A Walk Through EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts


Walt Disney World is the place to be if you love art, food, music and of course, Disney. At the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts you will be sure to find all those things, in abundance.

festival of the arts

The International Festival of the Arts began in 2017, marking this year it’s 6th appearance in Epcot. This year, it runs from January 14th through February 21st.

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts was created to showcase established, new and emerging artists of all different artistic disciplines.

This includes exciting and blissfully delicious cuisines found only during this festival, 100 visual artists showcasing their work, a Broadway concert series and other performing arts throughout.

Let’s break down the Internationalfestival of the arts Festival of the Arts and all it has to offer.

Culinary Arts

With fifteen food studios, including two brand new to this years festivities, you are sure to find something that makes your mouth water.

In the new Craftsman Courtyard, enjoy savory seafood and delicious salads reminiscent of West Coast fare. You can also stop by Deco Delight where you will taste dishes inspired by Art Deco, you will absolutely want to photograph your food before you take a bite.

For something extra fun you can take the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine. This is a food tour throughout the World Showcase offering five sweet and savory tastes that are listed in the Festival Passport. Once you’ve received stamps for all five you will get to indulge in the Artist Palette Cookie.

A few foodie highlights…

At The Artist Table enjoy pan seared scallops with vanilla, butternut puree. In Japan be sure to grab a sushi donut made of rice and covered in tuna, salmon, seaweed, shrimp and cucumber. France has the drinks, take it easy while sipping a L’Arte D’Mangiare. If you head over to Pop Eats, feel at home with a classic tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Speaking of Pop Eats, take a little side bar and check out the Pop Century Resort. Have you started planning your trip to Disney yet?

festival of the arts
festival of the arts

Grab your camera and get photoshoot ready because featured throughout the World Showcase are multiple options of famous paintings for you to step into. Peter Pan Storybook, Mona Lisa, The Scream and more, become immersed into your favorite painting.

The many galleries and booths have artwork depicting the entertainment industry, and the work of James Coleman, a former Disney animator who is now creating fresh pieces that can be in your home. It also has the classic Thomas Kinkade Studios where timeless Disney stories are told through his paintings. Like we mentioned before there are over 100 artists on display. If you love eclectic art genres you will spend your day admiring all the beauty the International Festival of the Arts has to offer.

For more interactive fun count how many Abu’s and Jiminy Cricket’s await you in the life size chalk drawings. Use your skills to be a part of the giant paint by numbers in World Nature. If you’re feeling adventurous check out Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt. Whatever you decide to do, take it all in and enjoy your time at the Festival of the Arts.

festival of the arts

Performing Arts

festival of the artsTale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, better save some time…to catch one of the Disney on Broadway Concert series. Featuring several Broadway stars bringing you some Disney music goodness. If you love Broadway and you love Disney this is a don’t miss. You can check out the schedule and dates for different performers here.

Walking down the street don’t forget to look up, you just might see people flying or doing acrobatics in the sky. Mezmerizing.

A Little Disney Business

You will need to make a theme park reservation and have an admission ticket to EPCOT for the festival. For a one day pass you can expect to pay $109.

The performance times and days for shows will vary and can be cancelled or change without notice.

It’s important when doing any Disneying to manage your expectations of the outing, especially if a festival is involved.

What a lovely stroll we’ve taken through the International Festival of the Arts. The Nerds senses are on overload but in the best possible way. Even if you can’t get there this year, we absolutely recommend making EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts a priority in your Disney travels.

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Need help planning a trip to Disney? We have you covered in our Plan a Trip to Disney overview. We’ll see you in the parks.




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