Where to book a Disney vacation

Where to Book a Disney Vacation: The Ultimate Quick Start Guide


Where to book a Disney Vacation, there are a couple of options when planning a trip to Disney.

When booking a Disney Vacation for a group of friends, family or a couple be sure to set aside time, approximately 6-7 months and energy, a lot of it.

Here are a couple of options of where to book a Disney Vacation.

Where to book a Disney Vacation: Option 1 – By yourself!

Both Disneyland and Disney World have extensive websites with massive amounts of information.



This is a great place to start, especially if you’ve never been to either park. You’ll want to see all your options laid out in front of you. Personally, we Nerds, like to start with a list of ALL the rides, experiences and food we want to take in on the trip. It’s a great starting point.

Another great resource is Disney blogs, like this one! There are literally thousands of blogs that speak specifically to booking a Disney vacation. Take the time to read through experienced Disney travelers thoughts and plans because you’ll most likely learn tips and tricks you never thought to look for.

We have a step by step guide and a cost comparison guide for both parks HERE

Booking through the Disney websites is a great way to customize your trip. However, it can also take up way more of your time than you are ready to give. You need to be aware of deadlines certain special events have, like dining with characters or any of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Disney World going on this year.

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Where to book a Disney Vacation: the second option – with help!

The second way, and if we’re being honest, the much easier way of booking a Disney vacation is working with a Disney Travel Agent.

A common misconception is that using a Disney Travel Agent will cost more money, however, the majority of agents services are free. If they are not, then it should be listed on their website right up front.

A few notes on Disney Travel Agents…

  • They have Disney Degrees. Each agent must go through the Disney College of Knowledge and recertify each year. Disney World and Disneyland are always changing, so it’s nice to know that these special agents are keeping up with what is happening within the parks.
  • If you have that experience list we mentioned earlier ready to go, Disney Travel Agents can help you and yours select the perfect resort and tickets for your group number and budget.
  • They can help you get the best bang for your buck based on your travel times. It is possible that if you are flexible with your dates, they can suggest a better time for your trip.
  • They can assist you with Advanced Dining Reservations, some character dining opens 180 days in advance, which is 7 months before your trip! They will be in the know on planning for optimum dining experiences.
  • Disney Travel Agents can assist you with Fast Passes, especially because the system in both Disney World and Disneyland have changed.

The job of a Disney Travel Agent is to make your planning smooth and easy. It leaves you with one point of contact throughout the planning process instead of going back and forth with different customer care people at Disney.

A great place to start is travelleaders.com they have over 400 agents ready to help book a Disney vacation.

You can also check out smallworldvacations.com to find expert booking agents.

Booking a Disney vacation can be complicated, but it is all worth it in the end when you are experiencing the Magic it beholds.

Whether you choose to book your Disney vacation on your own or through a Disney Travel Agent, you are sure to have the most wonderful time on your trip.




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