Where to Stay in Tokyo Disney Resort? (Explained)

Where to stay in Tokyo Disney Resort? – Choose from five hotels: Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel, and Toy Story Hotel. Each offers a unique Disney experience. Your choice depends on theme preference and park proximity.

(The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disneyland)

Introduction to Where to Stay in Tokyo Disney Resort

The real question when planning a trip to a Disney park is: Do I stay in the resort hotels or the hotels outside the resort?

This question is made far more difficult at resorts like Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland versus Disney World.

So…where to stay in Tokyo Disney Resort is what the Nerds will be focusing on today.

Staying in a Disney resort makes you feel much more intimately involved with the Disney fantasy – let’s face it, Disney sells “feelings” and “memories” as much as entertainment. 

You will enjoy yourself immensely whether you stay “on property” or “off property”.

Where is Tokyo Disneyland? (How to Get There FAST!)

Where to Stay in Tokyo Disney Resort On Property – an Overview of three of the Disneyland Hotels

The official hotels are situated around Tokyo Disneyland, and three Disney Hotels are centered near the parks’ main entrances and Ikspiari.

The premier service you will experience throughout the Tokyo Disney Resort carries over to the hotels.

Hotel staff will immediately greet you and ask to take your bags.

They will keep them close while you check in and insist on accompanying you to your room.

You do not have to let them do this, but it is best to allow it as they are expressing their gratitude that you are staying in their hotel.

There are five Disney hotels including the original Disney Ambassador Hotel, the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, The Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel and Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel.

Each is as distinctive in its architecture and ambiance as the lands within Tokyo Disneyland.

They are impressive and beautiful and the service is top–notch.

Making the decision of where to stay in Tokyo Disney Resort a tough choice. Specific information on all three can be found at Tokyo Disney Resort

The pricing for the Disney hotels is broken down into four categories based on historical crowd levels.

These include Value (least expensive), Regular, Peak and Top (most expensive).

The Value pricing is typically available for mid–week stays in January, February, April, May, June and the first part of July.

Peak and Top rates are generally in effect during July and August, around national holidays and many weekends throughout the year.

Top prices can add as much as 60% to the already hefty hotel prices, so visiting in the Value season can save you a lot of Yen with smaller crowds to boot.

This makes the choice of where to stay in Tokyo Disneyland a little easier.

Tokyo Disney Resort cites 16 “benefits” to guests staying at the three Disney hotels.

The most impactful benefit is the Tokyo Disneyland Happy 15 that allows guests to enter select areas of Tokyo Disneyland 15 minutes ahead of the general public.

Other benefits include Disney characters being interwoven into the décor of the hotels from the lobby to the hallway.

Other features for guests staying at the Disney hotels are complimentary Baggage Delivery Service (they will deliver your bags form the train station) and Shopping Delivery Service (items purchased in the parks can be delivered to your hotel).

Hotel guests will be guaranteed entrance to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea – even during times of “attendance control”.

For the child in all of us, the Disney Channel is provided free of charge.

Overall, we don’t feel these benefits justify the enormous premium charged to guests staying at the Disney Hotels.

All Disney Hotel rooms include a shower and tub or a shower/tub combo.

The standard bed size is a “regular” bed which measures in at 120cm/47in and is roughly halfway between the size of a twin bed and a double bed.

Many rooms also include a slightly smaller trundle which is the size of a twin bed 100cm/39in and some include a cruise bed for the very small; only 80cm/31in wide.

The number of people each room can accommodate is established based on the number and sizes of beds.

Where to stay in Tokyo Disney Resort – Disney Hotels

1. Disney Ambassador Hotel

The Disney Ambassador Hotel was the first “Disney” hotel to be built at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

It opened in July 2000 under a license by the Walt Disney Company and, like the Tokyo parks, is owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company.

The hotel went through a renovation in 2013.

This Art Deco–themed jewel is situated in the heart of the Tokyo Disney resort.

The Ambassador features 500 guest rooms, five restaurants, a stunning pool themed to the glitz and glitter of Hollywood’s Golden Age, two shops and banquet and wedding facilities.

Walking into the lobby is a treat and the chic décor is accented by constellations that dominate the lobby ceiling.

Look close and you will find these “constellations” are Disney–made with many of the most beloved characters shining bright.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel is located about halfway between the entrances to Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland and is nestled between the former Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo and Ikspiari.

There are beautiful courtyards surrounding the hotel that, in typical Disney fashion, help transition guests into the 1930s art–deco theme.

The Ambassador offers five different types of rooms and five different types of suites.

You have probably heard that Japanese hotel rooms are small relative to U.S. hotels. You won’t find this to be the case at the Ambassador.

2. Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Stunning. Elegant.


Mediterranean Paradise.

