The Complete Epcot Countries List (11 Countries)

EPCOT’s World Showcase in Walt Disney World features pavilions representing 11 countries: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. Each pavilion offers cultural experiences, dining, shopping, and attractions reflecting the traditions and heritage of its respective nation.

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EPCOT Countries List (11 Countries)

EPCOT, one of the iconic theme parks within Walt Disney World Resort, offers a unique journey around the globe through its World Showcase.

This immersive section of the park is a testament to the magic of cultural exploration, featuring meticulously designed pavilions that represent 11 distinct nations.

From architectural marvels to culinary delights, each pavilion provides a snapshot of its country’s traditions and heritage.

In the following section, we’ll embark on a tour of these countries, delving into the essence of what each pavilion brings to the EPCOT experience.

1. United States

Upon entering the pavilion, you’re immediately drawn to its classic English Georgian architecture.

Elements of the building were inspired by iconic structures like Independence Hall, Boston’s Old State House, Monticello, and Colonial Williamsburg.

The pavilion’s 110,000 bricks, made from Georgian clay, and the slate roof exude authenticity.

Inside, the “American Adventure” stage show awaits.

This Audio-Animatronic presentation, hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, takes you on a journey through significant events in American history.

From the Pilgrims and the Mayflower to the struggles of the Civil War and the achievements of modern-day icons, the show paints a vivid picture of America’s evolution.

While waiting for the show, you might be serenaded by the Voices of Liberty, an a cappella group that brings to life songs from America’s past.

Their harmonious renditions echo beautifully in the rotunda of the pavilion.

The American Heritage Gallery showcases the “Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art” exhibition.

This display celebrates the artistry of American Indian tribes, blending traditional artifacts with contemporary pieces.

Outside, the America Gardens Theatre hosts live stage shows and concerts, offering a mix of entertainment that resonates with the American spirit.

2. China

Upon entering the China pavilion, you’re immediately captivated by the distinct triple arched ceremonial gate, inspired by Beijing’s Temple of Heaven.

The pavilion itself is a harmonious blend of commercial and picturesque elements, with intricate carvings that are truly a sight to behold.

If you’re seeking a moment of tranquility, the pavilion offers footbridges, bamboo groves, a small waterfall, and serene ponds, providing a perfect escape from the crowds.

One of the pavilion’s highlights is the “Reflections of China” film, showcased in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

This 360º Circle-Vision film offers a panoramic view of China’s diverse landscapes, from the iconic Great Wall and the Forbidden City of Beijing to the vast Gobi Desert and the lush rainforests of Hainan Island.

Updated in 2017 with a new digital camera system, the film provides a seamless viewing experience on nine separate screens.

For those interested in the latest Disney developments, the pavilion showcases the wonders of Shanghai Disney, giving guests a glimpse into the magic of this Disney park.

For shopping enthusiasts, the House of Good Fortune stands as one of the largest shopping destinations in the World Showcase.

Here, you can discover a wide array of merchandise, from silk clothing and jade carvings to stuffed pandas and intricate Yixing teapots.

The open-air market at the pavilion’s exit offers books on meditation, calligraphy, and the Chinese language, along with children’s toys and a Kidcot fun stop.

When it comes to dining, the pavilion does not disappoint.

The Nine Dragons Restaurant offers a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine, while the Lotus Blossom Café and the “Joy of Tea” quick service spots cater to those looking for a quick bite or a refreshing drink.

DISNEY NERD TIP: Located in the back of the China pavilion, the House of Good Fortune store is a great place to spend some time.

3. Norway

The Norway pavilion transports you to a Norwegian town square, complete with cobblestone courtyards and architectural marvels reminiscent of historic landmarks.

A standout is the replica of a 14th-century fortress found in Oslo, alongside a stave church that showcases 13th-century medieval craftsmanship.

One of the most enchanting attractions is “Frozen Ever After.”

While the path of the ride remains reminiscent of the former Maelstrom attraction, the story has been transformed.

Guests are invited to the “Winter in Summer” festival, celebrating the beloved characters and moments from the animated film, “Frozen.”

