Prepping For a Day at Disney

Prepping For a Day at Disney – The Essentials


Prepping for a day at Disney, where to start, what to pack, how to prep! It can be overwhelming, let the Nerds break it down for you.

Prepping for a Day at Disney: Download the App

Once you’ve selected your date to head to your Disney park of choice, download the app. Each park has it’s own specific app so you can have your ticket available, check out the fast pass situation for the day, make dining reservations and more all BEFORE you step foot in the park.

Prepping for a day at disney

Using the app you’ll be able to see if rides are down or restaurants are unavailable. This will help in the next step, making a list of all the things you want to do that day which is essential in prepping for a day at Disney.

Prepping for a Day at Disney: Making a Plan

Here are some things to consider when prepping for a day at Disney:

  • Attractions: Make an order from do not want to miss down to if we have time.
  • Experiences: For example if you have kiddos and you want to to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or make sure you catch the Dance Off at Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Dining: Where do you want to eat, do you need special arrangements for a particular restaurant? Do you want to experience as much food/snacks as possible? Perhaps you want to plan something to coincide with a show like Fantasmic! Planning ahead is crucial.
  • Which park to start in that will maximize your time.

Once you’ve got your list ready and your app set. The fun of prepping and packing the essentials begins.

Let’s talk weather. When you are prepping for a day at Disney, knowing what the weather will be or could be is important. You don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm with no umbrella or poncho. Or have long sleeves and pants for a 90 degree day. Check the weather a couple of days before and even the day of to make last minute changes.

Prepping for a Day at Disney: What Do I Wear?

  • Hat: Often times we don’t think about how hot it can be, sunburns are real and the scalp can hurt. If you are sensitive to the sun, wear a hat. Here are some great options from Amazon.
  • Clothes: I mean, it’s obvious that they are crucial. But plan ahead by having layers. Often times the mornings/evenings can be chilly depending on what time of year you go. Or if you are like the Nerd and love water rides, often times a change of clothes can be helpful. By having layers, you can take off or add. Don’t forget that there are endless possibilities to Disney Bound as well.
  • Rain Gear: Bring a poncho that can fold up super small and fit into your backpack or fanny pack. An umbrella is always a good idea. If it’s supposed to be super rainy, we suggest water proof shoes, the puddles are real folks.
  • Good walking shoes. There is a great debate about this. What shoes will work well for walking miles on end. Often times it isn’t the pair you wear on a regular basis. The Nerds suggest trying some pairs out before you go, and do not wear a brand new pair of shoes to the parks – you will regret this choice.
Prepping for a day at disney

Prepping for a Day at Disney: Essential Items

  • Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. It doesn’t matter what time of year this is, it’s always important. The Nerds personal favorite is Sun Bum, works well, is cruelty free and smells delicious.
  • Camera or phone. You know you will want to document this day to look back on for years to come.
  • Phone charger. While taking loads and loads of content, your phone will eventually die. Bring a charger and an external battery charger (or two) to keep this from happening.
  • Snacks. If you are working off a budget, we recommend bringing your own snacks. Plan a meal for Disney, but bring those items that will give you energy to keep going throughout the day. We hav a great list of options here.
Prepping for a day at Disney

In order to carry all of these items, you will need a fantastic backpack, cross shoulder bag or a fanny pack. Whichever makes your life easier is the way to go.

There you have it, prepping for a day at Disney made simple. If you have make a plan, dress appropriately and have these essential items, you will have a fantastic day in any Disney park! Planning a longer trip, we’ve got you covered, check out this article on easy ways to plan a Disney vacation.

What essentials would you add to this list? Is there anything else you do while prepping for a day at Disney? We’d love to read your comments!




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