San Angel Inn Epcot: My Honest Review

Inside the pyramid at the heart of EPCOT is the Mexican Pavilion – which sits a gem: San Angel Inn Epcot, Disney World’s delicious restaurant!

In our San Angel Inn Epcot review you’ll learn about it’s captivating ambiance. The upscale Mexican cuisine was delicious, and the service was outstanding. The view of the boat ride added to the unique dining experience. Highly recommended!

Amid a spirited market market filled with colorful sombreros, dia de los muertos candy skulls, blown glass and a variety of other trinkets, guests wander through Mexico en route to the pavilion’s kitschy boat ride – Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, a cocktail at La Cava del Taquila or a meal at San Angel Inn Epcot.

Those who scored a reservation at San Angel Inn Epcot will be pleased with the ambiance, food and the service – the trifecta at Walt Disney World eateries.

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San Angel Inn Epcot
San Angel Inn Epcot Disney World perfects dining outside while inside.

Our San Angel Inn EPCOT Review

Eating outside while inside is “distinctly Disney” and few do it better. San Angel Inn Epcot borrows a lot from the popular Disneyland favorite Blue Bayou Restaurant.

Like its cousin, San Angel Inn Epcot evokes an outdoor experience in a perfectly climate-controlled environment and the restaurant sits alongside a boat ride where diners can watch guests lazily make there way through the tropical Mexican evening and wind along a river as they pass a volcano, pyramid and lush landscapes.

Sitting by the water may require a slightly longer wait to be seated and if interested, simply ask the host upon arrival and they will do their best to accommodate your party.

Planning for a San Angel Inn Epcot Dining Adventure

You probably know by now that the Nerds are…well…Nerds. This means that leaving Disney World dining to chance is a gamble that rarely pays off.

Like most popular restaurants at Disney World, dining reservations are a must at San Angel Inn Epcot.

Unlike a lot of dining, guests can often snag a reservation here relatively close to their trip though making a reservation as early as possible is recommended.

La Comida (The Food) de San Angel Inn Epcot

Often times, restaurants with a theme come at the sacrifice of food and/or quality.

The Nerd happily reports that both were top notch during our recent visit to San

san angel inn disney
The classic San Angel Inn Disney margarita is served in its own shaker on ice.

Angel Inn. Shortly after we were seated (and the Nerds are somehow always famished despite incessant snacking on Mickey Pretzels), the chips and salsa began to flow.

And they were great!

And what makes chips and salsa even better, you ask? Why…a margarita, of course!

Our waiter recommended the signature San Angel Inn Margarita and it was a hit (and lead to a couple of follow-up orders).

This drink is served on ice in its own shaker and is perfect for sharing…and makes ordering a second one seem like a no-brainer.

The lunch and dinner menus are pretty much the same and the food is best described as upscale Mexican.

The Nerd family has some picky particular eaters among them and they found ordering off the children’s menu (quesadilla and green beans, please) effective for this outing.

The Nerds tried a whole host of different foods to share, though if we are being honest we weren’t exactly hungry when the food arrived due to copious amounts of chips!

San Angel Inn Epcot
San Angel Inn Disney Menu at Mexico’s Epcot Pavilion.

And so we ate…

san angel inn disney
San Angel Inn’s Baja Tacos de Pescado

And ate…

san angel inn disney
Sopa Azteca – traditional tortilla soup

And ate…

san angel inn disney
Double order of the children’s quesadilla with green beans and fresh fruit.

And ate…

san angel inn disney
Enchiladas? Si, por favor!

And ate…

san angel inn disney
San Angel Inn Disney World’s food was only outdone by its service!

And when it was all done, and we couldn’t eat any more, the Nerds heartily debated dessert (one of us is a Flan-atic), but we ultimately decided that a day of snacking, mountains of chips and a large dinner was sufficient and we tapped out.

A Nod to Excellent Service

As the Nerds have discussed in many reviews, the service at Disney World has improved and, with it, so has our dining experience.

We noted a marked improvement in overall Cast Member service quality upon reopening after the pandemic and it has continued.

Our server at San Angel Inn Disney-fied our experience with his service. He was prompt, quick with a refill of water and soda, made excellent recommendations and had the check ready upon request.

Overall, it was a fantastic outing and we will be seeing our amigos soon on our next San Angel Inn Disney World adventure.

San Angel Inn disney
San Angel Inn offers some amazing views while enjoying a delicious and authentic Mexican meal


There is nothing like a slow boat ride through Mexico after a large meal with family – and it was the perfect ending to a great time!

San Angel Inn Epcot
Temporary cardboard cutouts on display at the end of Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros boat ride at Epcot.