Frozen sing-along

Frozen Sing-Along Returns – We’re Excited!


Clear those throats and warm up those voices because For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Monday, October 5!

This is good news on a number of fronts.

First, this is one of Disney Park Nerds’ favorite attractions (more on that in a moment).

Second, this will help siphon off some of the recent crowds at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Third, this indicates the executives at Disney World have taken notice that they have a capacity issue as more and more guests return and lines are getting longer.

Fourth, this may mean more attractions and entertainment are set to make a return.

Oh Frozen Sing Along, how we adore thee!

We Disney Park Nerds have (shamefully) never done karaoke, but put together a Frozen sing-along and count us in. Disney’s Frozen has one of the most enjoyable musical soundtracks ever written.

Lead by the newly appointed Royal Historians of Arendelle, For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along is a 30-minute show that recounts the plot of the blockbuster Disney film. The Royal Historians are pretty funny, but the real point of the show is to let the crowd belt out the tunes that they know by heart (with subtitles to help).

Most shows start the same way with guests tentatively at first, singling quietly and grabbing a few words here and there. By the end, for the show-stopping finale of Let if Go, the entire theater is bursting at the scenes as moms, dads, children, grand-parents…everyone gets into the action to “sing” a song that was really only mean to be performed by Idina Menzel.

Frozen sing-along

Does this mean shorter lines?

As Disney’s Hollywood Studios has added headliner attractions over the past couple of years, attendance has been on the rise. COVID-19 not withstanding, this year would have been the year for the long-suffering park with the recent expansion of Pixar Place (essentially Toy Story Land) and addition of Slinky Dog Dash to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and its incredible Rise of the Resistance attraction to the recently opened Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Plus, the park still has fan favorites Hollywood Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and Fantasmic!

The return of the Frozen Sing-Along is good news for fans of these attractions as it should begin to take some of the workload. The show is located in a theater with several hundred seats and we expect the show will run +/- on the hour and this cannot help but shorten lines, at least a bit, elsewhere in the park.

Disney World has taken notice of their capacity issue.

The return of the Frozen Sing-along indicates that Disney recognizes they have a problem. Guests are returning faster than expected and the reduced capacity on attractions is starting to impact guest experience. With the elimination of the Park-Hopper ticket through 2020, guests are “stuck” in one park and if crowds and lines are overwhelming, their options are limited.

There are a few things Disney can do:

  • Increase individual ride capacity
  • Increase park hours
  • Increase the number of attractions

Of all of these options, the first two are relatively straight-forward while increasing the number of attractions is very limited. The only way to increase attractions is to open something that has been previously closed (we know this sounds obvious). Well…there just aren’t that many attractions that have been closed. So while this is good news, we Nerds hope it is a precursor to increasing ride capacity. If Disney World were to do this safely (we bet they can), it would have the largest impact on lines with the least amount of effort – no additional scheduling of cast members, just add more guests to each ride. Please.

So…what’s next after the Frozen Sing-Along returns?

With October 5 around the corner and the confirmation that For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along will return, this begs the question, “what’s next?”. Was this the announcement and that’s it? Is this the first of many announcements, with Disney World trying to figure out how to accommodate the growing number of guests? With Florida’s Governor DeSantis moving the state into Phase 3 – this includes the removal of any seating capacity restrictions in restaurants – Disney is working to find the balance of guest experience and guest safety.

As people are returning to their parks, the last thing they want is to scare them away. We are excited – VERY excited – about the return of the Frozen Sing-Along, though we’re still wondering…what’s next?





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