Docking Bay 7 (My Review)

Eating your way through Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge would be incomplete without a stop at Docking Bay 7!

Docking Bay 7, located in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, offers a unique dining experience with a Star Wars theme. It serves a mix of recognizable dishes and Star Wars-inspired options, balancing traditional favorites with plant-based alternatives. The ambiance is immersive, making diners feel like they’re on an intergalactic adventure.

Docking Bay 7 is a well-themed, tasty and fast quick-service restaurant you’ll enjoy.

Or, at least, that we enjoyed.

But it you are reading this, we’re pretty confident it’s not a stretch that you will enjoy it too.

Our review of Docking Bay 7

When Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened, there was a lot of build-up and excitement about what the food and beverage offerings were going to be at this Star Wars themed restaurant.

Disney knows all to well the power of creating an immersive environment. Something they didn’t overlook in the Docking Bay 7 is a Star Wars-themed restaurant where you can feel like you’re on an intergalactic adventure, even if you’re just having a quick lunch.

The details in the restaurant are immersive, from the names of the food to the tables and chairs.

And the menu itself is full of Star Wars-inspired options.

Ordering at Docking Bay 7

Seriously, mobile ordering is amazing.

Even though nerds already love technology, we adore it even more when it both works and saves time.

To be precise, it only took us one try of ordering a Mickey pretzel on the app to get hooked; now we practically make quick-service and snack dining decisions based on what is available for mobile order.

We’re not kidding – it’s amazing!

All of the food options you can review the menu without holding up the line.

You can search and change your mind and look at pictures and Google reviews to your heart’s desire from line, the comfort of a bench or anywhere that makes you happy.

And then…you can choose a broad time window that works for you.

You show up when you want. It’s great.

docking bay 7

Themed after Star Wars Land, Docking Bay 7 serves many delicious and fairly healthy meal options (however, we aren’t nutritionists).

We placed our order for the Roasted Endorian Chicken Salad with a giant Coke Zero.

Even though it is fun trying to guess what the food might be based on its name, sometimes it can be confusing.

Nevertheless, these are relatively petty problems in comparison to real world issues.

Arriving at Docking Bay 7 Disneyland

The theming of Docking Bay 7 is consistent with the rest of Galaxy’s Edge, and it’s an industrial themed Star Wars restaurant.

Tap the button on your app to notify the robots that you have arrived, and they will take care of everything behind the scenes.

docking bay 7

Upon arriving and confirming with a Cast Member that you have placed a Mobile Order, you will be directed to the proper area.

docking bay 7Mobile Order saves you time in line and eliminates the frustration of wondering why people cannot make up their minds. If you haven’t LOL’d at John Pinette’s stand up routine about ordering food in lines, check out his youtube video!

As you navigate over to the Mobile Order counter (and silently shake your head at the confused people ordering in line), a Disney World Cast Member will assist you and find an open table for your to be seated.

It’s actually pretty nice and prevents walking around aimlessly with tray of food trying to find available chairs.

Docking Bay 7 Menu and Food

This is not your father’s theme park food!

The Docking Bay 7 menu strikes the perfect balance between recognizable choices.

You’ll discover fundamentals like ribs and fried chicken.

ou’ll also find some fantastic plant-based alternatives, including Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread.

Both of which are really popular among people who follow a vegan diet at Walt Disney World.

Your galactic meal is complemented with expert cocktails and non-alcoholic specialty drinks.

Breakfast is another wonderful choice.

However, don’t pass up on the Lava Rolls; they’re delicious and flaky sprinkled with cookie bits and a raspberry goo. This is the finest breakfast experience we’ve ever had!

The food in Docking Bay 7 is excellent.

It’s fantastic!

The fresh, crisp, and well-prepared cuisine was exquisite.

docking bay 7At Docking Bay 7, even the cups keep the theme going with the same industrial look as the rest of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

The portions are good sizes and make a full meal – in fact, the Nerd didn’t even finish the full meal (yes, yes, a Mickey pretzel was probably involved and we politely ask that you don’t judge).

The food was interesting, fresh and unique.

A pretty good combo, if you ask us. And, again, you are reading this so it sort of feels like you did ask us.

And… end scene

Docking Bay 7 is a fantastic location to get a bite that’s both nutritious and tasty (not greasy).

The Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip is also excellent. A wonderful salad topped with pumpkin seeds and a one-of-a-kind curry ranch sauce.

Order the Batuun Beef Pot Roast (which includes kale, mushrooms, pasta, and pot roast) as well.

A lovely place to sit down and enjoy more Star Wars scenery is inside and out dining area.

It isn’t worth making a special trip, but we’re sure any Disney’s Hollywood Studios visit includes some time in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and if you are already there, Docking Bay 7 is an excellent location to restock.

Docking Bay 7 is definitely worth a visit – the food is great and the atmosphere is even better.

Whether you’re coming alone or with friends, you’ll have a good time here.

I wanted this place to be what Satu’li Canteen was but wasn’t, and it did not disappoint. Highly recommended!

This is something I desired from Satu’li Canteen but didn’t get; food at an elevated theme park that was light and not filling for lunch.