Genie Plus Disneyland (Guide)

Genie Plus Disneyland is a paid service replacing the FastPass system. For a fee, guests can skip regular lines by choosing the Lightning Lane for select attractions. It also offers personalized itineraries to optimize park visits. Available through the Disneyland app, it reduces wait times and offering tailored recommendations.

It’s more than just a service, it’s like having your personal guide, your very own genie, ready to make your Disneyland experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Enhancing Your Genie Plus Disneyland Experience

Genie Plus Disneyland takes your experience to a whole new level.

Here’s how: Instead of waiting in long lines for your favorite rides, it provides a service known as Lightning Lane access.

This allows you to reduce wait times by reserving slots for attractions throughout the day.

Genie Plus Disneyland comes at a cost of $25 per person, per day, encompassing access to 19 rides and granting unlimited PhotoPass downloads.

But Genie Plus Disneyland isn’t just about shortening wait times.

It’s about enhancing your overall experience at Disneyland.

Want to capture those magical moments without watermarks?

Genie Plus Disneyland has you covered with its unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads.

his means you can share and keep your favorite shots, preserving those beautiful Disneyland memories forever.

Furthermore, Genie Plus Disneyland is also your auditory guide to Disneyland with its inclusive audio tours.

Remember the retired MaxPass service?

Well, the audio tours with Genie Plus Disneyland are similar, adding another dimension to your Disneyland experience.

Discover the Disneyland Disney Genie+ Program: A Comprehensive List of Inclusions!

Both parks offer a plethora of attractions included with Genie+ for just $25 per person, per day.

Once you’ve entered the park, you can purchase Genie+ via the Disneyland app, or simply add it to your tickets prior to your arrival!

As soon as you step foot in the park, you can begin making your Lightning Lane reservations.

Here’s what rides you get at Disneyland with Genie Plus.

Disneyland Attractions:

  1. Autopia
  2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  4. Haunted Mansion
  5. Indiana Jones Adventure
  6. “it’s a small world”
  7. Matterhorn Bobsleds
  8. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
  9. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
  10. Space Mountain
  11. Splash Mountain
  12. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Disney California Adventure Attractions:

  1. Goofy’s Sky School
  2. Grizzly River Run
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!
  4. Incredicoaster
  5. Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!
  6. Soarin’ Around the World
  7. Toy Story Midway Mania
  8. WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Kindly note that each attraction can be enjoyed once using the Genie+ selection.

NOTE: Should you wish to experience an attraction again, the standby line will be your route.

An important caveat to keep in mind is that if you fail to show up for your reserved time slot without canceling, Genie+ will prohibit you from booking another reservation, considering it as your one ride.

To avoid such a situation, be sure to cancel any unattainable reservations, enabling you to book another one at a later time!

New reservations can be booked every two hours or upon redeeming one.

This is also known as the 120-Minute Rule.

If you opt to book a reservation more than two hours in advance, you’ll gain the ability to book a new one once the two-hour mark elapses.

Additionally, within the app, you can click the “Modify Plan” button after making a selection to explore other available attractions without canceling the original window.

However, please note that modifications are only available within the same theme park.

Benefits of Disneyland Genie Plus

Navigating the world of Genie Plus Disneyland offers a veritable treasure trove of magical benefits that can greatly enhance your Disneyland experience.

Among these benefits, the standout features are Lightning Lane access, unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads, and immersive audio tours.

So let’s dive in and explore these features in detail.

The Magic of Lightning Lane Access

One of the star features of Genie Plus Disneyland is undoubtedly the Lightning Lane access.

This feature redefines your Disneyland adventure by transforming the way you experience attractions.

Reducing Wait Times with Lightning Lane Access

Is there anything more tedious than waiting in long lines when there’s a world of Disney magic waiting to be explored?

With Genie Plus Disneyland, long wait times become a thing of the past.

The Lightning Lane access feature works its magic by significantly reducing wait times for high-traffic attractions.

Instead of standing in long queues, you can use that time to delve deeper into the Disney magic.

Reserving Arrival Slots for Attractions

The magic of the Lightning Lane feature lies in its ability to let you reserve arrival slots for attractions throughout the day.

With this feature, you’re not just cutting down on wait times, but also creating a more seamless and efficient Disneyland experience.

The Magic of Unlimited Disney PhotoPass Downloads

Genie Plus Disneyland doesn’t just enhance your Disneyland adventure; it also allows you to capture and keep those magical moments with unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads.

Preserving Your Magical Disneyland Moments

With Genie Plus Disneyland, every magical moment you experience at Disneyland can be captured, cherished, and shared.

