20 Amazing Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn Flavors

Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors include unique varieties like Salted, Caramel, Soy Sauce and Butter, Milk Chocolate, Milk Tea, Strawberry, Garlic Shrimp, Honey, and Corn Pottage, among others. The Corn Pottage flavor is a particular favorite, making these popcorns a must-try treat at the park.

Take your tastebuds on a popcorn tour with all the delicious and “different” Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn Flavors.

(The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disneyland)

All the Tokyo Disneyland Poporn Flavors

tokyo disneyland popcorn

Milk Tea is one of many intriguing tastes.

The Cast Members are amazing, with a team of individuals that seem genuinely concerned in making your visit pleasant.

The parks are immaculate, and they appear to be in good hands of people who take pleasure in their work and desire to provide a lovely experience – clean, neat, and well-maintained.

The cuisine is fantastic; the food is well prepared and distinctive, and it’s a part of the gastronomic delight of visiting the Tokyo Disneyland for visitors from the United States (or anywhere else).

Of all the delightful snacks available, the Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland popcorn are the undisputed highlights.

We Nerds are a fan of popcorn as a general rule and the Disney World and Disneyland popcorn are hit and miss.

Although generally fresh, they lack any originality and, in our undeniably humble opinion are often over-salted and under-buttered…but still good.

Tokyo Disneyland specifically, and Japanese theme parks in general (hello Universal Studios Japan…we’re talking to you!), up the game on the popcorn front.

There are many (MANY!) flavors to choose from, including some seasonal favorites.

The only downfall is finding “traditional” popcorn is a challenge, if not impossible, but it’s a sacrifice we are happy to make.

So let’s recap some of the best (and worst) of what Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors exist:

1. Salted Popcorn

The first of the Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors about as close to US popcorn… just missing the butter!

salted tokyo disneyland popcorn

2. Caramel Popcorn

The caramel popcorn flavor is just as you would expect.

It has a kettle corn vibe we are all so familiar with.

more tokyo disneyland popcorn

3. Soy Sauce and Butter Popcorn

not our favorite tokyo disneyland popcorn

A mild and savory flavor.

Not too salty and not too buttery.

This is actually a fun popcorn flavor to make at home.

Check out this Soy Sauce and Butter Recipe to make at home.

4. Black Pepper Popcorn

The Black Pepper Popcorn is similar to the Salted Popcorn flavor.

It just has a little bit of a kick. But not so noticeable.

In fact, most people say this popcorn tastes exactly like the Salted popcorn flavor.

5. Milk Chocolate Popcorn

The Milk Chocolate popcorn tastes like hot chocolate melted with marshmallows.

While not too sweet, or overly drenched in chocolate.

This popcorn is the perfect ration of chocolate to popcorn.

6. Milk Tea Popcorn

Tastes exactly how it smells.

Lightly sweet.

What adds to the flavor is that the area around the Milk Tee popcorn stand smells like warm milk tea.

7. Strawberry Popcorn

Just walking by the strawberry popcorn stand, you’ll smell how sweet it tastes.

If you’re a fan of SWEET, you’ll enjoy this popcorn.

But it’s not going to be the same flavor of a classic fresh strawberry.

It’s going to be more along the lines of a strawberry candy flavor.

8. Chocolate Popcorn

chocolate tokyo disneyland popcorn

The Chocolate popcorn is the most rich out of all the popcorn.

Most Disney nerds claim they can only eat just a few handfuls of it.

9. White Chocolate Popcorn

If you’re not a fan of the chocolate popcorn, which can be too sweet for some.

Then give the white chocolate popcorn a try.

10. Garlic Shrimp Popcorn

This popcorn is flavored with a garlic shrimp powder.

Not as fishy or overwhelming you would expect.

It mostly tastes like garlic powder with a small hint of shrimp.

If you’re a fan of shrimp chips, you’ll like this popcorn.

11. Honey Popcorn

The popcorn is interesting, but the theming and the location next to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt make it downright magical.

honey tokyo disneyland popcornDelicious and sugary!

12. Orange Marmalade Popcorn

The initial flavor is an intense buttery Caramel, followed by a tangy Orange Marmalade.

13. Coconut Popcorn

It’s creamy thanks to the coconut oil and toasted coconut.

14. Jalapeno and Cheese Popcorn

It tastes like it is made with real jalepenos and is loaded with cheddar flavor with a nice mild kick of jalapenos.

15. BBQ Popcorn

A combination of spices, including smoked paprika, gave the dish an authentic grilled taste. Garlic and onion powder, sugar and salt round it out.

16. Cream Soda Popcorn

One bite of cream soda popcorn and you’ll be asking, “Why aren’t you in my life everyday?”.

This popcorn has an almost vanilla flavor when you bite into it.

17. Chinese Spice Popcorn

If you’re familiar with Chinese Five Spice, you’ll love this popcorn.

18. Cappuccino Popcorn

Similar to the Milk Tea popcorn, out of all the Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors this doesn’t stand out very much.

19. Blueberry Popcorn

Blueberry popcorn has started to make an appearance outside of the Popcorn-obsessed Tokyo Disneyland.

You can find a blueberry-almond version in the Avatar area in Disney World.

20. Curry Popcorn

And then…ugh…we can barely talk about it.

There is the one popcorn flavor whose smell will hit you like a brick wall as you explore the parks and meander from one land or port to another.

Just when you thought you were having a good day, the scent goes from “no trace” to “all-consuming” in a matter of steps.

There, we said it.

It feels better to name names. But enough about this. Let’s move on to the good stuff!

Corn Pottage: Our favorite out of all the other Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors….

Then, there is the flavor that probably does not sound appealing.

When eating your weight in Tokyo Disneyland popcorn, this is the one whose name does not give an indication of its taste (names like garlic shrimp make it pretty clear what flavor to expect).

The winner.

The undisputed champion.

The Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavor often difficult to find is: Corn Pottage!!

We know!

We know!

The sweet deliciousness is impossible to beat with a hint of saltiness that keeps you coming back for more.

The Nerdlings remember their first time grabbing a handful of this precious snack.

Those two words together bring pure joy and elicit memories of vacations long ago.

tokyo disneyland popcorn bucket

So can corn pottage maintain its stature?


Enter The Big Pop specialty popcorn shop

The shop will offer exclusive flavors including the brand new Cookie & Cream and we cannot wait to dive in on our next visit.

We Nerds look forward to delivering the verdict once we get our hands on the new offerings at The Big Pop.

We’re not quite sure how to do a popcorn “tasting” as it’s probably considered (just a guess) impolite to taste, chew, spit, rinse and move on the next flavor.

Perhaps we’ll simply not eat for the day leading to the big unveiling?

In any case, and in typical Disney Park Nerds fashion, we are excited about our next Tokyo Disneyland vacation.

Souvenir Disney Popcorn Buckets

You can find these popcorn buckets at all the Disney Parks.

For Disney Nerds who love any of the Tokyo Disneyland popcorn flavors, collecting all the Disney popcorn buckets can easily become an obsession.

Disney popcorn buckets can be limited edition Mickey or Minnie themed buckets, or any of the thousand other characters Disney has up their sleeves.

These collectible popcorn buckets are different based on the seasons, holidays, specific Disney park, or any other special event such as a release of a new movie.

Sometimes Disney parks will surprise everyone with an unannounced release of a new popcorn bucket.

Final thoughts on Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn

There are so many delicious things to eat at Tokyo Disneyland, but their popcorn is definitely one of the highlights.

With so many different and unique flavors, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So next time you’re at Tokyo Disneyland, make sure to try out some of their amazing popcorn!