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Is 2022 When We Say Goodbye to Disney Park Maps?


As you probably know, the Nerd is a huge fan of Disney Park Maps!

But a recent trip to Disneyland Paris has the Nerd concerned for the future of Disney Park maps. The Nerd was celebrating – and gaining intel – on the Disneyland Paris Resort’s 30th Anniversary! After a long time away – the Nerd last visited October 2019 pre-COVID – the Nerd was excited to get back to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. We dusted off our planning notes and headed across the pond!

There were some new things to look forward to – Avengers Campus was not yet open – but the new Cars Road Trip was! This attraction had replaced the we-cannot-believe-it-lasted-this-long Tram Ride. But the Nerd wanted to be sure to add to his ever-growing collection of Disney Park maps (the Nerd has collected a map from every year for most Disney theme parks around the world…thanks eBay!).

This is usually the first (and last) stop of a Disney park visit. But…where were the maps? The Nerd looked high and the Nerd looked low. But no Disney Park maps were to be found – no kiosk with them…nothing. Finally, a sign was spotted that said maps could be found at City Hall (Guest Services at Walt Disney Studios Park) and select stores.

So…off to City Hall and a request for two maps. The Nerd was told he could have one because “we don’t have very many”. Huh? Okay, well no time to pick a fight, we just got here! So off we went on the Nerdy exploration of the Disneyland Paris Resort.

The Nerd popped into a few stores – including major ones like Disneyland Park’s Emporium – to inquire about Disney Park maps. Over and over, the Nerd was told they didn’t have any and the only option was the app. “None?” the Nerd would clarify and he was assured no paper maps were available.

In the end, the Nerd would get several maps – new people each day at City Hall and Guest Services were a lot more understanding of someone wanting multiple Disney Park maps. But the Nerd cannot help but wonder…is this the beginning of the end of color, glossy, physical Disney Park maps?




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