These are just a few words to describe the MiraCosta – the only Tokyo Disney Hotel actually inside a theme park.

Words alone cannot describe this incredible hotel.

It’s as if the finest hotel on the Mediterranean Coast were picked up and delivered to Tokyo Bay and then the Disney Imagineers went to work adding the Disney touch to an incredible piece of art.

This hotel will make you feel like you are walking in an Italian painting. 

The MiraCosta opened in September 2001 on the same day as Tokyo DisneySea.

The hotel is owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company.

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is an Italian–themed masterpiece.

From the moment guests arrive at the sprawling courtyard that makes up the front entrance and stroll through the columned promenade into the marble lobby, they know they have arrived somewhere truly spectacular.

The lobby boasts a stained glass duomo, vibrant murals, richly decorated Italian marble columns and a hand–carved ship.

This homage celebrates the sea and the rich history of the Mediterranean.

Lost in the décor, guests will immediately forget they are in Japan’s largest city at its most popular tourist destination.

The façade is flawless and highlights the sea–side architecture next to DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor.

Every hallway and walkway feels like part of a nautical adventure.

The rooms that face Tokyo DisneySea and its centerpiece, Mount Prometheus, are sublime. Guests will not regret staying in any room in this magnificent resort.

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta offers three different types of rooms and five different types of “Speciale” rooms and suites.

These rooms are very nicely sized ranging from 37 sq meters (398 sq ft) to 43 sq meters (463 sq ft).

3. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

This turn–of–the–century Victorian style hotel is elegant and grand with vibrant colors.

The most astonishing, however, is how large this hotel appears; the size is nothing less than stunning.

This hotel is the first thing guests see as they arrive to Tokyo Disney Resort via bus; and it is jaw–dropping. 

The hotel’s décor is in line with Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort; it looks like Disneyland’s Plaza Inn or the Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace were converted to a hotels.

Throughout the lobby, guests will see hotel employees interacting with children and talking to them about their vacation.

This is the only Disney hotel with all non–smoking rooms.

In fact, the only place to smoke at the hotel is in a “smoking room” located on the third floor. 

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel opened in July 2008 and is owned and operated by the Oriental Land Company.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is a turn–of–the century Victorian hotel seemingly pulled right out of Main Street U.S.A. From the Atrium Lobby to the beautiful Gardens, Walt Disney – who loved this time period – is present throughout this hotel.

The elegant lobby soars nearly 10 stories and is topped with a beautiful atrium. Oil paintings can be seen behind the front desk and Victorian gardens are abundant.

From Alice’s Garden inspired by Alice In Wonderland to Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia Court, Disney characters fill these gardens with pure delight. 

Mickey & Friends Square shows off topiary characters while Sherwood Garden is a classical garden with a lovely pond and gazebo.

The façade towers above the grounds as the nine–floor hotel culminates with Victorian turrets.

Filled with fine craftsmanship, over–stated elegance and subtle Disney references, this hotel feels more like a Ritz Carlton than a Disney hotel and, to us, does not quite capture the grandeur and adventure found in the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta nor the throwback fun of Hollywood’s Golden Age at the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offers an exhaustive list of room types.

The list has been condensed below to focus on the four most common room types and includes an overview of the nine remaining room types plus two suite types.

The four most common rooms range in size from 40 sq meters (431 sq ft) to 59 sq meters (635 sq ft) – for reference, the smallest rooms are roughly the size of a standard room at the Grand Floridian at the Walt Disney World Resort and 25% larger than standard rooms at the Disneyland Resort’s Grand Californian.

The rooms are very nicely appointed and are five–star quality.

The light, yet rich colors that reflect the Victorian era permeate through every room.

Ceilings feature thick crown molding with recessed insets painted in light pastels.

The wallpaper is classic Victorian and Disney characters are tastefully woven into the decor. 

The richly decorated beds feature a small medallion of Cinderella’s Castle on the headboard.

The bathrooms are sizeable and the beautiful tubs are surrounded by marble–style tile with a stylish mosaic on the wall.

Each room type is decorated in similar fashion.

Prices range from ¥35,000 to more than ¥500,000 per night.

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel has multiple luxurious gardens to stroll through, a pool to take a dip and many delicious restaurants to have meals in.

It is full of shops and boutiques for those wanting to wander and spend the day being pampered or buying all the goodies.

Where to stay in Tokyo Disney Resort

There are two more Disney Hotels on site as well, The Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel which just had it’s grand opening on April 5th, 2022 and the Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel. More on those another time.

Have fun choosing where to stay in Tokyo Disneyland between these fabulous, unique and luxurious hotels.

In case you want more information on the Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland we’ve got you covered. Want to plan a trip, we have 7 easy steps available to you here.