Festival of the Arts Food Review: My Honest Review


Epcot’s Festival of the Arts is a food-lover’s paradise!

Epcot knows how to throw a party, and their Festival of the Arts is one of the best. Filled with art and shops to peruse, it’s the food that really takes center stage.

girl on three dimensional chalk drawing at epcot festival of the artsA Nerdling posing on a 3D chalk drawing at Festival of the Arts.

stands out. We gathered the Nerdlings and Grammy Nerd and ventured around World Showcase to bring you the most interesting (and delicious) foods on offer.

Six people is a great number to explore all that the Festival of Arts has to offer. This size group allows everyone to try a lot of different items while not “filling up” on any one thing.

The Nerds are fans of Disney snacks like Mickey Pretzels, but Festival of the Arts brings a number of unique limited-time offerings and taking advantage of the variety is a “must”!

Navigating celebrations like Festival of the Arts is always a race to try as much as you can before you get full. Fortunately, the Nerds are experts at finding ways to eat and eat and eat and eat.

From sweet treats, to savory bites and full plates – here are our favorite Disney foods from Epcot’s Festival of the Arts. Sure, there are fun things to see and do as you explore the Festival of the Arts – but these activities and shops are a lot more fun with food in hand!

Showcase Plaza

Showcase Plaza is located in the transition from Future World to World Showcase. Some of our favorite foods were found in this area (the Nerd has quite a sweet tooth) – especially on the sweet side.

First up was the The Deconstructed Dish’s Deconstructed BLT: Crispy pork belly, tomato jam, brioche, watercress espuma and a soft-poached egg. And it was a great and savory way to begin our tour.

deconstructed dish at Festival of the Arts

Orange cream shake at Festival of the ArtsThis small treat packs a delicious punch!

The best thing, according to the Nerd, about starting savory is that it makes the sweet even sweeter. This was the cast at The Citrus Blossom where we enjoyed an Orange Cream Shake (or two).

Best described as an orange and vanilla 50/50 bar blended in a cup – it was a fight over who would get the last sip.

Festival of the Arts soft serve cones in a cup

Although we would come full circle before visiting Decadent Delights, since it is a part of Showcase Plaza it seemed best to address it now.

The tart lemon soft-serve and tangy raspberry soft-serve in (under?) a waffle cone were refreshing and refreshingly large. These sweet items were larger than many of the foods we sampled around World Showcase. Many would be worried about melting, but with six of us, we were just worried about getting more than one bite!


As we ventured south of the border, there were so many options! Plus, the Nerd and Grammy Nerd were feeling like adding a little alcohol to the mix might make the experience even more fun. Decisions, decisions and yet, Mexico seemed like the obvious location for a margarita.

Festival of the Arts frida carrot margarita
festival of the arts taco de chocolate

The Taco de Chocolate continues Epcot’s Festival of the Arts’ tradition of unique, pretty and delicious. This Nerdy delight was a chocolate candy shell stuffed with Mexican chocolate mousse and a tropical fruit. Let’s just say this small bite didn’t last long with six people ready to dive in.


We passed Norway and were getting a little full by the time we arrived in China. But fret not – none of us was to be deterred. The Nerdlings are huge fans of boba and had been looking forward to the “Panda” Bubble Tea since we set out on our expedition.

panda bubble tea at epcot's festival of the artsOnce again, we were lucky to snag a picture before the item vanished!

This Festival of the Arts drink is comprised of classic milk tea with black and white boba pearls. And although it was not, strictly speaking, on the Festival of the Arts menu, we did stop by the Lotus Blossom cafe for some potstickers while in China. Both selections were as good as expected (the Nerd loves some potstickers!) as we continued our way around the world.

Refreshment Outpost

Epcot’s land without a country lies between China and Germany. But this didn’t stop the Nerd family from immediately identifying a Festival of the Arts “must try” on our journey.

festival of the arts warm brown sugar-stuffed pretzel
festival of the arts warm brown sugar-stuffed pretzel

Some people loved the Warm Brown Sugar-stuffed Pretzel while others. The stuffing was made with banana soft-serve ice cream and chocolate sauce. Some people thought it tasted like bread, but others liked the banana-flavored ice cream.

festival of the arts warm brown sugar-stuffed pretzel

Was this the Nerd family’s Festival of the Arts favorite? No. But it was clearly a popular choice!


Nothing from Germany grabbed our attention and we had big plans for Italy where the country’s pavilion offers three food choices and 11 different drinks on their Festival of the Arts menu.

festival of the arts
festival of the arts margarita

First up was the Italian margarita – a frozen concoction made with tequila and limoncello.

If not for the impending brain freeze, the first adult to grab this delight might have finished the whole thing before sharing with others.

On the other side was our food selection of arancini. These were sweet sausage fired risotto balls with pomodoro (a.k.a. tomato) sauce. These bite-sized wonders went quickly.

The American Adventure

By this time, despite sharing these Festival of the Arts goodies six ways, it was time to rest our bellies (and perhaps our eyelids) in the towering colonial style buildings of the American pavilion. We exited the theater refreshed and ready for more food….after all, we are a patriotic bunch.

festival of the arts
festival of the arts beef wellington

For savory, we selected the Beef Wellington.

For the sweet, the Nerdlings snapped up the Artist Pallette – a plate-sized chocolate chip cookie with three globs of icing and a paint brush so that you can make art out of food and then eat it. I mean…this IS Festival of the Arts!

The Beef Wellington was pretty good and the cookie was definitely more interesting to play with than to eat. Though rest assured, it did get eaten.

We were now rolling along the World Showcase. Full, happy with just a hint of regret for all we had eaten so far. Although we had highlighted some items to try in Morocco and Japan, we decided to end our day in France – on of our favorite pavilions for food (and close to the Skyliner to go back to the room and sleep off the Festival of the Arts food coma).

festival of the arts manarons
festival of the arts creme de brie en petit pain


The art of French cuisine is not very far from the truth, as the French phrase it modestly. Cheesy was our first stop on our last tour during the Festival of the Arts. It was a warm creamy brie in a small homemade bread bowl called Creme de Brie en Petit Pain. When six ravenous animals piled on top of the tiny bread bowl, this little guy had no idea what was about to happen to him. It’s impossible to say how these people were hungry at this stage!

To top off our global Festival of the Arts foodie adventure, the Nerds, Nerdlings and Grammy Nerd opted for a Trio de Macarons described as an assortment of three house-made macarons in a gift box. “Gift box”. Hrumph. But they were tasty and it was an amazing day of eating.

Festival of the Arts Recap

We estimated we could do the same tour several days in a row and eat different items each time. And yet, we did go back for our favorite sweets multiple times. The Nerd and Nerdlings have an uncanny ability to eat sweet things non-stop and The Citrus Blossom’s Orange Cream Shake and Decadent Delights’ lemon soft-serve and raspberry soft-serve were our favorites. If these three items were permanent fixtures, the would have easily made our list of the Top 12 Snacks at Disney World!

Festival of the Arts is a lot of fun for the entire family an dour group comes prepared for any food in any country!

festival of the arts woman with silverware and chopsticks in hairA Nerd is always prepared. One never knows when a plastic knife, straw or set of chopsticks might be needed when touring Festival of the Arts.




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