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The Ultimate Guide to Individual Lightning Lane Rides


Individual Lightning Lane Rides: What are they?

Individual Lightning Lane rides refers to a faster, priority line available at select Disney attractions. You can think of Lightning Lane as a new name for the “FASTPASS” or “FastPass+” queue. A standby line is when people simply walk up to an attraction, get in line, and wait to ride.

How To Get Lightning Lane Access

For most attractions, Genie+ is a free add-on service; for two “big” rides in each park, Lightning Lane can be purchased separately, or through Rider Switch or Disability Access Services. Lightning Lanes are also available to members of Club 33 and to VIP Tour participants.


How exactly does the Lightning Lane help you?

An attraction’s Lightning Lane queue can be accessed in two different ways by the general public.

With Genie+, you get access to Lightning Lanes at many attractions at the “next available” time for a fixed daily price.

There are two attractions at each park that do not qualify for Lightning Lane purchases that are not part of Genie+.

Riding Individual Lightning Lane Rides are essentially a way to skip a potentially long line by paying a fee.

The Disney Hotel app will allow visitors to purchase any available Lightning Lane attraction starting at 7am every day. Individual Lightning Lanes attractions are also accessible to guests who aren’t staying in a Disney Resort starting at park opening. Each visitor can only buy two Individual Lightning Lanes tickets per day, and you cannot purchase tickets for the same attraction twice in one day. It’s not necessary to upgrade your Genie+ card in order to get access to Individual Lightning Lane Rides.

What is the cost of individual Lightning Lane selections?

Disney may not reveal pricing information in advance for certain attractions and days of the year.

As of now, pricing for individual Lightning Lane rides ranges between $7 and $15 per ride, with many attractions costing a few dollars more on weekends compared to mid-week.

In the spring and summer, Disney announced that some rides on the Individual Lightning Lane list would be moved to the Genie+ list.

This change is about to take place as well.

Space Mountain inside the Magic Kingdom, Frozen Ever After in EPCOT, and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway inside Hollywood Studios will be added to the Genie+ list, available through August 7, 2022.

The Genie+ package includes access to the Lightning Lane for these three rides, which means visitors do not need to purchase a separate ticket to access the Lightning Lane.

In the spring and summer, when Disney World is very busy, this move is meant to provide guests with more options when they purchase Genie+ passes.

Recent changes to the FastPass system have introduced Genie+

Now, guests can choose from one option the morning of their park day at 7 am instead of receiving three options 60 or 30 days before their trip.

After guests used the first three FastPasses with the old system, they were able to make another choice once they scanned for that attraction.

In addition to Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy – Cosmic Rewind at Magic Kingdom, there are new attractions coming to EPCOT.

If it were in those parks, it would replace one of the Lightning Lane rides. We will have to wait until we receive official opening dates for both rides. Disney Genie will launch on October 19 at Walt Disney World.




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