Downtown Disney Tortilla Jo’s Review (Not Impressed)

The Tortilla Jo’s review from Disney Park Nerds suggests that while the ambiance and service were commendable, the food was average and seemed not made to order. The prices were on the higher side, with meals and a drink totaling around $60.

Our overall impression was neutral, with no compelling reasons to revisit.

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Our Tortilla Jo’s Review

Despite the Nerd’s affinity for Mickey Pretzels, sometimes (sometimes!) meat and vegetables are a part of a well-balanced diet; and this time we took a trip to Tortilla Jo’s for some Mexican fare.

It’s a rare opportunity for the Nerd to leave the parks (unless he is kicking and screaming) for any reason.

But after several years of existence, it seemed like it was time to try Tortilla Jo’s on a Tuesday afternoon for lunch.

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Overall, it was a nice break from the parks and provided some options beyond the typical theme park greasy offerings.

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Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to make reservations for any and all things Disney-related.

Tortilla Jo’s reservations may be made here on the Disneyland website.

Although no reservations were available for several days leading up to our mid-week trip, we only had to wait +/- 10 minutes to be seated.

The moral of the story?

No Reservations? (Probably) No Problem!

The Start / The Service

The service was good and we were immediately approached by two different servers to take our drink orders (water and margaritas); the water and chips w/ salsa showed up almost immediately.

Our order was taken promptly and although the drink was delivered in a reasonable amount of time, the food was whisked out and sitting in front of us before we’d made a dent in the chips.

This was both terrific and terrifying.

The Food

Delivered quick and delivered hot.

The taste?

The chips and salsa were terrific as were, we suspect, the fresh tortillas being made in our direct line of sight.

The child’s carne asada was very bland and the two taco combination plate was just okay (see comment above about food being served quick).

The entire experience lended credibility to the impression that the food was not made to order, but just made quickly…and a a steep premium.

The Cost

Tortilla Jo’s food comes at a premium.

The child’s meal was $13 and most entrees were mid-$20s to $30.

Overall, with one child’s meal, one adult entrée and one margarita, the total was $60 with tax and tip.

Not bad.

Not a bargain.

The Ambiance

As with all restaurants at Downtown Disney, the theming was strong at Tortilla Jo’s.

It was the expected Mexican food experience with the appropriate decor and the perfect dishes.

There were several large rooms, substantial seating upstairs and two different outdoor patios.

Although there were no reservations available, the restaurant was well under 33% filled for our luncheon.

Again, everything here was fine. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t special, it just….was.

Our Impression

Everything was as expected at Tortilla Jo’s. It was neither good nor bad…it just was. The service

was good and prompt – which was wonderful – but the Nerds will not likely be back.

There was nothing special enough about this Downtown Disney eatery to get us back in the door.

All things being equal, we prefer (or at least it was not better/worse) than Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Disneyland’s Adventureland.

So while there are plenty of options for grabbing food, we are not sure Tortilla Jo’s makes the cut as a top choice.

Eating at Disneyland would have saved 30 minutes of walking and half the cost.

Then again….the chips and salsa and the margarita were a nice mid-day treat!