Peak Seasons at Disney World to Avoid at ALL Costs

Peak seasons at Disney World include Christmas through New Year’s Eve, President’s Day week, and times surrounding Easter, influenced by Spring Break. While these periods are pricier, they aren’t always the most crowded. Easter’s timing significantly impacts the peak season due to Spring Break schedules.

Two things that often lead to long queues during spring break at Disney World are public school calendars (which revolve around Easter but can differ greatly) and the desire of people from colder areas to escape freezing weather, which is common in March.

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Introduction to Peak Seasons at Disney World

Presidents Day

President’s Day generally results in heavy crowds.

Although some weeks are better than others.

The time period from February 15 to February 20 tends to make the first part of March an ideal time for a visit.


Early Easter can generate massive crowds in March but a great April.

Early March and early April benefit from a late Easter, which gets rid of the crowds.

As Spring Break falls during Disney World’s “peak season,” let’s first understand what exactly “peak” means to Disney, and what it means in terms of Walt Disney World crowds and prices.

What to know about peak seasons at Disney World

Although prices in the peak season are already high.

During the holiday season, they are even higher.

Disney World prices aren’t at their peak in the peak seasons at Disney World.

In some of peak seasons at Disney World, it is quite crowded.

In others it is not.

The crowds are even worse during non-peak times of the year.

There are some periods within the peak seasons at Disney World which are chill and not at all crowded.

Understand the peak seasons at Disney World

In Disney World, the only prices that change are those at Disney resort hotels.

Admission ticket prices for Disney parks are the same throughout the year, except for the summer when they often increase.

The prices of dining go up a little during holiday seasons, such as spring break, summer, and Christmas.

Prices for Walt Disney World hotels, however, can vary by as much as 90% depending on when you visit. Prices can vary by as much as three times in a month.

Disney World also charges up to $50 extra per night during weekends and holidays in addition to seasonal price changes.

Each of these price seasons has a name at Disney.

You can choose from value, regular, summer, holiday, pre-holiday, thumper, etc.


Common prices and times of peak seasons at Disney World

If Easter falls early, the peak season for Disney extends from the Friday before Presidents Day to the Saturday after. During president’s day weekend and over the seven days preceding Easter Sunday through Easter Sunday, extra fees are added. A later Easter has lately meant a disruption in the peak season, extending into early March.

Expect to pay 40-50% more during peak season compared to the lowest cost seasons. However, if you’re visiting during Christmas through New Year’s Eve (which Disney calls their Holiday season), be prepared to spend even more than you would over Easter holidays.

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What are the crowds like during the peak seasons at Disney World

Peak seasons at Disney World doesn’t necessarily mean “peak crowds” all the time.

For reference the peak seasons, considered by Disney, are from Christmas through New Year’s Eve.

The period following President’s Day week through the first week of Disney World in March is typically quite uncrowded, despite being expensive.

This time is moderately crowded at Disney World.

Crowds during the rest of peak season are based on when Easter arrives.

Usually, the more expensive something is, the more people there are. However, this isn’t always accurate.

Disney sets prices to be profitable for its resort as a whole-including hotels. Having said that, prices and crowds can look different during these times.

For example, late February through early March or end of July to beginning of August would fall into that category .

Final thoughts on peak seasons at Disney World

The peak seasons at Disney World are generally more expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re always more crowded.

Easter has a big impact on the peak season for Disney World because of Spring Break. If you want to visit during the peak season, be prepared to spend more money.

Keep in mind that prices for accommodation and dining go up during peak seasons, but admission prices for the parks remain the same.

Check the calendar to see which peak season you’ll be visiting in and plan your trip accordingly!