The Blaze Pizza Menu (Review)

The Nerds LOVE pizza at Walt Disney World.

Especially when you can choose your own toppings and it comes out in three minutes…but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Blaze Pizza has several locations across the country but we, of course, prefer to eat ours at either Disney Springs in Orlando or at Anaheim on Disneyland Drive.

The Blaze Pizza menu offers specialty pizzas and a create-your-own pizza option. They use fresh ingredients, with pizzas “Fast Fire’d” in just 3 minutes. The menu also includes salads, dough knots, and desserts like S’more pie. Prices range from $7.95-10.45 for pizzas.

TIP: They accommodate dietary needs with options like cauliflower and keto crusts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blaze Pizza they are known for making smarter decisions about the ingredients in their pizzas.

Keeping the planet at top of mind.

(The Ultimate Guide to Disney World)

Diving Deeping into the Blaze Pizza Menu

To make pizza with the motto, “Here and Now,” Blaze does not use artificial ingredients.

This translates to making only their pizzas with fresh dough (never frozen), which is made on-site every day.

Extra virgin olive oil, unbleached flour, salt, and a touch of sugar are used.

There are no chemicals or additives in this dish.

True hue banana peppers and olives without artificial colors were introduced instead of imitation color ones.

They’ve also ditched the fake preservatives while developing their own salad dressings instead of using chemical additives.

At Blaze Pizza, they think that being environmentally friendly is critical.

That’s why whenever feasible, their packaging may be recycled, composted, or produced from post-consumer reclaimed materials.

Rick and Elise Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels launched Blaze Pizza in 2011 as a fast-casual dining restaurant located in Pasadena, California.

Their meals are inspired by the Chipotle model of offering consumers with freshly prepared food made to order. They’ve been dubbed “Bloomberg” due to our resemblance to Chipotle!

Blaze pizzas are cooked fast

The name Blaze Pizza comes from the fact that a user-customizable pizza can be “Fast Fire’d” in a high-temperature open-flame oven in just 3 minutes!

The chicken, Italian sausage, and meatballs are all cooked in the same gas-fired pizza oven.

The Blaze Pizza menu has several specialty pizzas

The Red Vine Pizza is a Mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, and olive oil pizza that will please both vegans and meat-lovers.

If you like your pizzas with lots of veggies, go for the Veg Out.

It’s got seasonal vegetables (mushrooms , red onion), mozzarella cheese , gorgonzola cheese , and dabs of red sauce.

The Meat Eater has pepperoni AND meatballs served with Mickey!

Blaze Pizza menu allows you get artistic with your pizza.

With their create your own pizza section, you have three options to begin.

Create Your Own Pizza allows you to select any ingredients however you choose them.

Cheese, meatballs, and arugula are all delicious additions!

With parmesan, mushrooms, red onions, and a white cream sauce on top, it’s all yours.

Experimentation is fun; dare we say nerd out with this build-your-own option?

Is there anything aside from pizza on the Blaze Pizza menu?

There is! For those of you who may not like pizza (GASP!) they have a limited alternative menu.

Try the simple salad as an entrée but be sure to add the dough knots on the side.

They also have a delicious S’more pie for dessert.

The Blaze Pizza menu – Cost

  • Salads range from $5.95-10.50
  • Dough Knots start at $4.50 for 4 and go to $6.75 for 6.
  • Desserts are $3. S’more pie – YUM!
  • Pizzas range from $7.95-10.45.
  • They also serve alcohol if you love the combo of beer and pizza. They have draft beers, bottled beers and wine from $7-19.

Blaze Pizza Menu – Accommodating for various dietary needs

  • If you are a vegetarian, try the cauliflower crust for an upcharge of $4.
  • Keto Crust is also available for an upcharge of $4.
  • They also have a gluten-free option for those who need it. This goes for an upcharge of $2.50.

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As you can see, the Nerds love pizza and we love talking about food. Be sure to check out some of our Nerd takes on Disney food.

Now that we’ve made you hungry for pizza, go check out the Blaze Pizza menu for yourself and have some fun making a magical pizza pie!