Access 2 Disneyland Virtual Queues Same Day: Rise of the Resistance and Web Slingers

Guests can now experience both Disneyland virtual queues on the same day with a Park Hopper!

Disneyland’s Rise of the Resistance and California Adventure’s WEB SLINGERS are both within your grasp on the same day.

The Nerd has written extensively about how to use the app to join the Disneyland virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance – the timing! The drama! The wonder! It’s all in our updated Rise of the Resistance step-by-step guide to snagging your spot in the virtual queue. With the launch of Avenger’s Campus and its first attraction, we published a similar and similarly updated step-by-step guide for WEB SLINGERS.

Park Hopper Power

Now that they’ve squeezed multi-day tickets out of the summer crowd, the resort has elected to allow guests armed with a pricey Park Hopper or Magic Key Pass (aka Annual Pass) to access both Disneyland virtual queues on the same day! And this is great news for visitors who are interested in experiencing the newest attraction at the Disneyland Resort but did not want to begin their day at DCA.

The Strategy to Join both Disneyland Virtual Queues

Fortunately, several rules remain the same:

  1. Guests must still have a reservation
  2. Park Hoppers must still start in one park and can “hop” after 1pm
  3. The strategy to get your Disneyland virtual queue is exactly the same
  4. 7am (not 7am and 17 seconds…7am sharp) Park Hoppers may attempt to get a spot in the Disneyland virtual queue for the attraction associated with their starting park: Rise of the Resistance for Disneyland “starters” and WEB SLINGERS for Disney California Adventure “starters”

With one slight modification:

12pm is GO TIME! As a reminder, you must have already entered one of the theme parks by 12pm to be eligible for a Disneyland virtual queue at this time.

OPTION A If you were not lucky enough to snag a spot in the Disneyland virtual queue at 7am, you are only going to be able to experience one attraction or the other. You must decide whether to retry for the same attraction in your starting park OR to try for the attraction in the park where you will hop

OPTION B If your fingers danced across the Disneyland app at precisely 7am and you scored a virtual queue entry to your starting park, you will now be eligible to try for the other attraction (you cannot experience the same attraction twice on the same day)

Critical Rule Regarding Disneyland Virtual Queue

It is important – Nerd level important – to note that guests can only have a virtual queue boarding pass to one of the two attractions at a time. This means if you are one of the last to to snag the morning/7am virtual queue passes or if the ride is experiencing technical difficulties causing delays for board groups, you may not have scanned in by 12pm which means you would be ineligible to get a spot for the other attraction.

The Nerd is a big fan of asking…if you find yourself in this scenario, swing by the attraction and ask a Cast Member for help and let them know you are worried about securing a spot for the other attraction and that you have a Park Hopper ticket. They will help out if they can (and if you don’t like the answer, fond someone else to ask).

Crowd Factor

One downside to this fantastic new opportunity to experience both Disneyland virtual queues in the same day is that this significantly increases the number of people competing for the 12pm boarding groups. Instead of just competing against people in your starting park who were unsuccessful at 7am, you are now competing with everyone who was unsuccessful PLUS all the park hoppers who started their day in the same park as you. The Nerd is confident that if you follow our steps, it’s going to be a great day. Remember….no matter what, you are at Disneyland!