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DVC Membership Holders Rejoice! Disney’s Grand Californian Reopens for You December 6


First Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure and now DVC Membership holders have access to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in early December!

In just a few days, Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure will open for guests to shop and eat at the park’s entrance – and the Nerds love any chance to enjoy some Disney magic! As you undoubtedly know, we think any Disney experience is enhanced by staying on Disney property at Disney hotels. Given the cost of the Grand Californian Hotel where rooms are regularly in the $700+ category / the high points requirement for DVC membership holders, we’re not exactly sure how much a stay would enhance shopping and eating at Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street.

But you know what? We’re willing to try. Yes, yes. We suffer for our art.

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Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland resort will reopen to guests November 19.

Based on the report from Yahoo News, it appears the rest of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will remained closed. While this is a great start, don’t fret if your family and friends are not a DVC membership holders, you still have options!

As we have written about quite a bit, renting DVC points is a cost-efficient and low-commitment way to experience the benefits enjoyed by DVC members. Keep in mind that the amenities at the hotel will be scaled back. As things begin to reopen, the Nerds like the idea that crowds are typically small and the hotels have a rare (and wonderful) uninhabited feel.

But this isn’t Disney World with more than 25,000 resort rooms and where theme parks reopened in June. This is the Disneyland Resort! This is California where access to entertainment has been greatly diminished in 2020. And if the Downtown Disney crowds of the past couple of months are any indication, it’s possible (probable?) that there will be people lined up to enjoy a Disney getaway heading into the Christmas season.

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There is nothing quite like the magic of a Disney park at night.

Plus, let’s remember a few other things. Nobody lights up a space like Disney. The Southern California folks have some pent up demand for cooler weather and travel plus let’s not forget some simple math. Disney World has 12 properties where DVC members can use their points PLUS two properties within a +/- 5 hour drive of Orlando with Vero Beach and Hilton Head. Contrast this to the west coast where there is….drum roll…one DVC property.

DVC membership holders can use points to book at some Disney hotels and while those redemption rates are not generally very favorable, there are 25 properties at Disney World. At Disneyland? Three.

Our prediction is that there will be crowds but the festive environment may just be worth the effort!




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