From Olaf’s ice-skating antics to Elsa’s iconic “Let It Go” performance in her ice palace, the journey is magical.

Adjacent to the attraction, the Royal Sommerhus awaits.

Here, guests can meet the royal sisters, Anna and Elsa, in a setting inspired by a traditional Norwegian cabin.

This cabin, representing a royal retreat, is adorned with elements from the sisters’ childhood, offering a glimpse into their cherished memories.

For those interested in Norse mythology, the ‘Gods of the Vikings’ exhibit is a must-visit.

This gallery showcases the Norse gods and goddesses that Scandinavian Vikings revered, including popular figures like Thor, Odin, Loki, and Freyja.

When it comes to dining, Akershus offers ‘Princess Storybook Dining,’ a delightful experience where guests can dine alongside their favorite Disney princesses.

For a quick bite, the Kringla Bakeri og Kafe serves delectable open-faced sandwiches, pastries, and the much-loved “School Bread” treat.

Shopping enthusiasts can explore The Puffin’s Roost for a range of curios and collectibles, from books on trolls and Vikings to Norwegian scents and clothing.

DISNEY NERD TIP: Our favorite bread is Norwegian School Bread. It has just the right level of sweetness.

4. Italy

The moment you step into the Italy pavilion, you’re greeted by the towering 83-foot belltower, an authentic replica of the original campanile in St. Mark’s Square.

The attention to detail is evident, even in the angel atop the bell tower, which is adorned with real gold leaf.

The romance of Venice is beautifully captured with Venetian bridges and moored gondolas alongside the World Showcase lagoon.

The pavilion also boasts a spectacular replica of the 14th-century pink and white Doge’s Palace, authentic down to its marble-like façade.

In the central plaza, the Plaza del Teatro, the “Fontana de Nettuno” stands as a testament to Bernini’s Neptune fountain, offering a tranquil spot for reflection.

For dining enthusiasts, the pavilion offers a plethora of options. The Tutto Italia Restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine in an ambiance that transports you straight to Italy.

The Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, designed to resemble an Italian wine cellar, offers an extensive selection of Italian wines.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, Via Napoli serves authentic Italian pizzas cooked in massive stone ovens.

For a quick bite, Pizza al Taglio offers a variety of pizzas, and there’s also a cart serving Italian pastries and beverages.

Shopping enthusiasts will find a range of Italian merchandise in the pavilion’s quaint shops.

From fine Florentine soaps and Illy espresso coffee to hand-made Venetian masks and creamy Italian chocolates, there’s something for everyone.

The pavilion also offers a selection of cookbooks, Murano glassware, Venetian glass jewelry, and Italian perfumes.

5. Germany

The centerpiece of the cobblestoned German platz (plaza) is a fountain adorned with a statue of St. George slaying a dragon.

The architecture of the pavilion reflects a diverse cross-section of German regions, from the fairy tale Bavarian-style buildings to the replica of a medieval castle.

The clock tower, with its glockenspiel, chimes a special melody on the hour, adding to the pavilion’s authentic ambiance.

A highlight for many is the miniature German village that houses three model trains, captivating guests with its intricate details.

For those with an appetite, the Biergarten offers traditional German food in an Oktoberfest-style setting.

Here, guests can indulge in assorted sausages, rotisserie chicken, sauerbraten, and more, all while being entertained by folk dancing, yodeling, and traditional German music.

For a quick bite, the Sommerfest serves up bratwurst and frankfurter sandwiches, sauerkraut, soft pretzels, and apple strudel, providing a taste of Germany’s culinary delights.

Shoppers will find a treasure trove of unique items in the pavilion’s quaint shops.

Der Teddybar offers toys, including Steiff stuffed animals and teddy bears. In Volkskunst, guests can discover beer steins, felt hats, Black Forest Cuckoo clocks, and hand-painted eggs.

Das Kaufhaus caters to soccer fans with a range of merchandise, while the Karamelle-Kuche shop tantalizes with freshly made caramel treats.

