EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages Options

If you’re gearing up for a magical evening at EPCOT and dreaming of a dining experience that pairs perfectly with the mesmerizing Harmonious nighttime show, any of the EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages is exactly what you’re looking for. With two fabulous options available, you’re set for an unforgettable night under the stars.

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Key points

  • Choose Between Two Unique Settings: Opt for the classic British ambiance of the Rose & Crown Dining Room or the Mediterranean charm of Spice Road Table, each offering a distinct atmosphere and menu tailored to elevate your EPCOT Harmonious viewing experience.
  • Savor a Special Meal: Both EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages feature prix fixe menus with selections designed to delight every palate, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and unlimited beverages, ensuring a memorable dining experience under the stars.
  • Plan and Book in Advance: Secure your spot for this exclusive experience by booking up to 60 days ahead, and remember to cancel at least 48 hours in advance if your plans change to avoid a no-show fee, making your magical evening at EPCOT as stress-free as it is spectacular.

EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages: Overview

1. Rose & Crown Fireworks Dining Package

  • Your Setting: Picture yourself at the Rose & Crown Dining Room, nestled in the United Kingdom Pavilion. It’s an outdoor patio scene where the stars twinkle just for you.
  • Your Feast: Delight in a prix fixe menu that includes your choice of one appetizer, one main course, a dessert platter to share, and, of course, unlimited beverages to toast to the night.
  • Your Investment: $89 for each adult and $39 for your little ones (ages 3 to 9).
  • Your View: An outdoor spectacle awaits, with a plan for covered seating if the weather decides to join the party.
  • Booking Your Spot: Mark your calendar to reserve 60 days in advance, ensuring your front-row seat to magic.
  • Pro Tip: A heads-up! If plans change, cancel at least 48 hours ahead to avoid a no-show fee.

2. Spice Road Table Fireworks Dining Package

  • Your Setting: Transport yourself to the Moroccan Pavilion with a seat at Spice Road Table, offering a covered outdoor dining area that whispers tales of the Mediterranean.
  • Your Feast: Savor two small plates, indulge in a dessert platter, and sip on unlimited beverages as you prepare for the show of a lifetime.
  • Your Investment: $72 per adult and $31 for the kiddos (ages 3 to 9).
  • Your View: Enjoy the show from a cozy spot, shielded from the elements yet open to the evening’s enchantment.
  • Booking Your Spot: Remember, 60 days before your EPCOT day is your golden window to book this sought-after experience.
  • Pro Tip: Change of plans? No worries, just cancel 48 hours in advance to keep from forfeiting your package price.

My top pick out of both of the EPCOT Harmonious dining packages

My top pick from the EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages is undoubtedly the Rose & Crown Fireworks Dining Package.

Its British pub setting in the United Kingdom Pavilion offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that’s hard to beat. The dining experience, with a prix fixe menu featuring a variety of classic British dishes, desserts, and unlimited beverages, is both satisfying and delightful. The strategic outdoor seating arrangement ensures fantastic views of the Harmonious show, enhancing the overall experience.

Plus, the option for covered seating in less-than-ideal weather conditions is a thoughtful touch. Planning ahead is crucial, as reservations are required and highly competitive, but the effort is well worth it for this standout dining experience.

Final thoughts

Both EPCOT Harmonious Dining Packages offer a splendid way to dine and watch EPCOT’s Harmonious, ensuring your evening is as stress-free as it is spectacular.

Remember, an EPCOT park admission is a must but not included in the dining package price. To make the most of your magical evening, booking in advance is key, and staying flexible with your plans will ensure you’re all set for an unforgettable experience.

Whether you choose the classic charm of the Rose & Crown or the Mediterranean allure of Spice Road Table, your EPCOT Harmonious Dining Package is your ticket to a night filled with joy, flavors, and awe-inspiring views.