s desires come true.

You can find this delicious donut at Sunshine Tree in Adventureland!

3. Schweitzer Slush

The Skipper Canteen in Adventureland’s Jungle Navigation Co. Garnished with green apple-flavored boba. Their chewy and flavorful delight is reminiscent of really light gummy bears, thanks to their light and airy texture. The textures of everything combined are a significant aspect of tasting this dessert.

4. Layered Ratatouille

Straight from the movie Ratatouille is the, you guessed it… Layered Ratatouille. If you’ve never had this before, it’s essentially, caramelized onions and other sliced veggies baked in a red bell pepper sauce.

TIP: This is only served at dinner time.

Located at the Be Our Guest in Fantasyland

4. Bacon Macaroni Hot Dog

You can order this at a regular hot dog size and foot long size.

The juicy hot dog, fresh bun, silky smooth mac and cheese, and crumbled bacon was full of flavor. Perfect for dipping the crispy fries that came on the side with it.

TIP: To get the authentic experience of eating this add some sauerkraut to cut the savory and saltiness.

Where to find it: Casey’s Corner on Main Street

6. Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar

While seemingly ordinary desert, once you take a bite you’ll realize why its on our list of best food Disney World Magic Kingdom has to offer.

The chocolate coating doesn’t have the flavorless, waxy taste you might expect. It’s ACTUALLY real chocolate.

You can find this in various food stands throughout the park

7. BBQ Slaw Dog

Casey’s Corner, in Main Street, USA, boasts one of the world’s largest collections of hot dogs.

8. Mickey Cake Pop

Every now and then, you just want to eat something colorful and sweet. The Mickey Cake pop doesn’t disappoint.

This is a fudgy chocolate cake with a glittery coating of sugar. The chocolate-covered marshmallow ears comes in your choice of neon colors: pink, purple, green, or blue.

TIP: Get this immediately as you enter the park.

Located at Main Street Confectionery in Main Street, USA

9. Lighthouse Sandwich

I realize that none of these items are the epitome of health, but one sandwich in particular is both vegan and delicious.

The Lighthouse Sandwich comes with plenty of hummus, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, and is served on toasted wheat bread.

It’s a filling meal that will give you the energy you need to power through your Disney World adventure!

You can find this item at Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square.

10. Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae

Yes, it does live up to its name; everything is served in a kitchen sink designed like Mickey’s pants at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in Main Street, USA.

11. Pork Roast Macaroni and Cheese

This meal couldn’t be any more descriptive. It’s exactly what it’s called. A pile of roasted pork on top of cheesy macaroni.

Located at Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland

12. Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich With Nutella

If you’re hankering for a tasty breakfast sandwich, look no further than Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square! The waffles are made fresh and come out crispy with just the right amount of Nutella filling up all the holes. And while “fresh fruit” usually means a combination of blueberries, bananas, and strawberries depending on what’s in season, I would recommend getting strawberries only– especially between January and April when they’re peak season here in Florida. They make for great sharing but trust me when I say get one for yourself too!

13. Turkey Legs

The turkey legs at Disney parks are some of the most popular food items around, and for good reason. Smoky, juicy, and filling, they make you feel like a medieval knight. You can find them in various food stands in Liberty Square.

14. Corn Dog Nuggets

Fried nuggets shaped like corn dogs are a popular snack inside Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. A handful of these won’t let you down. Just as you’d expect, they taste salty and smoky – perfect with sweet ketchup on Main Street at Casey’s Corner.

15. Dole Whip Float

The Aloha Isle in Adventureland is home to Dole Whip. It’s a favorite of Disneyland fans, who adore it for its tropical taste. Disney World visitors will find something similar at the Min and Bill’s Shops at Magic Kingdom.

16. The Master Cupcake

In the film Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere was famous for his enthusiasm for “the grey stuff.” He urged you to try it. It doesn’t appear that appealing, merely looking at it. But it does not disappoint. There’s a chocolate cake in there, served during lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant, and it’s essentially a cookies-and-creme-flavored frosting with a few extra ingredients added in.

17. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

A midday meal can be hard to come by, but have no fear! The Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square offers a Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich that will save you from tummy growls. This tantalizing dish consists of a fried boneless chicken breast dripping in sweet-and-spicy sauce, all placed atop a fluffy Belgian waffle. And if that doesn’t sound good enough, the sandwich also comes with fresh cole slaw for an extra zing of flavor. So next time you’re at Disney World Magic Kingdom and unsure what to eat, remember this hidden gem tucked away in Liberty square.

Located at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Liberty Square

18. LeFou’s Brew

The beverage LeFou makes in Beauty and the Beast is fantastic. It’s made of apple juice slush blended with marshmallow whip and topped with a passion fruit- mango foam. The unusual mix goes great with any of Gaston’s Tavern’s hearty dishes.

Located in Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland

19. Lobster Roll

You don’t need to go all the way to New England for a delicious lobster roll. You can get an amazing lobster roll right here at Disney World in Magic Kingdom. This roll is packed with lobster and mayo, and it’s definitely worth trying!

Located in Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square

20. Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

You can’t go to Disneyland and not get the Casey’s Corner Mac & Cheese Hot Dog. This gourmet quality dish features dense macaroni and cheese, with crumbled bacon on top of a juicy hot dog. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

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