Hugs are back at Disneyland

HUGS are Back at Disneyland and That’s Not All!


Over the last two years a big piece of Disneyland has been missing. HUGS!! But you are in luck, if you are headed to Disneyland because HUGS ARE BACK AT DISNEYLAND!!

With Covid protocols in place, which were necessary to keep the parks open, any personal touch with the characters was prohibited.

While fun could still be had, rides ridden, experiences experienced…something was missing.

When you come to Disneyland you expect to experience all the magic which isn’t the same when Mickey and Minnie are more than 6ft away. Children and adults alike want the interaction with their favorite characters. But now, hugs are back at Disneyland!

Hugs are back at disneyland


Disney Bounding and a Minnie hug because hugs are back at Disneyland!

After a long two years – you can get your hug on!!! Your high fives!! Your cheesiest poses and live out those fantasies.

Hugs are back at Disneyland but so are autographs, face to face giggles and pure joy.

Allow us a moment to share some of our favorite hug moments from years past…we Nerds love a good hug!

Other notable items that are back in action, because after all, it isn’t all about hugs are back at Disneyland….we guess.

Disneyland Forever, Fantasmic!, World of Color and our favorite Main Street Electrical Parade celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary are all back lighting up the streets of Disneyland.

Disneyland Forever is a fireworks spectacular that will leave you mouth agape and in awe. Using several Disneyland locations like Main Street USA, the Matterhorn, It’s a Small World and Rivers of America, this land and air show will transport you from Disneyland right into the movies.

Fantasmic! has long been a favorite show at Disneyland. This nighttime, pyrotechnic show features fireworks, live actors, water and boat elements. It is a journey through Mickey’s imagination as he fights well known Disney Villains.

World of Color takes place in Disney California Adventure, it features fog, lights, music and lots and lots of magic.

Hugs are back at disneyland

Main Street Electrical Parade is back and celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary! You do not want to miss this parade! it weaves through Main Street USA illuminating the crowd with massive floats, lit up with thousands of lights and features multiple characters.

Hugs are back at disneyland

Excitement abounds as Disneyland goers get to enjoy the comeback of a few of our favorite things. Did we mention that HUGS are back at Disneyland?! They are!! Go…now…get a well deserved hug after a long two years.

What did you miss most when Disneyland was closed or what couldn’t you wait to return when they re-opened?




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