Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista (Guide)

The Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista is situated in the heart of Central Florida and offers guests an unforgettable resort experience with a home-away-from-home ambiance.

As a condo-style resort, it prides itself on providing comfortable and spacious accommodations, with each suite meticulously designed to offer the utmost comfort and convenience to its guests.

Offering one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites equipped with in-suite kitchens and other essential amenities, the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista caters to all types of travelers, be it families, couples, or solo explorers.

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Introduction to the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena

Location and Proximity to Major Attractions

One of the key features that sets the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista apart from other resorts in the area is its prime location.

Nestled near the heart of Walt Disney World, this resort offers guests easy access to one of the world’s most popular theme parks.

Besides, its strategic location allows guests to easily access other major attractions such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

With its free limited transfer service to these attractions, guests at Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista can effortlessly immerse themselves in the enchanting world of amusement parks that Orlando is famous for.

Additionally, the resort’s location within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, supermarkets, and Downtown Disney further enhances its appeal as the go-to resort for a memorable vacation in Lake Buena Vista.


At the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista, a crucial part of the resort’s charm lies in its diverse accommodation options.

From its well-appointed one-bedroom suites that are perfect for couples or solo travelers, to the more spacious two-bedroom suites that cater to families or groups, the resort offers a range of options to suit various travel needs.

Each suite is designed with a perfect blend of comfort and style, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Highlight Unique Features such as In-Suite Kitchens, Patios, Dining Areas, and Living Areas

Each suite in the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista is thoughtfully designed with a host of unique features that elevate the guest experience.

In-suite kitchens, equipped with all necessary appliances, allow guests to prepare their meals, adding an extra layer of convenience especially for those traveling with children or those with dietary restrictions.

Patios attached to the suites provide a private outdoor space where guests can relax and unwind.

Moreover, separate dining and living areas in each suite ensure ample space for guests to enjoy meals or simply lounge in a comfortable, home-like setting.

Details on Additional Room Amenities like Free Wi-Fi, Cable TVs, DVD Players, and Sofa Beds

Beyond the essential suite features, Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista provides additional amenities to make each stay as comfortable as possible.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available in every suite, catering to the connectivity needs of the modern traveler.

For entertainment, each suite is furnished with cable TVs and DVD players, ensuring guests have access to a variety of shows and movies.

The inclusion of sofa beds in the living areas of the suites not only provides extra seating but also can be used as additional sleeping space, offering a flexible accommodation solution for larger groups or families.

Resort Amenities

At the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista, the experience extends beyond the comfortable suites and into the wealth of amenities available throughout the property.

The resort houses four outdoor pools, providing ample space for guests to relax, unwind, and enjoy the Florida sunshine.

The on-site fitness center is equipped with modern equipment, ensuring guests can keep up with their exercise routines even while on vacation.

Moreover, the resort’s miniature golf course and sports courts add an element of fun and activity, creating opportunities for family-friendly competition and enjoyment.

Recreational Activities Available such as Tennis, Basketball, and Beach Volleyball

The Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista offers a variety of recreational activities, ensuring there’s never a dull moment during your stay.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a fun way to stay active, the resort’s tennis, basketball, and beach volleyball courts provide exciting avenues for physical activity.

These recreational facilities foster a community atmosphere, where guests can enjoy friendly matches and create lasting memories.

Free Shuttle Transportation to Theme Parks, Complimentary Self-Parking, and a 24-Hour Front Desk

Understanding the needs of its guests, Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista provides a range of valuable services.

The resort offers free shuttle transportation to nearby theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, removing any transport-related hassles and adding convenience to your stay.

Additionally, the resort offers complimentary self-parking, allowing guests who choose to drive to easily store their vehicles.

To assist with any needs or queries, the resort features a 24-hour front desk, ensuring that help is always available, regardless of the hour.

Accessibility to Attractions

Conveniently located in Orlando, Florida, the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista provides easy access to some of the area’s most popular attractions.

The resort is situated in close proximity to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, making it an ideal accommodation choice for theme park enthusiasts and families looking to create lasting memories.

This prime location reduces travel time, allowing guests to maximize their enjoyment of these world-class attractions.

Free Limited Transfer Service to These Attractions

To enhance the convenience factor, Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista provides a free limited transfer service to major attractions.

This shuttle service allows guests to travel to and from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld without worrying about navigation, parking, or traffic.

This value-added service underscores the resort’s commitment to guest satisfaction and ensures a hassle-free experience during your vacation.

Nearby Attractions, Restaurants, and Shopping Options

In addition to its proximity to major theme parks, the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista is also surrounded by a variety of other attractions, restaurants, and shopping options.

Guests can explore Downtown Disney, indulge in a shopping spree at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, or discover local dining establishments offering diverse cuisine.

Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, dining, or shopping, there’s plenty to do within a short distance from the resort.

This makes Blue Tree Resort an excellent base for experiencing the best that Orlando has to offer.

Guest Experience

Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista isn’t just another resort near Disney World, it holds the distinguished status of being a Good Neighbor Resort of Walt Disney World.

This signifies that the resort maintains a standard of quality and service that aligns with the expectations set by Walt Disney World.

Guests can therefore enjoy the assurance that their accommodation experience will match the magical experience of the parks themselves.

Review of Guest Feedback from Various Platforms, Focusing on the Positives and Negatives

Guest reviews are a significant factor in measuring the success of any hospitality establishment. For the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista, feedback from guests has generally been positive across multiple review platforms.

Positive comments frequently highlight the resort’s exceptional on-site amenities, its convenient location close to major attractions, and the beautiful landscape.

Guests also appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, and the comfort of the accommodations. These elements contribute to an overall enjoyable experience for guests during their stay at the resort.

However, as with any business, there have been a few negatives mentioned by guests as well.

For instance, some reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with particular staff interactions. Understanding these aspects helps the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista to continually improve and provide an even better guest experience in the future.

It’s important to note that each guest’s experience can be subjective and varies based on individual preferences and expectations.

However, the overwhelmingly positive feedback is a testament to the high level of service and hospitality that the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista strives to provide.

Check-in and Check-out Policies

Upon arrival at the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista, guests can expect a streamlined check-in process designed with their convenience in mind.

The check-in time is set at 4:00 PM, which allows the resort ample time to prepare the suites for incoming guests, ensuring each room is meticulously cleaned and arranged to meet the high standards of the resort.

A critical part of the check-in process involves guests being required to show photo identification and a credit card.

These measures are not only for identification purposes but also help the resort maintain a safe and secure environment for all guests.

In addition, guests should be aware that a refundable damage deposit is required.

This is a common practice in many hotels and resorts and serves as a guarantee against any potential damages that may occur during the guest’s stay.

Once the stay is complete, and no damage is noted, this deposit is fully refunded to the guest.

Check-out Process and Timing

The check-out process at the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista is as seamless as the check-in process.

The resort’s check-out time is 10:00 AM. This timing provides the cleaning and maintenance team adequate time to prepare the room for the next guest, ensuring every guest is welcomed to a clean, fresh, and comfortable suite.

During check-out, guests need to ensure that all personal belongings have been packed, and the room key is returned to the front desk.

If no damages are reported by the resort’s staff upon inspection of the room, the previously collected damage deposit is then refunded according to the resort’s policies.

By adhering to these check-in and check-out policies, the Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista can provide every guest with an efficient and pleasant experience, from the moment they step into the resort to the time they leave.