6. United Kingdom

The moment you step into the United Kingdom pavilion, you’re greeted by a seamless blend of architecture that takes you on a journey from the bustling streets of London to the tranquility of an English countryside cottage.

The cobble-stoned pathways, the scent of traditional British fare wafting through the air, and the iconic red phone booths make you feel as if you’ve taken a “trip across the pond.”

One of the standout features is the representation of the regal Hampton Court Palace.

As you wander further, you’ll notice buildings reflecting the Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian eras that the United Kingdom is renowned for.

A particular gem is the thatched-roof cottage, patterned after Anne Hathaway’s home.

And no, we’re not talking about the contemporary actress but the wife of the legendary playwright, William Shakespeare.

Her family home is often considered the epitome of an English cottage.

For a touch of entertainment, the pavilion offers live performances with a British flair. From rock bands performing hits from the 1960s to the 1990s to engaging sing-a-longs in the local pub, there’s always something to keep you entertained.

And speaking of the pub, if you’re feeling peckish or parched, the “Rose and Crown Dining Room” offers traditional pub fare.

Here, you can indulge in classics like Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and finish off with a delightful English trifle.

The wooden flooring, pressed tin ceiling, and the lively atmosphere make it a must-visit spot.

DISNEY NERD TIP: Live music is often found behind the UK shops. The British Revolution band plays sets throughout the day.

7. Morocco

The entrance to the Moroccan pavilion is majestically guarded by a reproduction of the Koutoubia Minaret of Marrakesh, a 12th-century prayer tower.

This intricately carved tower is a testament to the craftsmanship of the native artisans who played a significant role in constructing the pavilion.

In fact, more native craftsmen were involved in building the Moroccan pavilion than any other in the World Showcase.

As you wander through, you’ll be enchanted by the winding alleys, stuccoed archways, and the warm terra cotta tiles that evoke the charm of the “jewel of North Africa.”

The bustling marketplace or bazaar in the Medina offers a vibrant shopping experience, while the Ville Nouvelle showcases the Moroccan National Tourist Office with a three-screen slide show, giving you a glimpse into the lifestyles and landscapes of Morocco.

The pavilion also houses the “Race Against the Sun: Ancient Technique to Modern Competition” exhibit.

This exhibit highlights the Marathon des Sables and the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc, showcasing the history of the Berbers, the ancient inhabitants of the Sahara.

Here, you can experience immersive displays, including a diorama of the Marathon of the Sands and a photo op of the Rally of the Gazelles.

DISNEY NERD TIP: The Moroccan pavilions at Disney World are beautiful, with winding paths and intricate courtyards.

8. Mexico

The Mexico pavilion welcomes you with a pre-Colombian pyramid set amidst lush landscaping, reminiscent of a Yucatan jungle.

As you step into the Plaza de Los Amigos, the ambiance shifts to perpetual twilight, creating the perfect backdrop for the smoking volcano and the grand Mayan pyramid.

Colorful carts and shops dot the plaza, offering an array of Mexican jewelry, pottery, clothing, and leather goods.

The atmosphere is further enlivened by the melodies of a strolling mariachi band, offering an authentic taste of Mexico.

One of the must-visit attractions is the “Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.”

This delightful boat ride features Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, and Panchito, taking guests on a whimsical journey through various Mexican landscapes, all while searching for the mischievous Donald.

For live entertainment, the Mariachi Cobre performs traditional mariachi sets, becoming a staple of the pavilion’s vibrant atmosphere.

For those with a penchant for shopping, the Plaza de Los Amigos and the Art of Mexico showcase authentic artifacts and national treasures.

From home décor gifts, silver jewelry, sombreros, piñatas, to pottery and worry dolls, there’s something for every enthusiast.

Fans of the hit film “Coco” will find a dedicated space, La Tienda Encantada, filled with vibrant colors and decor celebrating the movie.

When it comes to dining, the pavilion offers a range of experiences.

La Hacienda de San Angel and San Angel Inn Restaurant serve authentic Mexican dishes, while La Cantina de San Angel offers lighter fare.

For those looking to indulge in a drink, La Cava de Tequila offers a variety of tequila-based concoctions.