Thanks to the unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads, you can relive your magical memories anytime, anywhere.

Whether it’s a priceless moment with Mickey Mouse or a stunning shot of Cinderella’s Castle, these photos will serve as precious mementos of your Disneyland adventure.

The Magic of Audio Tours

And let’s not forget one of the most immersive features of Genie Plus Disneyland – the audio tours.

Enhancing the Disneyland Experience with Audio Tours

An audio tour is like having your personal Disneyland storyteller, guiding you through the park, providing fascinating insights and magical tales about the attractions.

With Genie Plus Disneyland, your Disneyland experience becomes a journey filled with rich stories, intriguing facts, and captivating narratives.

A Tribute to the Retired MaxPass Service

For those who remember the retired MaxPass service, the audio tours feature of Genie Plus Disneyland serves as a tribute.

While MaxPass has been phased out, its spirit lives on in Genie Plus Disneyland, providing you with an enhanced experience filled with magic, convenience, and memorable moments.

Disneyland Genie Plus Tips: Maximize Your Disneyland Adventure!

Discover essential tips for making the most of Genie Plus during your 2023 Disneyland trip!

  1. Strategize Your Morning: Arrive at least 45 minutes before park opening and use the first hour to experience attractions with minimal wait times. Combine this approach with Genie Plus Disneyland to supercharge your day.
  2. Pace Your Passes: Time your Disney Genie Plus passes well, considering dining reservations and planned experiences. Opt for the next available time slot for attractions you wish to enjoy.
  3. Pre-Purchase Disney Genie Plus: Add Genie Plus in advance to your multi-day tickets for a seamless experience. Save time and hassle by avoiding on-the-spot ticket adjustments.
  4. Stay Alert for New Passes: You can hold one Lightning Lane reservation at a time. Once you use your pass or two hours pass, you can get a new reservation. Set a 2-hour timer on your phone to be notified of availability.
  5. Leverage Large Parties: In a group, those uninterested in an attraction can skip the reservation, allowing super fans to ride twice.
  6. Utilize Your Park Hopper Ticket: If you have a Park Hopper ticket and plan to switch parks in the afternoon, start looking for return times in the other park around noon. You can make Genie Plus reservations for either park.
  7. Embrace Ride Breakdowns: If an attraction breaks down during your Genie Plus return time, it automatically becomes a Multiple Experience Pass. Use this pass to enter attractions through the exit, even multiple times.

How to Use the Disney Genie Plus

Using Disney Genie Plus can be confusing initially.

The interface may seem clunky, and finding attractions for reservations isn’t straightforward.

It’s within the free Disney Genie Plus tool, showing regular wait times and options for purchasing attractions alongside reservation choices.

Upon logging in, you’ll pick attractions and entertainment to curate your dashboard.

Access it through the “Tip Board” screen, accessible via the hamburger menu in the lower right corner.

Alternatively, select attractions from the map view and click the Lightning Lane button to check current wait times.

What is the Genie Plus service at Disneyland?

Disney Genie Plus is a paid feature in the Disney Genie service that offers guests the ability to bypass the standard queue for selected attractions at Disneyland via the Lightning Lane.

Is buying Genie Plus worth it Disneyland?

The value of buying Genie Plus at Disneyland depends on individual factors such as budget, the desired number of rides, and the available time. It could be worth it if one wants to maximize their time and visit as many attractions as possible.

How many rides can you book with Genie Plus at a time?

Typically, you can select one attraction at a time with Genie Plus. After you use your selection or after the arrival window begins, you can make another selection.

What is Lightning Lane vs Genie Plus?

Lightning Lane is the new name for the fast lane entry at attractions in Disneyland and Disney World. Genie Plus is the service that allows access to the Lightning Lane for many attractions. However, some premium attractions require a separate Lightning Lane purchase and are not covered by Genie Plus.

What is the 120 minute rule at Disney?

The 120-minute rule at Disney is associated with the Genie Plus service. It means that after making a Lightning Lane selection, you can make another selection after two hours (120 minutes) even if you haven’t redeemed your first selection.

How many Lightning Lanes does Genie Plus pass a day?

With Genie Plus, you can typically make one Lightning Lane selection at a time. After you use your selection or after the arrival window begins, you can make another selection. There’s no stated daily limit, so theoretically, you could use it as many times as scheduling allows throughout the day.

How much does Genie Plus Disneyland cost?

For $25 per person, per day, Disney Genie+ offers access to 19 rides and unlimited PhotoPass downloads.