Pym’s Test Kitchen (Honest Review)

Pym’s Test Kitchen, located in the Avengers Campus, offers a unique dining experience with oversized items and a magical transformation of small pretzels into large quantum pretzels. The menu caters to various diets and includes both individual and shareable items. The ambiance is industrial yet inviting.

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Introduction to Pym’s Test Kitchen

The outside of the building is very industrial, but has a bright yellow color which is warm and inviting.

Upon entering, be sure to look up and watch small pretzels turn into very large quantum pretzels.

It is absolute Disney magic watching this happen in front of your eyes.

The cast members all adorn lab coats, very appropriate for a test kitchen.

If you are looking for a sit down and be waited on restaurant, Pym’s Test Kitchen is not it.

You stand in line and order OR you can use the mobile ordering option and pick your food up when you arrive.

Everything is oversized – including the condiment station.

The seating area is mostly outside, though there are some seats under an awning.

It is a fun spot to stop, sit and take a minute to plan the rest of your time in Avengers Campus while enjoying some great food.

Pym's Test Kitchen

Pym’s Test Kitchen: Menu

You can get items to share or indulge in something on your own from the Pym’s Test Kitchen menu.

The pricing ranges from $10.49-$15.49 for entrees.

Unless of course there are 6+ in your party and you’d like to have a go at the Family Sized Pym-ini for $99.99.

They also have a great selection for Nerdlings ranging from $7.99-9.99.

Most offerings for 9 and younger are smaller versions of adult choices.

Pym’s Test Kitchen offers multiple options for those with a restrictive diet.

They have vegetarian, gluten and wheat free, egg allergy friendly, soy allergy friendly and dairy free options.

If you are in the mood for alcohol, Pym’s has you covered there as well.

The Nerd opted for the “Not so Little Chicken Sandwich” which came with delicious potato bites. It reminded us of a schnitzel, which is a very good thing.

Pym’s Test Kitchen: Rating

The Nerds rate Pym’s Test Kitchen an 8/10.

The atmosphere, menu that serves a variety of diets, the presentation of the food and the fun make this a fantastic stop in Disneyland California Adventure and Avengers Campus.

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Have you been to Pym’s Test Kitchen, if so, what did you have and would you recommend it?