9. Japan

The moment you approach the Japan pavilion, you’re greeted by the majestic red torii gate, reminiscent of those found at the Itsukushima Shrine.

This iconic structure serves as a symbolic gateway, inviting you into the world of Japanese culture and heritage.

One of the pavilion’s architectural marvels is the towering blue-roofed pagoda, a replica of the 7th-century Horyuji Temple.

This five-story pagoda stands tall amidst tranquil gardens adorned with footbridges, streams brimming with koi fish, and native plantings like Japanese maples and bamboo.

It’s a space that offers a moment of zen amidst the excitement of EPCOT.

The “White Heron Castle,” modeled after a 17th-century fortress in Himeji, houses the Bijutsu-kan Gallery.

Here, you can explore exhibits that showcase both traditional and modern Japanese art.

The current display, “Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture,” dives deep into the world of kawaii, highlighting its significance in modern Japanese culture and its role in self-expression.

For those who appreciate the rhythmic beats of traditional drumming, the Matsuriza performances are a must-watch.

These Japanese taiko drumming sessions are a testament to the country’s rich musical heritage.

When it comes to shopping, the Mitsukoshi Department Store is a treasure trove. Named after the world’s oldest department store, this space offers a plethora of Japanese gifts and souvenirs.

Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Japanese footwear, anime trading cards, or exquisite pearl jewelry from the Mikimoto Store, there’s something for every enthusiast.

For the foodies, the pavilion offers a range of dining experiences.

From the gourmet dishes at Teppan Edo to the traditional flavors at Katsura Grill, every bite is a journey through Japan’s culinary landscape.

DISNEY NERD TIP: Many people overlook the sake bar in the back corner of the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan. There are numerous sake options to choose from in this best kept secret.

10. France

The Pont des Arts inspired footbridge welcomes you, reminiscent of the Seine waterfront, adorned with flower carts and streetside artists.

The center fountain serves as a tranquil spot, perfect for a moment of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle.

One of the pavilion’s treasures is the “Impressions de France” film, an 18-minute cinematic journey that showcases the breathtaking beauty of the French countryside and its bustling cities.

From the opulence of Versailles to the vibrant celebrations of Bastille Day, this film captures the essence of French culture.

For those seeking a more interactive experience, the “Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Show” offers a delightful twist on the classic tale, allowing guests to join in and sing their favorite songs.

And of course, no visit to the France pavilion would be complete without experiencing “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.”

This attraction, which opened in 2021, takes guests on a whimsical journey through Gusteau’s Parisian restaurant, with Chef Skinner in hot pursuit.

From the cobblestone streets to the romantic tunes playing in the background, every detail is meticulously curated to offer an authentic French experience.

When it comes to dining, the pavilion truly shines.

Whether you’re indulging in gourmet dishes at “Les Chefs de France” or savoring a freshly baked croissant from “Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie,” the culinary offerings are a testament to France’s rich gastronomic heritage.

And for those with a sweet tooth, “L’Artisan des Glaces” offers artisanal ice creams and sorbets that are sure to delight.

Shopping enthusiasts will also find a plethora of options.

From exquisite perfumes and colognes in “Plume et Palette” to wine selections in “La Maison du Vin,” the pavilion offers a range of products that capture the essence of French elegance and sophistication.

11. Canada

One of the standout features is the Victoria Gardens, a serene space inspired by the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia.

It’s a place where you can take a moment to relax and soak in the beauty of nature.

Another highlight is the Canadian Rockies, which are represented in a majestic manner, giving visitors a taste of Canada’s vast and diverse landscapes.

And if you’re in the mood for some entertainment, the pavilion often hosts live performances that showcase Canadian music and culture.

For those who have a penchant for fine dining, the pavilion houses the Le Cellier Steakhouse.

Here, you can indulge in some of the finest steaks and Canadian delicacies, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Every detail, from the architecture to the merchandise, is meticulously curated to offer an authentic Canadian experience.

The pavilion captures the essence of Canada’s multicultural fabric. From the indigenous First Nations to the French and British influences, the pavilion provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Canadian history and culture.

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